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Imagine: pushing a single button on your computer before bed, then waking up the next day and counting the money instead of going to work. A fantasy to many, a reality to those who know this secret…


I just made $3,035 by effortlessly harnessing the power of a huge craze and I can virtually go ahead and help myself to CASH ON DEMAND whenever I please. I’d like to show you how to copy me. You don’t need to know anything about the Internet or be a ‘techie’ – you just need to smell a no-brainer profit from something that’s insanely popular…!


All you need to copy me is one crucial and piece of ‘code’… 


Home-Based Income Could Be Yours


I call it the “140 code”. It’ll just take a brief moment of your time to learn about it here.  And not much more time than that for you to start using it to begin adding thousands of dollars to your bottom line everyday.


While you sleep…


Spending time with your family and friends…


Traveling the world…


Doing WHATEVER you want to do, OTHER than work! 


And the best part about it is, it’s very likely you’ve already got the “code key” you need right at your fingertips NOW.


Please hear me out while I explain…


Another Day on Easy Street


It’s another gorgeous sun-soaked start to the day…


A little earlier I polished off a muffin, coffee and some fresh grapefruit and moved to the sun porch overlooking the water to sit down for work. And here, 5 minutes later as I begin this letter to you, I’ve already finished my workday. After lunch I might do some overtime and put in another 5 minutes.  And perhaps before bed I may log a couple minutes just to cap off the day. 

            But the best part is… when I wake up tomorrow morning and check my bank account, I’ll likely be as much as $3,035 richer than I am right now.

All for less than what… 12 minutes work? AT MOST!


            Could you handle this?

            I realize I sound like some arrogant jerk telling you all this… most likely while you’re chained to your desk at some dead end, soul-sucking corporate drone work camp. But really, I’m not trying to rub my life in your face because you can have this life too NEXT WEEK if you want it!


AND without getting ground down by a lot of technical, geeky, complicated, computer stuff.


In fact, this is really for you if you’re turned off by all that…!


This is Your PROVEN Escape to a
Vacation-Style Retirement


What could you do with this kind of surplus cash? What if could suddenly hand your boss a pink slip?


That’s what this Twitter phenomenon has handed you. What’s Twitter? It’s basically a social networking website where people chat, find each other, recommend things, simple. Nothing amazing about that APART from its incredible worldwide popularity and it’s accessibility to anyone.


Please don’t be scared off by any unfamiliarity you may have because it’s really simple and I’ll walk you through it. I really couldn’t care a hoot about Twitter- it’s a means to end for entrepreneurs like you and me and an incredible one at that!


Even if you don’t know much about it, you KNOW Twitter is a powerful force, so let me show how you can use this fact to your great advantage… TODAY…


The old saying is – “money never sleeps”. But a small circle of people who are making LOADS of it (like myself) do sleep. And soundly. 


That’s because every night when they lay their head down on Egyptian silk sheets and close their eyes, they’re doing so with the knowledge that when they wake up – they’ll be richer than they were the day before.


And the beauty of it?  They’re spending less than 20 minutes a day ‘working’ for it. 


Just like you, I spent my entire life up until now working hard for every penny I’ve ever made. Some jobs have been manual labor.  Some have landed me in the ranks of miserable cubicle dwellers.  Many of them have been spent trying to sell products that I just flat-out don’t believe in!


Well today I have guaranteed ‘home employment’ that I love.  And it’s all thanks to a wealth-building method I 1000% believe in. It doesn’t get better than that.


Times are changing fast. Working from home is the fast lane to changing your life for the better before it’s too late…


The Career Revolution is Here


Quite simply the “140 Code” is the easiest way I’ve ever made money in my entire life. And that’s why I’m so excited to share it with you today.  Because I know that you’re flat-out SICK of punching a clock everyday for less money than they know you’re worth.


(It makes no difference to my own profits by telling about this- trust me, there’s much cash sloshing around this incredible money-pot, it won’t make any difference to me!)


It’s time for a change in your life. 


And that change can come from the most unlikely of places…


That’s because the key to unlocking the “140 Code” is just a mouse click away.  In fact chances are if you’ve been online for a bit today, you’ve probably overlooked it several times in just the last few hours.


            This simple ‘code’ is the key to tapping into an absolute treasure trove!


You may think Twitter is just for bored teenagers with nothing better to do. But the truth is, Twitter is actually making loads of in-the-know people filthy rich… and I’m not just talking about the tech-nerds who invented it…


Go With the Flow… of Cash


As any smart entrepreneur will tell you, the easiest, lowest risk venture is one where you profit from what’s already popular; NOT one where you’re trying to thrust something unproven on the market.


Here’s how to get in early and make your fortune…


By typing this ‘140 Code’ into Twitter, I’m banking unbelievable amounts of money.


Like I mentioned before, I’ve seen as much as $3,035 from just a couple “tweets” worth of work (a “tweet” is a posting on Twitter if you didn’t know).


And that kind of money isn’t just a one-time anomaly either.  In fact, that $3,035 was just one of a fantastic four-day Twitter-profit tear I recently went on.


See for yourself…

Saturday 2/13/2010 - $1,011.95:  A lot of people would rather go out and spend their week’s paycheck on a Saturday. Shopping, eating out, taking care of car or house repairs… well instead of watching my bank account shrink on this Saturday – instead I put in a couple minutes on Twitter and grew it by over $1,000. 

Sunday 2/14/2010 - $1,011.95: In fact, I was so happy with what I did the day before, I went ahead and decided to turn the “day of rest” into the “day of cash” and make another $1,011 before the work week even started! Needless to say, my wife and I went out and enjoyed a fantastic Valentine’s Day date that night, knowing that the whole thing was already paid for 10 times over!

Monday 2/15/2010 - $3,035.85: Now here’s how you start off a week!  Just like I mentioned, $3,035 for just a few minutes worth of work.  I can’t believe that I’ve already made in one day what most people don’t net in a month… Who says Mondays are the worst?

Tuesday 2/16/2010 - $2,023.95: Now this is just getting crazy.  Over $2,000 more today.  Simply by logging onto Twitter and using the “140 Code” to my decided financial advantage.   To be honest, I spent most of this day on the beach with a picnic lunch and a good book.   Is there any better way to be making money than this?

Wednesday 2/17/2010 Screw it, I’ll take the rest of the week off!

               Do the math and you’ll see that over that 4-day period I raked in $7,083.70, for less than HALF a day’s worth of work.


               Wouldn’t you like to be able to say that too? You can. Honestly, I wouldn’t be wasting my time writing you this letter right now if I didn’t believe you could be doing the EXACT same thing I am.


               You don’t need vast business connections or an Ivy-League degree.  You don’t need a limitless amount of start-up capital or a team full of expensive employees either. An enlightened few are making it happen with nothing more than a computer, a thirst for wealth, and a few minutes to spare.


               Take Joceleyn French for instance...


A Homemaker Pays for Her
Kids’ College While They Nap:


               “I’m a stay-at-home mom who uses Twitter while the kids are napping,” says Jocelyn who naturally has a lot on her plate.   So when she gets her small amount of down time, Jocelyn uses it wisely.


               When she puts her 2-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter down for their afternoon nap, Jocelyn heads on Twitter and starts building their college funds with just a few minutes worth of work… which is all she can really spare at the moment anyway!


               “I figure, hey, why not get paid at the same time?” says Jocelyn.

Now that’s time management at its finest!


               Everyday Americans like Jocelyn are the reason TIME Magazine recently wrote:


“Imagine getting paid for wasting those precious minutes of your day… it's now possible to make a buck or two — or much more — on Twitter.”


And housewives like Jocelyn aren’t the only ones who realize this fact either.


“It isn’t chump change… and cost them virtually nothing” says Wired magazine.


VIRTUALLY NOTHING… that’s the best part about unlocking the “140 Code” for yourself. It won’t cost you a dime.


Have the Whole World Pay Your Wages… for FREE


Let’s face it: jobs are going to China. With this though, China (or any country) can become your customer!


Twitter is 100% free. And yet its power and reach is almost limitless. You’re essentially creating a home business – adding a second income to your life, without having to shell out a penny for it.


Starting to realize why those people that have discovered the “Code” for themselves sleep so soundly?


Let’s Make This Happen For YOU


Look, I can sit here all day and tell you stories about how much money everyday people like Jocelyn French are making.  People from all over are making a tidy sum by harnessing this Internet power-house for their own purpose. The point of this letter is to make sure you get YOUR piece of the pie!


I know, I know, you’re probably sitting there thinking 1 of 3 things:

      “I have no idea how to use Twitter.”
      “I don’t have a business of my own to use the “140 Code” for.”
      “And even if I did, I wouldn’t even know what to do!”


Let me put your mind at ease right away on all 3 counts…


First of all – I had no idea what Twitter was a couple years ago. When this amazing wealth building tool first sprung up online, it seemed like it was overnight. I was so out of the loop that when I first heard about Twitter I thought people were talking about a crazy new bird feeder!


But the truth is, once I figured out what exactly Twitter was, it was remarkably easy to use.  All I needed was a friend to sit down and show me what to do. And I’ll gladly be that friend for you. 


Believe me, I’ll have you “tweeting” in no time! (Your status with youngsters is about to sky-rocket as a small bonus)




It’s true- part of my instruction is GIVING you a business to go ahead and use with this- one that’s completely FREE and has no hassle.


But if you do have an existing business, then great, because this will super-charge your bottom-line! In any of those kinds of situations, Twitter and the “140 Code” can be invaluable. Maybe there’s a bunch of business opportunities you’ve bought and you’d like to make them pay for themselves? All this is a perfect fit.


But none of them are necessary.  And I can show you exactly how you can piggyback off OTHER people’s successful businesses and grab a piece of their cash pie using the “Code” yourself.


In short, nothing is standing in your way with what I’ll give you…


You Could Divert a Torrid Flow of Cash into
Your Bank Account for FREE


It’s estimated by The Wall Street Journal that over 10 million people visit Twitter every month.  And that number just keeps growing.

            When you see a phenomenon like this, the world is sending a wake-up call to entrepreneurs and anyone wanting to snatch back the American Dream.


Can you hear opportunity knocking?


Now, the steady income that could make your job redundant to you is nice, but what’s also good to know is that at any time, your Twitter account could explode from the ‘viral effect’ thanks to Twitter’s popularity…


Start a Virus as an Automatic Side Effect


            There’s a certain magic about making a living on Twitter: it can ‘go viral’. In other words, the power of word-of-mouth on Twitter could make your FREE account a massive income producing business!


            Yes, this ‘140 Code’ I’ll show you could be that winning lottery ticket you’ve been waiting for. Don’t throw it away!


            Think about it:

> A FREE Account
> A FREE business system to use on it (or your own)
> A special code to fast track the whole system
> And it could go viral worldwide and make you a fortune!


Frankly, only a total imbecile would ignore this opportunity. You simply have no right calling your self an entrepreneur, or even a ‘wannabe’ entrepreneur if you’re not turned on by this opportunity!


So okay, I’m sure at this point you’re dying to know - how you get started?


With a comprehensive, compact and simple-to-understand guide that I’ve prepared for you called:


““The 140 Code Wealth System””


This is where I spill all my inside Twitter secrets to how I made over $3,000 a day off of just a few minutes worth of work.


Here’s what to do:


STEP ONE: Follow my simple instructions and set this up in under 20 minutes.


STEP TWO: Type in the ‘140 Code’ I’ll explain in your kit.


STEP THREE: Bank checks.


And the best part is this info is not only laid out for you in a comprehensive written guide, but ALSO in a step by step video set!


So you can put your feet up, sip a cool drink, and watch as I walk you through the whole thing.


Everyone learns in different ways, but these days few people have the time and patience needed to read through a long, dry manual that could take days if not weeks to provide you with the information you need. The visual format will help you learn quickly and take control of the “140 Code” in record time.


In fact you can play them right on your computer at the very same time you set up your FREE Twitter account! 


I’ve gone to great lengths to make sure this process is as simple and fast as possible.  Because after all who wants to wait to make money? 


And that brings me to my next point…


How Much is Your Life Worth?


Have you ever stopped and taken a step back to look at how you live and if it’s what you really want?

Retirement awaits…


Do you have the freedom to spend time on what’s really important?


The clock is running. We can’t pause time. What we do with our years is what matters and sooner or later you have to make a stand… you have to do something different.


Life doesn’t have to be this pointless struggle- it can all change when you embrace the power of Twitter using this ‘140 Code’.


Can I show you a different path?


Try Not to Laugh When I Tell You This…


Given the insane amount of money I and so many others have made using Twitter’s “140 Code” I could probably get away with charging upwards of $500 for my “The 140 Code Wealth System”.


But to be honest, I know that kind of price tag will probably turn most people off.  And then what’s the point? I’m making so much money marketing on Twitter with the “140 Code” I really can get away with charging less than that… a LOT less.


But when my publisher suggested we charge $197 for the system, I still felt a little uneasy.  I know that a lot of people are skeptical of this new and unprecedented way of making money.   


“It’s going to take a great price for them to give it a shot,” I said. “But once they do, I’m positive they’ll be hooked.  We just have to get them in the door.”


So that’s why today I’m offering you this “foot in the door” price of just $97 for the “The 140 Code Wealth System”.

That’s less than the cost of a nice dinner for two! And with the wealth potential that could absolutely change your life. 


Let’s Ride the Twitter Wave Together


            Rest assured, these videos are short and easy to follow.  This wealth of information contained in them will turn you into a Twitter pro in no time flat! 


And again, ALL of that will cost you only a measly $97!


I’m so confident that this system produces results that I back it with a full guarantee.  If following the “140 Code” doesn’t help you develop a customer base of hundreds if not thousands of followers… 


Or if you don’t make money…


You don’t pay!

Try this out at OUR RISK!

You have a full 30 days to try out the complete “The 140 Code Wealth System”. If for any reason you feel that this information falls short of your expectations, then all you have to do is send the CD-ROM back and I'll refund you your purchase price no questions asked (S&H is non-refundable). It really doesn't get simpler than this - if you don’t love this information then you can get a refund - it's that easy…


Isn’t It Time You Started
Making More For Doing Less?


Whether you’re worried about money or not, chances are you still probably feel like you should have more of it, right? A safety net, at least.


What I’m offering you today is an opportunity to add a second, virtually limitless income to your bottom line with literally nothing more than lifting a few fingers.


More money… less work… what about either of those things ISN’T worth checking out?

You risk nothing by giving my “The 140 Code Wealth System” a try.  You’ve got 30 days to test it out… and a whole new way of life there for the taking.


            Simply CLICK HERE to reserve your limited edition kit using our 100% safe and secure system and steer your life in an exciting new direction!




P.S. As you watch everyone smiling into their laptops clicking around on Twitter, think about how they could all be paying you a fat salary while you sit back. You can use this secret code to hotwire Twitter legally and ride the wave all the way to retirement. Being at the forefront of a revolution is how fortunes are made, and here’s how yours could be made…


P.P.S. You received this invite because you’re registered as a keen entrepreneur looking for opportunities. Whatever goals you have, whatever business you’re in, this simple system can only make your objectives easier. And who knows, your Twitter account may ‘go viral’ and become your winning lottery ticket…!


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