The Deep Discount Network Presents……


The Secret World of Comps, Deep Discounts, VIP Treatment and FREE Cash


Cheating Your Way to the American Dream without Risking Jail Time!


Dear Friend,


My close friends are convinced I’m doing something illegal……


Most of my business associates have so much money they just think I’m cheap.


But look….it’s real simple.


If you had access to the powerful money secrets like the ones I’m going to show you’d be insane not to take advantage of them…especially in this economy!


Granted…. I’ve made (and kept) a boatload of money. But the fact is I RARELY pay full price for anything.


And I do mean anything……..


Hotels, restaurants, outlet malls, plumbers, carpenters, landscapers, cars, boats, trips, jewelry and yes…even real-estate!!


What’s more, in some cases I don’t pay a damn thing! I’ll show you how I do it.


And get this…..


I’ve discovered a network of private groups and individuals that often disperses FREE MONEY (no gimmicks, no strings and no fine print) to people who know the right way to ask them. I’ll show you the “right way” to ask!


Everything I’m doing is completely legal.

I guess you could say I’m “gaming” the system.


But I’ll be honest…I love every minute of it! It’s about time somebody had a blast cheating the system and helping others in the process.


If you’re like me….and I know you are or you wouldn’t still be reading! You love the idea gaining an advantage over the powers that be…..


Then listen very closely….it’ll only take 4 or 5 minutes to read my letter.


You’ll discover for yourself some of the techniques I’ve used to transform myself from a penny pinching cheap skate into a self professed millionaire miser.


Welcome to the Secret World of Comps, Deep Discounts and FREE Cash


I’m not stupid (at least that’s what I tell myself!).


I realize my strategies, tactics and network of contacts probably sounds too good to be true.


I’ve been accused of doing stuff that’s illegal or even unethical.


I hear it all time.


Here’s an email I received the other day from a guy in Bloomington Minnesota:


“Hey Marc….nice con job! Most of the stuff you mention in your letter sounds illegal or at the very least “unethical”. If everything you talk about is so powerful then why hasn’t anybody else written about it?”  L.R.


I’m not sure why no one has written about this secret world of comps, deep discounts, insider tactics and free money. There’s a good chance they don’t know where to look!


No Gimmicks. No Tricks. No Fine Print!


Rest assured…..


I’ve used these tactics, strategies and contacts to save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last decade. My business associates have claimed MILLIONS in savings!


And I didn’t break any laws to do it!


My tactics are completely legal. I’ve proven and tested these tactics myself, as well as my business associates to reap phenomenal rewards, cash and DEEP discounts.


You can use my tactics and contacts to save serious money on almost everything you buy…


Here’s what I mean….

Globe     Never Pay Blue Book Value for Cars, Motorcycles or RV’s Again

Globe     The Insiders Secret to Buying Real-Estate at Well Below Market Value

Globe     The Best Kept Secret in Air Travel – Travel the World for Pennies on the Dollar (or FREE) with Rule 81k

Globe     How to Immediately Save up to 60% at Luxury Hotels, Resorts and Casinos

The Fine Art of Cruising for FREE – (you can even get paid to cruise!)

Globe     My Secrets to Legal Scalping and Attending Concerts, Events and Celebrations FREE

Globe     How to Get the V.I.P. Treatment at Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs (You’ll NEVER Pay Full Price for a Dinner Again

My Closely Guarded Secret for Getting Companies, Foundations, Wealthy Individuals and even the Government to Send You MONEY (Hint: You Have to Know Where to Go and What to Say)

Globe     My Insider Secrets for Grabbing Prime Real Estate (Even Run-Down Property) for Pennies on the Dollar

How to Legally Manipulate the System with My Step-by-Step Guide!


You’ll have incredible security from this day forward because you’ll NEVER have to pay full price for anything again!


This has NOTHING to do with “Membership Clubs” like Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale!


Let’s get this party started…and I’ll show you what’s available….


One tactic I’m about to share with you is considered highly confidential.


It’s NOT illegal or unethical but if the powers that be found out that I was giving you access to this information let’s just say they wouldn’t be very happy.


So keep this close to your chest for the time being.  

How to Grab Your Share
of This Little-Known Wellspring of Cash

Money makes the world go round. It seems you can never have enough of it.
I know…..there’s a biblical basis for not loving it….but there’s nothing wrong with liking or accumulating it.
So you might be shocked to learn there are people giving it away.
I’m not kidding!
Its estimated major corporations, wealthy philanthropists and the U.S. government give away more than 100 billion dollars every year to people just like you and I.
Who the Heck
is Marc Charles?


Marc Charles is a high-level consultant and advisor. He’s often referred to as “The King of Business Opportunities”. Marc has launched more than 40 successful businesses over past 28 years (and advised on dozens more). Marc has written dozens of bestselling e-books, reports and special advisories. His commentary has been featured in top publications such as Bloomberg Personal, The Liberty Street Letter, The League of Power, and The Internet Edge to name a few. He moderates several forums including AskMarcCharles.


Marc has an uncanny ability for spotting profitable trends and creating businesses around them.  He’s a simple guy, making a ton of money for a lot of people.  R. Fung


The “Catch” for Getting Free Cash


But yes….THERE’S A CATCH! Don’t kid yourself.


What makes the lucky few who tap into this wellspring of cash so different than you?


Why do these corporations, wealthy philanthropists and even the government send cash in the mail to people to finance their dreams while you struggle to make ends meet?


Here’s the answer….(this is worth ten times the cost of my e-book)….


The people receiving cash in the mail know exactly where to look and they know the right way to ask for it.


You’ll receive access to more than 46 legitimate money sources, angel investors and wealthy philanthropists with more money than you could possibly imagine!  I’ll take you right to the source.


In addition, you’ll receive hundreds of contacts for free money available as grants, endowments and gifts. These are NOT loans! You don’t have to repay one thin dime!


But that’s not all……I’ll even give you access to my updated list of wealthy individuals who are giving away millions of dollars to regular folks just like you and I.


It’s time you staked your claim!


Follow This Link to Grab Your Share of a $200 Million+ Windfall


There’s no reason to pay book value for cars, trucks, boats or RVs ever again.


I’m dead serious!


What’s more, you don’t have to be an auto wholesaler to take advantage of this sneaky buying tactic either. You’ll learn about my good friend in the auto wholesaling business though…..and you’re going to love what you hear!


Look…. the auto industry doesn’t want you to know this stuff! Most dealerships are already broke or bankrupt from the economy. The LAST THING they want is for you to know the TRUTH!


Millions of Cars, Trucks, Boats and RVs for
at HUGE Discounts – Right Now!


There are literally millions of cars, trucks, boats and RVs for sale in the U.S. – and just sitting on back lots and in warehouses collecting dust.


If my closely guarded secret were to be made available to the public it could ruin them.  Almost NO ONE (except my dad) would ever buy a car, truck, boat or RV from a dealership again if they knew how the “game” was played.


Here’s just a sample of the cars my clients have recently acquired using my insider tactics:

2006 Malibu Classic Sedan Medium Gray 13882 miles $2250

Globe 2007 Chevy Impala Police Cruiser White 44803 miles $2995

Globe 2006 Chevy Uplander 2006 Loaded White 67804 miles $3075

Globe 2006 Chrysler Grand Caravan Light Yellow 70662 miles $3255

Globe 2004 Dodge Stratus Sedan Dark Silver 29226 miles $1995

Globe 2005 Ford F150 White 75672 miles $2995

Globe 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid Gray 38556 $3000

Gain FREE Access to the Largest Wholesale Auto Auction in the World


Granted, a Chevy Uplander or Honda Civic Hybrid may not be your idea of “livin large”.


But believe me….this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are millions of cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and RVs available at breathtaking discounts.


My Insider Secrets for Grabbing Prime Real Estate (Even Run-Down Property)
for Pennies on the Dollar


In my opinion owning your own home free and clear without a mortgage is the fastest way you to achieve financial security and peace of mind.  My first mortgage free home was a game changer for me.


Have you figured out the mortgage sham yet?


If you buy a house for $300,000 and finance it for 30-years you will have put more than $400,000 into the banker’s pocket by way of interest payments.


All I can say is WOW.


Granted, no one lives in or finances the same house for 30 years anymore. But bankers couldn't care less what you do. They’ll stuff their pockets with your cash when you buy, sell or refinance a property!


The next time you look at a house and plan to finance the purchase simply ask yourself if you’re willing to pay double for it!


In this program you’ll learn the secrets to mortgage free living. I’ll cover the tactics I’m using to cheat the real estate and banking establishment so you can too.


There are boatloads of little tricks for grabbing real estate at DEEP discounts it boggles the mind.


But I’ll show you one tactic I use for obtaining real estate at huge discounts that’ll blow you away.


And no……it has nothing to do with bankruptcy auctions, estate sales, foreclosures or short sales. But I’ll show you the secrets to these resources too!


On top of that… tactics seem work even better when the market is plunging….you’ll learn why.


I guarantee my tactics are going to work for you too if you apply them correctly.


I’ve saved thousands of dollars because of Marc’s unique recommendations and insight. Marc’s a true “deep discount” maverick and entrepreneurial genius.   Susan C


Cheating Your Way to the American Dream


Home ownership is the American Dream – and if you know how to manipulate the system it can be a reality sooner than you think.


You can own your own home free and clear without a mortgage.


I know because I’ve done it myself dozens of times. And I have the records to prove it…


I recently built a gorgeous house in Maine on three acres of prime real estate less than five minutes from the ocean……with ZERO financing.


I’ll show you how to buy vacant land at astronomical savings. I snatched a prime lot for less than $5,000 and its worth more than $21,000 today. This isn’t the “fantasy price”…or wishful thinking. I was offered $21,500 for it eight days ago.


If you already own your home that’s great…...I’ll show you a little-known trick I used to obtain a comprehensive homeowner’s policy from an A+ provider for less than $310 per year.


This trick alone could instantly save you hundreds or even thousands a year depending on where you live!


Learn My Secrets for Breaking the Rules on Real Estate Now


The “High Rollers” Secret to Getting the V.I.P Treatment at Bars, Clubs and Restaurants


 I’m not sure which I enjoy more…. the V.I.P. treatment or the free food…
This is my favorite chapter in my new e-book – because I love pretending to be “royalty” (and so does my wife).
Not only do can you receive free food and drinks at the finest restaurants around the country.
But you’ll learn how my easy to follow system can help transform you into a celebrity of sorts in the “foody” circles – and you’ll love soaking up the V.I.P. treatment.
Over the last 14 months I’ve received free meals worth more than $1,800 using my “seven secret tactics”. There’s no reason why you should be paying top dollar for a night out on the town either.
I can’t remember the last time I paid full price for a meal.

The 7 Secrets to Living the High Rollers Lifestyle – click here


Deal Seeker ALERT!

The Best Kept Airline Discount Secret


This is one of the best kept secrets in the airline industry. I’ll show you how to leverage Rule 81K (the actual airline code) to get first class airline tickets up to 70% off the retail cost.


The days of flying “cattle coach” are over!


And once you get good at manipulating this little-known regulation you’ll actually be able to get the airlines to pay you to fly!


I recently showed this trick to my friend Harvey and when we spoke the other day he mentioned that he’s currently sitting on over 30 free flight vouchers from several major carriers.


He’ll probably just end up selling them or giving them away as gifts because he’s not even sure if he can use all the tickets – but once he got started grabbing free flights it was so simple he just couldn’t stop. He was having too much fun!


I know you’ll love this tactic too!


A Simple Way to Save up to 60% on
Luxury Hotels, Resorts and Casinos

This tactic always shocks my friends when I show them how easy it is.


But trust me......this baby is 100% legal and a blast to use.


And I’m not talking about clipping travel coupons and saving a few dollars here and there either.


I don’t bother with that stuff. You don’t live rich by pinching pennies!


I’m talking about half price room rates, upgrades to presidential suites and FREE honey moon suites.


And rental cars……please don’t get me started!


Have you seen the new rental car fees, charges and surcharges lately? It’s a pathetic joke. Something about the economy tumbling and so rental companies JACK THE FEES ON YOU…rather than cut expenses and overhead (like most businesses are forced to do).


But you can get DEEPLY DISCOUNTED rates on rental cars (and even freebies) if you know what to do and how to do it.


On top that….. you’ll be treated like royalty at hotels and resorts while the other guests are herded to their overpriced rooms like cattle!


This has NOTHING to do with IATA cards or becoming a travel agent – that’s a joke!


I’ve received tens of thousands of dollars worth of discounts, freebies, upgrades, comps and other perks because I decided to learn and “game” the system. You’ll learn my insider tactics.


What’s more, you can’t put a price tag on “red carpet” VIP service. I’m serious. If you’ve ever stayed in a legitimate 5-star property (there are only a few left in the US), then you KNOW what I mean!


Reserve Your Exclusive High Roller Access HERE


My Secrets to Legal Scalping Finally Revealed without the Risk of a Lawsuit


You can attend concerts, sporting events and other invite only celebrations free of charge.


That’s right. This strategy is one of my best. I’ve perfected this over the past ten years or so.


I use these tactics all the time now.


I’ll show you the same secrets for “legal scalping” to attend concerts and sporting events absolutely free of charge… gimmicks or tricks.


Get this…..


I know the American Idol craze is almost over.


But at the height of the frenzy I took my kids to American Idol Live three times at no cost whatsoever – it was one of the hottest tickets in town…and ALWAYS SOLD OUT.


I’ll also show you a legal tactic for reselling your concert and sporting event tickets at a hefty profit. You gotta love it!


This little-known loophole could turn this tactic into a nice side business too!


Welcome you to the ultra-profitable world of legal scalping.


I’ve been working with Marc since 2001. His business savvy is unmatched. Marc’s expertise for finding phenomenal deals has been is invaluable to us.  Marina S


Travel on the Most Luxurious Cruise Lines in the World FREE OF CHARGE


In this section I reveal four closely guarded secrets for cruising like a celebrity on the most luxurious ships in the world absolutely free.


I’m not kidding. This tactic will change your life!


And you can forget about off season trips or third rate port-of-calls too.


I’m talking about luxury travel on the finest ships in the world!


I’ve used these underground tactics to squeeze the cruise lines for trips to Bermuda, the Caribbean, the Bahamas and the Mediterranean.


In some cases I’ve even tricked them into throwing meals, entertainment and other amenities just for the pleasure of having me on their ship!


And if that’s not enough I even found one cruise line that was willing to pay me to sail on their ship – Suckers!


I’ll Show You Exactly How it’s Done - Order Now


Look…. I’ve only scratched the surface!!  When you get your hands on my new book How to Beat “the System” Without Going to Jail…you’ll agree….this is the BEST information available – period.


You’ll quickly discover there’s really no reason to ever pay full price for anything!


And I do mean ANYTHING.


How to Legally Manipulate the System
with My Step-by-Step Guide


Everything from your child’s college education to luxury items, collectables and precious metals can be snagged at giant discounts when you learn how to legally manipulate the system.


So let’s get this party started!


I know Marc well. I can attest to his ability to make money. I’ve been exposed to a lot of entrepreneurs over the past 45 years.   Marc stands out from all of them. He’s incredibly shrewd and resourceful…believe me, if there’s a discount somewhere he’ll find it! Robert K     


Obtain Direct Access to the
Millionaire Miser Himself!


When you order my new e-book you’ll obtain direct access to yours truly.


This has never been offered before.


You’ll receive my personal contact information!


So….if you have any questions about the material in my e-book you can bypass all the “customer service” mumbo jumbo…and gain direct access to me. If you have specific questions about finding DEEP DISCOUNTS, I’ll do my best to help you.


You’ve got to agree….this is a game changing offer.


Whenever you buy a product or a book online today, you’re RARELY (usually never) given access to the author. You’re parsed out into some online customer service app. When you send an email to the author or publisher it goes through a series of smoke and mirrors….and then someone responds…but RARELY the person you wrote to!


You’ll receive my contact information!


Granted, I can’t offer this indefinitely because I’ll be inundated with calls and emails.


But if you order my e-book today you’ll receive my contact information.

Let’s recap some highlights of How to Beat the System Without Going to Jail:


The Deep Discount Networks Iron Clad – No Questions Asked – Money Back Guarantee
If you’re not completely satisfied with the secret tactics you uncover in my new e-book “How to Beat the System Without Going to Jail” I don’t want you to risk a penny. If you’re not instantly saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month on everything from insurance to restaurants and cruises and more simply drop me an email at  within the next 30 days and I’ll send you a full refund of your purchase price --- No Questions Asked.

How to Never Pay Blue Book Value for Cars, Motorcycles or RV’s Again


The Insiders Secret to Buying Real-Estate at Well Below Market Value


The Best Kept Secret in Air Travel – Travel the World for Pennies on the Dollar (or FREE) with Rule 81k


The Secret World of Comps, Deep Discounts and FREE Cash


How to Immediately Save up to 60% at Luxury Hotels, Resorts and Casinos


The Fine Art of Cruising for FREE – (you can even get paid to cruise!)


My Secrets to Legal Scalping and Attending Concerts, Events and Celebrations FREE


How to Get the V.I.P. Treatment at Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs (You’ll NEVER Pay Full Price for a Dinner Again


My Closely Guarded Secret for Getting Companies, Foundations, Wealthy Individuals and even the Government to Send You MONEY (Hint: You Have to Know Where to Go and What to Say)


My Insider Secrets for Grabbing Prime Real Estate (Even Run-Down Property) for Pennies on the Dollar


How to Legally Manipulate the System with My Step-by-Step Guide!


How to Beat the System Without Going to Jail reveals devious tactics I use to cheat the system and obtain DEEP DISCOUNTS every single day.


My wealthy friends and business associates were shocked when I put this e-book together.


But here’s what some of them said:


“Are you kidding me? This information is priceless! I’ve already cheated the system to the tune of $3,200 on a slightly used car for my son. Thanks!”    Terrence R.


“After the first chapter I KNEW this e-book was different. I was already a big fan. But now I’m a lifetime student. This is the best stuff I’ve ever read on the subject”     Melissa B.


“Great book! I always knew you had a “secret weapon”. But now it’s MY secret weapon”. Larry E.                                                   


Beat the system Ebook

If you place your order for How to Beat the System Without Going to Jail today I can offer an introductory price of $59 and in an instant downloadable format so you can get started right away.


But if you order within 24hrs (we have a time stamp ordering system) you’ll only pay $39.95 for my complete 150 page ebook!


You’ll also receive my personal contact information. I’ll answer any questions you might have or we can discuss hot new tactics and opportunities!


I can only offer my personal contact information on orders placed in the next 24 hours…….so I urge you to place your order today.

You have nothing to lose with my 150 page ebook which contains a wealth of information... Plus, I’m extending my personal 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Order Your Risk Free Copy Today!

Here’s to your Beating the System Success!


 Marc Charles

The King of Business Opportunities


PS. Like I said…..if you’re not completely satisfied with the secret tactics in How to Beat the System Without Going to Jail I don’t want you to risk a penny.


If you’re can’t instantly save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on everything from restaurants, hotels, resorts, casinos – or cruises. Just drop me a note and I’ll refund your investment.


If the free money sources and contacts don’t appeal (or work for) you….let me know. You don’t have to risk a dime if you’re not happy with the information!


But I’m confident How to Beat the System Without Going to Jail will be on your desktop for years to come!

Order Your Risk Free Copy Today!

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