"After I Realized Paying Off

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You can take 5 minutes to find out how I did it and how
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Dear Friends,

fix credit score

Almost 5 years ago, my wife was involved in a serious car accident. We had to use all of our savings to pay the medical bills and other expenses. Because of that, I fell behind a couple of payments on my cell phone and cable bills. It only took me a month or two to pay off the balances, so I thought "no big deal".

A couple of months after that, we realized that we didn't want to keep renting anymore; so,we decided to buy our first house. I had a really good job, we were finally debt free and everything was working out great for us. We spent about 6 weeks searching for the house of our dreams. It was gorgeous! It had a fireplace and a huge backyard where our two daughters and dog could play for hours.

So we went to the bank that had our
business for over 8 years to get a loan.

The lady who took care of us was very nice. She offered us a cup of coffee and she told us that she was very excited for us since this was going to be our first home. She asked us to fill out some forms, then she checked something in the computer, and then said something totally unexpected.

She told us that she was rejecting us because our credit history wasn't good enough. I couldn't believe it! I always paid everything on time. I just fell behind a couple of payments on my cell phone and cable bills so I could pay my wife's medical bills!

I told this lady that there had to be a mistake and I asked her to check again. She said that the credit score is never wrong, she told us she was sorry, wished us a good day, and started looking behind our shoulders to call the next person in line. We couldn't believe that the same lady who was so nice 10 minutes before was being so rude to us.

That really hurt our feelings, but we decided that since they didn't want our business, we were going to take it somewhere else. And we did. At least, we tried.

fix credit scoreGuess what happened next? 13 lenders rejected us, one after another. They said we represented "too much risk" to them. We were turned down a total of 14 times; I was very depressed.

I was ready to give up. The idea of sitting in front of a lender again just to hear one more time that I wasn't good enough was just terrifying. It was my wife who didn't let me quit. She really wanted us to buy our own house and she convinced me to fix my credit score.

The first thing I did was to contact a very prestigious credit repair company. Their services seem pretty good, but when they told me it would cost me $2,250 I thought they were completely out of their minds. I just wasn't going to spend that kind of money. Then I found a company that promised to fix my credit for $97 a month. It looked reasonable; so, I hired their services.

Four months later, I discovered that my credit score only improved 6 points! It was a joke. Sarah made a good point: since these guys were charging me monthly and once your credit score is fixed you don't need their services anymore, they work as slow as they can!

So I decided that I was going to fix my credit score by myself. I sent a letter to the 3 credit bureaus requesting removal of the negative items I had in them. Guess what happened? They labeled my request as frivolous, rejected the removal request, and told me that I couldn't dispute those items again for 12 months! It's kind of embarrassing to admit it, but I cried that day. I felt hopeless.

I finally gave up...

Two or three weeks after that, I met a really nice guy at a friend's birthday party. He was a lawyer and worked for a credit repair agency. I told him about my problem and he invited me to have some coffee during the week so he could help me.

Meeting this guy was the best thing that has ever happened to me. He explained why the credit bureaus rejected my request and exactly how to do it right next time. He had developed a step-by-step system and shared it with me. After all that I had been through, I was very skeptical by this point, but since I didn't have anything to lose, I decided to give it a try.

So I used the template letters that the lawyer gave me, I filled in the blanks, I followed his step-by-step instructions, and I mailed in the letters to the bureaus. Three weeks later, I ordered another credit report and I couldn't believe what had happened. My score went from 592 to 717 in only 3 weeks. At first, I thought there was some kind of mistake, so I called the company who I had gotten the reports from and they said there was no mistake and that was my real score. I was totally blown away by the results. It was hard to believe, but it was true.

Sarah and I went back to check out some houses and we found one that we really liked in less than a week. We went to a mortgage lender to get a loan. fix credit scoreI recall that we were very nervous, fearing that something could go wrong again. Well, the loan officer approved our application on the spot and they offered a very competitive interest rate.

We were very excited and went to see another lender to see what they could offer to us. They approved us too and the interest rate they offered was even lower. Wow! It was incredible. Months ago, we were rejected by over a dozen lenders and now two lenders were fighting for our business.

Oh, I almost forgot. Do you remember
the first lender who turned us down?

One week after we bought our house she called us and said that she heard that we were shopping around for a loan and that we were automatically approved for a loan with them at a better interest rate. Sarah was the one who picked up the phone and reminded the lady how rude she was to us in the past and then said something like, "I can't keep talking to you now because I have to take care of other lenders who are offering me their money. Have a good day!" and she hung up the phone. It was hilarious and it was a great feeling.

After raising my credit score by 125 points in three weeks, I wanted to pay it forward and I have since helped more than 300 people to improve their credit scores. Every single one of them, without exception, saw their credit scores improve significantly. Some of them by only 45 points and others by as much as 167 points in less than one and a half months.

The truth is that you don't need to pay a company thousands of dollars to get your credit report fixed. You can do it yourself. But there's no way you can do it right, unless you know exactly how to do it. Make just one mistake and the bureaus will not only reject your request and maintain your poor credit score, but they will also label the request as "frivolous" and by law you cannot submit another request for an entire year!

That is why I want to help you. I want to share all my secrets. I want to share over 4 years of experience fixing credits. I want to share all the mistakes I have made during all these years; so, you don't make them, too. You can instantly absorb the experience I got from fixing over 300 credit scores and improve your own by 50 to 150 points in no time flat.

"My credit score went from 615 to 722 in 5 weeks"




I followed your system and my credit score went from 615 to 722 in 5 weeks. I wanted to say thank you since I refinanced my mortgage and because of my better score I am now paying $213 less every month. I made the price of your books several times in the first month alone.


I also wanted to say that you are a pretty good writer, since the book was very clear and easy to read. I am so excited about the results I got that I offered to help my friends raise their scores as well.


Mike Biggs - Bloomington, IN

But before telling you about my book, let me show you how much of your hard-earned money you are wasting if you have a bad credit score:

Credit Repair

This is an example of a typical 30-Year fixed mortgage for the amount of $250,000. You can clearly see how someone with a credit score of 720 will pay $1,479 a month and the total interest that he will pay during 30 years will be $282,557, slightly more than the principle amount.

Now, compare that to someone who has a score of 559. This person's monthly payments will be $2,763 (almost twice as much as the person with a good credit score!) And he will pay $744,524 in interest. That is 3 times as much as what the first person will pay. It is half a million dollars more! You don't want to pay that much more, do you?

Introducing... Credit Score Makeover:
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Credit Repair


Discover the 2 secrets that credit repair lawyers know and they never revealed before.


The secret formula that credit repair experts use to get credit scores for FREE!


The 10 Commandments that you need to follow to raise your score by an average of 47 points WITHOUT disputing the negative hits on your report.


Why closing an old account is the worst mistake you can ever make and how to do it the right way.


Why not having any debt is actually BAD for your credit and the dirty little secret that the credit bureaus will never tell you about this.


How I've helped over 15 people who didn't have a credit history to reach a score of 700 in less than 4 months.


Discover how to avoid paying credit card fees FOREVER. Many people have told me that this secret alone was worth many times the price of this book.



Did you think that the credit bureaus were only Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax? Think again. Discover the 4th credit bureau and why ignoring it will cost you hundreds of dollars in interest payments each single year.



The one thing you need to know to understand why removing negative items from your credit report can actually LOWER your score.



Discover what kind of debt benefits your credit and what kind destroys it. When I learned this secret I could help my clients raise their credit scores 36% faster.



Discover the truth behind the number one rule of credit repair: it doesn't matter that a negative hit on your report is legitimate if the bureaus CAN'T PROVE it. Understand why this is a game and why knowing the rules will help you beat the system.



The true story of how I bought 6 houses with no money down, without proof of income, and only $750 in fees.



The dirty little secret that teaches you how to create an alternate credit profile and start from scratch if your credit is already too damaged and you don't want to work on fixing it.



The step-by-step process that I have used over 300 times with each one of my clients and has been proven to work time and time again to raise scores between 50 and 150 points in an average of 3 weeks.



"My credit was raised by 55 points in 10 days"

Before getting Credit Score Makeover I had paid $1,300 to a company to fix my credit. In 4 months they raised it 22 points. I wasn't very happy since it cost me a fortune and I expected better results.

I have to admit that I was very skeptical when I bought your book but since you were offering a money back guarantee, I figured that if it didn't work for me, I could always ask for a refund, so I decided to give it a shot.

The information I found in it was so powerful! My credit was raised by 55 points in 10 days. That's more than twice as much as what the company I worked with before did, in one-tenth of the time, and at a fraction of the cost. I am very thankful for making this available to people like me.

What I liked the most was that I was in control of my own credit, instead of relying on a third-party that didn't have as much interest as I did in getting results fast.

Thank you,

Diane Hopes - Manhattan, NY


Credit Repair


Credit Repair


Since I first published my book, I have been updating it every couple of months with new secrets, removing old information, and making sure that every technique in the book is always current. During the time since I published this book I have also written 6 other books about skyrocketing your credit score in no time flat. As a way to show my appreciation to all the people who write me emails all the time to say thank you for how much my book helped them, I've decided to offer everybody my other 6 books at no extra cost.


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Credit Repair

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ScholarshipsThese 41 powerful, sample letters are the same ones I use with my clients to clean up their credit. Just fill in the blanks and mail them in. It couldn't be easier.


ScholarshipsRead the questionnaire and find out what letter is right for you. You can't go wrong. These letters have worked for me and over 300 clients of mine time and time again. They are the key to my success.


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ScholarshipsI've read a lot of nonsense advice about how to build good credit after you filed for bankruptcy. What's different about my approach is that IT WORKS. And it's not me saying it, but it has been proven to work six out of six times. It worked for others in your same situation and it will work for you too.


Credit Repair

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ScholarshipsI will show you the exact same techniques that professional debt negotiators use to decrease debt amounts dramatically. How does paying $170 for every $1,000 that you owe sound?


ScholarshipsProfessional debt negotiators charge between $1,000 and $2,700 for doing exactly what I will share with you in this book.


"I am now saving $65 every month"


I had tried to fix my own credit in the past but I was getting really frustrated since I wasn't getting any results. After working really hard on it for over 2 months, my score actually decreased.


A friend of mine recommended your book so I decided to try it. I discovered that I wasn't doing everything wrong, just 2 things. I corrected them and I saw my score raise in a way I didn't even think was possible.


Thank you so much for so much great information. I am now saving $65 every month in my car payments.


Suzanne Heller - Santa Ana, CA


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PS: A lot of people love to say that they had 500 books available and they already sold 499 and if you don't buy right now the only one they have left the offer is going to end in 1 minute and 3 seconds, 1 minute and 2 seconds, 1 minute and 1 second... I am not going to insult your intelligence. This offer will be here for a long time. But keep in mind that for every day that goes by without you taking action, there's money you are wasting by paying too much interest. Also keep in mind that fixing your credit takes a couple of weeks, so the sooner you start, the sooner you can qualify for pretty much any loan that you want.


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