The Free Business Scam!

Why 99% Of The "Free" Money Making

Schemes Out There Don't Work


And The 1% That  Makes Me $900... $2,300

Or More A Week Almost On Autopilot

(Takes Only Five Minutes A Day)!!!


FROM: Mark Edwards
RE: The Only "Free" Business That Works!


Dear Friend,


If you’ve ever bought a "free business" system to make money online...


You probably already know how most of them don't actually work.


A lot of them just end up wasting your time... with dull, boring brain-dead tasks.


Others are just plain unethical. Like getting you to spam people.


While a few of them have outdated methods that don't work anymore.


And sadly... I fell for all of them.


Hook. Line. And Sinker.


And man, oh man. I tell you. It sucks.


I've bought everything from $40 books in the mail... to $1997 courses.


A few months ago, I was about to clear my shelf and throw everything in the trash... when I got the strangest idea.


In a moment, I'll tell you what it is...


And how I now make anywhere from $900 to $2,300 a week... using 100% free methods (the real kind)... working only 5 minutes of a day.


The Free Online Business That Almost
Disappeared – Forever!

I know.


It sounds almost "too-good-to-be-true".


I’ve made $900 - $2,300 a week in just five minutes a day with no start-up costs and no ongoing expenses?


Yes, it's possible, it's easy and you can start today.


I've done it. And so could you.


In fact, it's so simple, you can train a child to do this...


But that's precisely why "they" tried to ban it.


And by "they", I mean a small handful of websites where -- if you know how -- you could make money with just a few clicks, at no cost to you and get away with it.


Just a few years ago, thousands of entrepreneurs (just like you) were flocking to these secret websites to grab their share and they were making a killing.


But it got so crowded... the websites started banning accounts and shutting down the profit party. (You see, these websites didn’t like how it was being used in this secret way to make money).


So business owners left. In droves.


Fortunately for you, though...


I came to the party late. I heard about this "free profit" bonanza after nearly everyone left.


So I came in with a fresh perspective.


And that’s how I figured out the "loopholes" to making it work and generating solid, consistent weekly income... when nearly everyone else had given up.


That's not the best part. I've made it so easy that...


If You Can "Surf Online" For Five Minutes A Day,
You Can Make Money Doing This!


It's that easy to start. If you know the same "backdoor" to these websites that I do.

But first, let me talk about what this isn't.

It's important I do that because it’s probably not the first time you've heard about these "free money making" methods. There's a lot of them out there.

And sadly, most of them are downright deceptive or lying.

Most of them end up taking up a LOT of your time with little to no money made...

Like posting links in forums, directories, Facebook and posting blog comments.

That's mind-numbing work!

And then there's the SEO stuff out there.

Once you get into it, you realize just how much work it is!

Writing and submitting articles... trading links with people... optimizing your content.

And the worst part is, it’s all so complicated!

Sure... that stuff is "free"... but it takes forever to get results, their methods are outdated and in some cases... just plain don’t work.

Not my system though.

When I finally figured out how to make $900 - $2,300 a week... with only three to five minutes of "work" every weekday from Monday to Friday...

I was SHOCKED at how simple it was.


How You Could Pay Off All Your Monthly Bills
With This Hidden Online Profit Strategy


You're probably wondering what this "magic online method" is.

I'll tell you.

It's like a "hidden economy" that's sitting right under your nose without you knowing about it. All you have to do is "tap into it" to pull out money... if you know how.

Let me give you an example.

When I was a kid, I used to wonder why furniture companies could have "blow-out" sales nearly every month with 0% credit and no payments for 12, 24, even 36 months.

It didn't make sense to me.

How could they afford to practically give away their inventory and not collect any form of cash?

Later, when I started going to real estate seminars, I found out.

There's a "hidden economy" of credit investors who will "buy" this debt from the furniture companies.

The furniture store gets money in their coffers... and the investor banks on the furniture buyer to default and end up paying him tons of interest.

Like I said, right under your nose. People making money on the strangest things that most people never hear about.

Now fortunately for you, what I'm about to share doesn’t require you to take on undue risk like a credit investor... nor do you need to be financially savvy…

In fact, let me be straight with you right now.

With my free online profit system, you can forget about...


Hard selling
Speaking to customers
Network marketing
Running costs
Hard work
Techie stuff
Risk or downside
Email list
Product of your own
New skills to learn
And no catch!


Five Minutes A Day...
That's All It Takes To
Make $900 - $2,300 A Week


So here's the story.

You may already know...

There are several hundred websites out there that get millions of people looking to buy something... every day.

I'm not talking about the big boys like eBay, Amazon or anything like that, though.

What I am talking about... are a small handful of websites I've personally uncovered.

And they'll give you hidden opportunities to make money for free, if you know where and how.

Now, you might even know what these websites are. You've probably bought from them before, or at least heard of them.

(That's what I mean when I say this is a "hidden economy"! It's right under your nose!)

What you may NOT know is how to use their backdoors to make $900 - $2,300 a week.

That's what I'm talking about.

Now it's important for you to know this. These websites have completely changed the rules… If you try this using the old methods it simply won’t work.

I’ve personally discovered several workarounds.

It took me months of testing, trying several things and I’ve done all the work for you.

I now know what these "underground cash resource" websites like, what they don’t like and how you could (with just five minutes a day)… make an extra $900 to $2,300 each and every week!

A few weekends ago, I took a long good look at what I was doing. I wanted to find out if I could let a few friends in on my secret.

Because at the end of the day, I want to help people.

My main concern was... if I let too many people know about these secrets, would it stop it from working?

After a lot of thought and some further testing, I realized I could show this extra-income method to a few select people and it would still work fine.

That's when I decided to record everything I did on video.




Here's what's great about Classified Profit Crusader.

It's only seven short easy-to-follow, step-by-step videos.

And in a very short period of time... if you follow each and every simple step on the videos as it's playing... you could be set-up and making money in less than an hour. Ninety minutes tops.

That's right. It won't even take you an afternoon to get going.

What's more...

You don't have to waste time going through pages and pages of a boring manual. You don't have to learn new software, technology or any of that. In fact, you don't even have to go through complicated websites with long sign-up forms.

This is how easy it is...

If you can surf the web... sign up to a few easy-to-use websites... and follow simple step by step instructions... you already have all the skills you need to make Classified Profit Crusader work for you.

I promise you -- this is ridiculously easy.

The seven videos will explain exactly what to do, where to do it, how to do it and when to do it.

And once you're set up, which takes about as long as the videos themselves… you will only need to put in three to five minutes a day.

So let me ask you this...


Can You Honestly Say,
"I Can't Spare Five Minutes A Day To Make
An Extra $900 - $2,300 Every Week"?


That's how much I’ve made in a single week from the Classified Profit Crusader system.

Of course, I've had weeks that were more, too.

I'd like to ask you a very personal question, however. Let's be conservative on how much Classified Profit Crusader makes.

What could an extra $500 to $1,000 each month do for you?

Maybe you're working two jobs, you have hungry children to feed, a spouse who's sick and you're struggling to make ends meet.

Or your soul-sucking job barely pays you enough to take care of the bills. There's rarely ever anything left for yourself after everybody else takes their cut of your paycheck.

Perhaps you're a stay-at-home mom... you need some personal spending money and you feel guilty, ashamed or afraid of asking your husband for more.

And with just an extra $500 or $1,000 a month... your life could be transformed, couldn't it?

I get that. I've been there and I've known many people just in your situation.

And you could make that kind of extra income with Classified Profit Crusader even if you forget to put in your three to five minutes once in a while.

It's that easy and effective.

That's why I've made Classified Profit Crusader available. It's my personal crusade for everyday, hardworking people who just need a leg up... like yourself.

Now, I'm sure...

This isn't the first time you've read about a "hidden business opportunity" like this online. You may have even invested in big, fat $2,000 investment courses... or countless eBooks... or even gone to expensive "make money" seminars.

In fact, there are so many "get rich quick" products out there, it makes me sick.



Three key points.

One, it's not quick. Yes, you read that right. While the work you put in is quick... at just three to five minutes a day... you're not going to get rich overnight. We’re talking about making a couple hundred to a couple grand a week… not an overnight million.

HOWEVER -- This is the kind of money that could help you pay the monthly bills as early as in four weeks. This is honest money that takes a bit of work.

And two... it’s extremely simple. There is no other online money-making opportunity I know of where you can start making money so easily and without any startup capital.

(Remember, it only takes about an hour to set up. Most of that is watching the videos.)

Finally, this is authentically, genuinely the only true FREE MONEY MAKING system out there where you don't end up wasting time, money and effort.

And frankly, those are the most important things in life, isn't it?

More TIME to spend with your family, doing what you want to do…
More MONEY to buy things your loved ones need and want…
More FREEDOM to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want…



I could easily charge $497 for a system like this. And you might think it's absurd or unfair or even outrageous for me to do this.

But you have to ask yourself, is it?

With Classified Profit Crusader you could make back your $497 investment very quickly... if you followed my simple step-by-step instructions.

But I'll be honest. I personally don't want to charge you this much. I’ve been where you are, barely eking out a living… having my paycheck almost cut-in-half before I got to it… living hand-to-mouth…

And that means a lot to me. I know what it’s like. I want to help.

So I'm going to make the first 500 memberships of Classified Profit Crusader available at a severe 80% discount. Instead of paying $497, you'll pay just $97. Once they're gone, I will raise the price appropriately. This way, people serious about getting out of the rat race will buy this first.

So if you aspire to a better life, I am offering you the easiest, quickest and 100% free way to making more money with only 3-5 minutes of work a day.

Now – let me emphasize why you need to act fast. I have a friend with over 120,000 emails in his database. Opportunistic people just like you who are always looking to get ahead in life. My friend will be telling his list about Classified Profit Crusader soon. In fact, he might have already.

With only 500 memberships available... that means very few people will enjoy the 80% discounted rate of just $97, before I raise the price.

Click on the link below to get your copy of Classified Profit Crusader now...



By This Time Next Month...
You Could Have Checks In The Mail
Worth $912... $2337... Even
Up To $7,777 Or More


You read that right.

A $7,777 paycheck or more.

You see, a few weeks ago...

I had one of my biggest paydays ever.

And I realized, right then and there, the Classified Profit Crusader system could pay you more and more, the longer you do it.

Your paychecks could get bigger and bigger over time.

And the most beautiful thing about this system is it's just three to five minutes a day. I can't say enough about that.

You can do it when you're on a coffee break, or just after dinner... or just before bed. It doesn't matter. After a while, you won't even remember doing it.

It would be like brushing your teeth.

Let me ask you this...

When was the last time you thought to yourself...

"Well. It's time to brush my teeth now. I better head upstairs, get my toothbrush, (make sure it's mine and not my spouse's), add toothpaste (just the right amount) and brush (away from the gums) for two minutes."

You don't do that, do you?

It's unconscious. You just do it.

But boy, do those two minutes everyday add up, or what? (Just ask your dentist).

Now, with the Classified Profit Crusader system... IT REALLY ADDS UP.

So here's what I want you to do. Right now.

Click on the "Add To Cart" button below to get started. You'll be taken to a secure 128- SSL encrypted web page, where you can invest in the Classified Profit Crusader system with any major credit card. You

If you can sign-up to a few free websites... you could start making money in less than a week. Checks could start coming to your mailbox in 30 days or less. It's that easy. Click the button now.



Still unsure? What if I gave you...


"Profit In 30 Days Or Less" Guarantee

I feel so strongly about Classified Profit Crusader, I can't see why you would need a guarantee. But I can see where you're coming from. So I'm going to make it extremely safe for you to get your hands on the Classified Profit Crusader system... for a quick test drive.

Get your members access today. From the moment you purchase it, you have a full 30 days to review the videos... and start making money with the system.

If you follow the simple steps and you don't make money within 30 days, ask for a refund. I don't want your money unless you make money.

This is how strongly I believe in the Classified Profit Crusader.


All the risk is on me. You have absolutely nothing to lose... unless you can honestly say you cannot spare five minutes a day for thirty days. Get your RISK-FREE members access of Classified Profit Crusader today. Click on the link below...



Mark Edwards
Creator of Classified Profit Crusader

P.S. I almost forgot. As I mentioned already, the Classified Profit Crusader system runs 100% free using our secret methods.

But I've discovered an enhanced method that increases my income by up to $1,600 nearly every week -- when combined with the Classified Profit Crusader.

Now, marketers would probably "up-sell" you with valuable information like this. Not me though. I'm going to give you this powerful tactic for free when you grab your copy of Classified Profit Crusader.

If you decide to use this "extra-money-making" method, you too could be making an extra $1,600 per week... on top of what Classified Profit Crusader already makes you...

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