Dear Friend,

Believe it or not -- there’s a good chance you have a secret account opened in your name (without you knowing about it), right now.

There are unclaimed funds deposited in this account. Funds you can withdraw in as early as 48 hours or less. Unclaimed funds that belong to you.

HOWEVER -- You won’t find information on this if you run a credit report. If you ask your banker, financial planner or accountant... they won’t know about it. If you call up your government representative, they can’t tell you anything about it either.

But it is very real with real value... and it’s 100% legal.

Here’s the catch: The funds inside this bank account are not in a clear dollar amount. The value of the account fluctuates on a daily basis. And you’ll need special knowledge to access it... (Which I’ll reveal to you in a moment).

What’s more...

If you were to take these funds out and convert it to US currency, (or whatever money you use, wherever you live)... I guarantee you will be surprised by how much you’ve “saved” over the years.

How can this be? Here’s the big surprise...

Without you knowing... you have actually made automatic deposits into this account almost every single day, with every transaction you make... since the day you started using money (or even earlier)!

However, before I go on...

Please understand -- this isn’t some secret IRS loophole, tax haven or bank account in the traditional sense. In fact, this has nothing to do with stocks, bonds, gold, silver, precious metals or paper money of any sort.

What’s inside this bank account is known to those “in-the-know” by many, different names. But to keep things neat and organized here, I’ll simply refer to it as “Currency-X”.

The Safest, Most Stable And Secure
Currency In The World?

What is “Currency-X”?

Ask most millionaires and successful businessmen. They will all say the same thing. “Currency-X” may be considered the safest, most stable and secure money in the world.

This is important. Because as you may know...

Right now, we are staring down the edge of a global financial collapse. The 2008 crisis was only the beginning of the end.

In less than four years, we’ve seen...

Washington printing money non-stop, night-and-day.

Between 1913-2007, $825 Billion of US currency was printed. Shortly after the housing crisis... between 2007-2009, the exact same amount -- that’s another $825 Billion (!!!) -- was printed.

In just two years, Washington has printed more money than the entire history of the United States before 2007!

People are losing trust in the U.S. dollar.

You may have heard about this. For the first time in the history of America, its credit rating was downgraded.

And in recent news... China and Russia are starting to buy oil from Iran with gold. Not US dollars like they used to!

Finally, the money in your wallet doesn’t go as far anymore.

You know this firsthand. Go to the grocery store or gas pump. How much was a bottle of milk, a carton of eggs or a gallon of gasoline... just four years ago?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this is a downward spiral.

The more money Washington prints, the less people trust the US Dollar... the less valuable it becomes.

The truth is -- Everyday things aren’t getting more expensive.

Not exactly.

Instead... The US Dollar is becoming more worthless!

So what can you depend on when cash is worth less than the paper it’s printed on?

The secret to stable, secure personal wealth lies in “Currency-X”.

Whether you’ve lost your savings and nest egg to the recent crisis... or you were laid off from your job... or you had your home unfairly foreclosed on after going underwater...

You know things are unstable right now. But not in the world of “Currency-X”...

A Secret, Thriving Economy
Hiding In Your Own Backyard

Here’s what you need to know about “Currency-X”.

It’s been around for almost 5,000 years. It has survived the rise and fall of every great civilization, empire and kingdom... and it will continue to do so far into the future.

People in all walks of life have used it at one point in time or another. It can be used to purchase services, products or anything else you can imagine.

While it’s a currency that has fallen out of favor in most developed countries like the US, Canada and the UK... there is a hidden “grey market” economy in every city and town with an underground network of banks.

(Again, I must emphasize it’s not gold, silver or precious metals of any kind... it is, however -- 100% legal and much more valuable, liquid and useful).

And chances are high... you have an account opened in your name, along with “Currency-X” deposited in it -- but not know about it.

In fact, most people are not aware of such a thing existing. Their accounts simply lie dormant and expire. Why? Because while it’s 100% legal...

Government at all levels, the IRS and other alphabet agencies don’t like them. They’re hard to track and keep an eye on. Which means it’s harder to tax.

HOWEVER -- don’t get me wrong. I am NOT asking you to evade taxes by using “Currency-X”. Whatever income you make using “Currency-X” must be reported. It is TAXABLE income. Though there are many people who avoid paying taxes with it.

On that note though...

I haven’t even begun to explain how powerful “Currency-X” can be...

The Secret Behind “Overnight
Millionaires” And People Who
Seem To Come “Out-Of-Nowhere”

While few people know about “Currency-X”....

Even fewer people know how crucial “Currency-X” plays in the secret history of millionaires and successful businessmen in the world!

The richest man in America -- Bill Gates -- spent most of the late 80’s building Microsoft making deals with “Currency-X”!

George Lucas would not have been able to make the Star Wars movies had he not had access to “Currency-X” when he first started!

Donald Trump has built and re-built his real estate empire many times over. Every time he goes bankrupt on cash -- he taps into his “Currency-X” reserves!

But don’t think for a moment “Currency-X” is only for entrepreneurs and would-be millionaires.

Everyday people like you and I can access and leverage our “Currency-X” account too. I have several colleagues, clients and friends who do so.

For example...

A friend in Austin, TX tapped into his “Currency-X” account a few years ago. He built a business that made over $130,000 in his first year. The best part was -- he only worked three days a week and golfed the rest of the time!

Another colleague in Vancouver, BC got access to his “Currency-X”. He used it to arrange a deal where he got 10% of all sales on a health supplement. What’s more... he gets that supplement sent to him free -- for life.

My mentor in Palm Beach, FL uses his “Currency-X” in a very creative way. In fact he’s used to develop several lucrative partnerships.

In fact...

“Currency-X” Is Bigger Than You Think...
Large Fortune 500 Companies Use It!

According to several business surveys -- nearly 20% of all sales made at big internationals and Fortune 500 companies... use Currency-X!

And in a recent Wired article, an expert roughly calculates that over $10 trillion worth of goods move through the Currency-X system!

What’s even more shocking is that nearly half the world’s population are employed and paid with “Currency-X”!

The article goes on to reveal how big companies like Procter & Gamble, Unilever and Colgate-Palmolive all use Currency-X in one way or another!

And yes, all these employees, companies and players have access to their “Currency X” account.

Once you access it, you’ll see just how powerful it is.

Here’s How You Access
Your Currency-X Account...

My name is Mark Patricks. I’m a businessman.

Five years ago, I wanted to start a business online. However, I didn’t have much to start with.

I had just quit my job working directly with a millionaire.

Frankly, I wasn’t scared of not getting a paycheck coming in every two weeks like clockwork.

In fact, I was downright excited.


Because I had an ace up my sleeve.

You see, right before I left my job, I made sure to figure out how to access my “Currency-X” account.

I had heard my millionaire boss mention the existence of this underground “Currency-X” exchange system in meetings, with clients and on the phone. But I never fully understood what he was talking about.

But then I started to really pay attention to what my boss was doing. How he made deals. How he “bought” things with “Currency-X”. How he made his millions. That’s when I truly understood how powerful “Currency-X” was.

Now, I didn’t steal this information or anything sneaky like that... but it did take me a while to figure out what was going on. It helped that I worked so closely with my millionaire boss.

And once I realized what “Currency-X” was... and how to access it, it was like a whole new world opened up to me!

In fact, I realized it was always in front of me to begin with... hidden in plain sight! And even more surprisingly, my millionaire boss was more than happy to share some of his insights with me!

And I promise you...

What Currency-X Can Do For You...
Can Literally Change Your Life!

Let’s get down to brass tacks here.

While I’ve talked about millionaires, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies and even my own business here...

The simple matter of truth is “Currency-X” can literally save your life in the coming economic collapse.

Once you know how to access your “Currency-X” account, your life will instantly change. You will realize that you have options and choices when it comes to money.

You will be empowered knowing you can survive no matter what happens -- even as the economy crashes again -- when you have access to “Currency-X”.

As you may know already...

The dollar is devaluing every day. Washington can’t stop printing paper money. In fact, they’re not even making actual, physical dollars anymore.

All Ben Bernanke and the Fed needs to do is punch a few buttons on a computer. And instantly, there’s more money in the currency system.

Just a bunch of ones and zeroes. How stable does that sound to you?

There’s even a good chance that the entire world may go back to some form of “Currency-X”.

There really isn’t any “magic” to making sure you’ll be OK when this happens. If the dollar or money in general breaks down... you’ll survive (and even thrive) if you understand “Currency-X”.

It really is a matter of getting access to and using your “Currency-X” account.

Now, you may be wondering if “Currency-X” can truly replace our monetary system.

After all -- what can you do with “Currency-X”?

Let me tell you -- it acts practically just like money.

You can use it to buy groceries. You can use it to get a brand new car. You can go on steeply discounted vacations with it. You can get “free” services from electricians, plumbers and painters. You can get free books, free magazines, free toys with it.

Or if you’re ambitious like me...

You can build a business with it. You can get the equipment, software and services most businesses typically need. You can get free advertising for your business. You can have websites put together for you. You can hire accountants and lawyers with it.

Others have used it to build four... five... even six figure per month passive income deals.

But most importantly -- you can use “Currency-X” to take care of yourself and your family when the economic collapse comes. It can be used to get all the basic necessities you need -- like food, water, shelter and clothes.

You can do all these things with “Currency-X”, cash-free. And your “Currency-X” account is available for you right now.

But you have to know how to access it.

Fortunately, for you, you don’t have to get a job with a millionaire and work under him or her to discover how to access your “Currency-X” account.

I will personally show you. But first...

Why Haven’t You Heard
Of “Currency X” Before This?

You may be wondering why you’ve never heard of “Currency-X” before.

The funny thing is -- you probably have. As I had mentioned, different people have called “Currency-X” different things at different times.

But more often than not -- people “talk around” it. In fact, if you don’t know what to listen for... you can eavesdrop on an entire conversation and not know “Currency-X” is being talked about.

Now, you may be wondering...

Is there some secret conspiracy between people who are in-the-know about “Currency-X”?

I can assure you, there isn’t...

But at the same time, people who have access to their “Currency-X” account are not openly talking about it either.

They don’t like to be public about how they built their wealth... or how they have monthly paychecks come in automatically... or why they get free stuff in the mail all the time.

In short, they are very discreet about it.

I mean, wouldn’t you be too, if you discovered a hidden source of income?

Most people who gain access to their “Currency-X” account got access by personal invitation. In other words, you have to know someone who already has an account to get into yours.

It sounds strange. I know.

It is yours after all -- why shouldn’t you be able to go up to the front desk and ask for it? But that’s not how “Currency-X” accounts work.

And here’s another catch -- you can’t just ask anyone who has a “Currency-X” account to help you. You have to talk to someone who has at least an “arm’s length” relationship to you.

(“Arm’s length” refers to people you know, but not necessarily have a close relationship with).

So you may be wondering...

“How In The World Do I Access
My Currency-X Account?”

Although it’s not a big secret...

As I said -- “Currency X” account owners who have access to their funds are not very public about it. But they exist in every town and city. You simply need to know who to ask and what to say to them.

Here’s the deal...

Access to “Currency-X” completely turned my life upside-down for the better. Today, I live a very comfortable life. I spend every evening with my wife. That’s much more than most people I know.

Most of my friends who went to college and got a corporate job work 60-80 hour weeks. (That is, if they still have a job after the 2008 crisis). They never see their family. They come home like zombies. And they hate their lives.

Now -- If you’re on this website, it means you’re a part of my exclusive list... or you were sent here by someone we both know and trust. A friend or colleague perhaps.

I’ve decided to put everything I know about accessing your “Currency-X” account into a short video program. It’s not long. It’s a DVD that runs for 80 minutes. Best part is... it’s clear, simple and you can put it to action right after you watch it. Yes, you can access your “Currency-X” account soon after viewing the contents of this video program.

It tells you exactly how to find out who you know has a “Currency X” account. It shows you how to reach out to them and show your interest without breaking etiquette. It will then show you how to access your “Currency-X” account.

The moment you see what’s inside your “Currency-X” account, you will be surprised at how much value you’ve built up over the years. You will immediately see what you’ve been missing out on your whole life.

How you’ve been paying more than you need to for certain things. How you’ve been paying for things you could’ve gotten for free. How you could’ve started your dream business years ago... all with Currency-X.

Remember -- Currency-X isn’t gold, silver, diamonds, precious metals or paper money of any sort.

It’s a secret account of value you’ve always had... but didn’t know about.

I can easily charge $997 should I decide to help you personally get access to your “Currency-X” account.

In fact, last summer, I created an exclusive club for fifty members. And one of the things I showed them was how to access their “Currency-X” account and build a passive income business.

That club sold out in ten days. All fifty members gladly paid me $1997 plus an annual upkeep fee of $49.

Unfortunately, that club is full. I am no longer interested in being so “hands-on” with other people’s “Currency X” account.

However -- I don’t mind offering a very limited number of videos to a select group of people. This is why you’ve been sent to this website. You’ve been invited to receive one of these videos to accessing your “Currency X” account.

I won’t mince around numbers either. While this video program could easily cost $495... I am practically giving it away to you at $77. That is a steal.

Inside this guide, I will also show you how you can recoup your paltry investment of $77 in less than 48 hours using “Currency-X”. I will then go on to show you how you can use “Currency-X” to build a business, get free stuff or deep discounts on various products, services and whatever else you want or need.

This is perhaps the only guide of its kind in existence covering all aspects of “Currency X”. To get your copy of the “Currency-X” guide, review the Agreement Form below and click on the “Get Access” button.

IMPORTANT -- Because of the sensitive nature of this information, you will not be able to “download” this video. It will be placed securely on an encrypted DVD. It will be mailed to you in a discreet envelope.

100% Risk-Free
Get Access to Your “Currency-X” Account
And Withdraw Funds In 48 Hours
Or Get Your Money Back Guaranteed

Yes, please rush-ship me the only known full and complete guide on Earth to accessing my personal “Currency-X” account. I understand that “Currency X” has made millionaires, grown businesses and has the ability to get me free services, products and deep discounts.

I understand “Currency X” is not gold, silver, diamonds, precious metals or paper money of any sort.

I understand “Currency X” may be the most important form of “money” for my survival when economic collapse comes... or any future crisis.

I understand I will receive an 80-minute guide on a DVD, and by signing off on this agreement form -- I am bound to not reveal what I discover in this guide.

I understand that I have 30 days to review the contents of this guide. If I put the instructions in it to action, within 48 hours, I can easily recuperate my one-time $97 investment.

I also understand I have the right to request an immediate refund within 30 days if I am not satisfied with the contents of this guide, less shipping and handling.

You simply have everything to gain by reviewing this guide. Once you get the guide into your hands... you will be exposed to the hidden world of “Currency-X”. You simply cannot “un-see” what you will see here.

In fact, I am putting myself at risk here. You are more than welcome to review the contents of this video... access your “Currency-X” account... and ask for a refund as long as it’s within 30 days! (I trust you have the personal integrity to not do that, however).

You really have absolutely nothing to lose here. Get access to your “Currency-X” account now...

Before I go, I have one last important message...

WARNING: Your “Currency-X” Account Has
An Expiration Date And This System
Reserves The Right To Give Away Your Funds!

It’s true. Unfortunately, there is an expiration date on the unclaimed funds in your “Currency-X” account.

It can be transferred to an unknown third party. This happens when funds are left unclaimed over an uncertain period of time.

You would not believe how often I see this -- nearly every week I’m in business.

If you allow this to happen, please understand...

These funds cannot and will not be transferred to your spouse, your children, family, friends or anyone of your choosing.

It will be practically given away to a complete stranger at no cost.

And frankly, with the economy so unstable right now... where jobs are taken away in an instant... where homes are foreclosed on because of dumb Wall Street mistakes...

It would be extremely foolish not to access your “Currency-X” account as soon as possible.

It’s simply prudent to know where all your assets are, especially what’s inside your “Currency-X” account.

Get Access To Your “Currency X” Account
And Withdraw Your Unclaimed Funds
In The Next 48 Hours Or Less

It’s very important you gain access and log into your “Currency-X” account as soon as possible.

Most people never take advantage of their “Currency-X” account, much less even hear about its existence!

Some of those that have -- have gone on to become financially independent almost overnight. Others -- got the peace of mind that they will be able to take care of themselves and their families no matter what happens.

“Currency X” is not gold, silver, any precious metal or paper currency. What it is however, is one of the most trusted, stable and safest currencies recognized worldwide -- but rarely publicly spoken about.

In my personal opinion, “Currency-X” may be the most important type of money in the next one to three years. I believe an even bigger market crash than 2008 is coming. I believe the world’s “reserve money” -- the U.S. dollar -- may look very different (or even not exist anymore). I believe great change is coming.

And when that happens -- “Currency-X” funds may be the only accepted currency in many parts of the world.

Regardless of what state or country you reside in...

There’s a high chance you may have a “Currency-X” account lying dormant, right now. To discover how to get access to it and start withdrawing funds from it, click on the link below...


Patrick Coffey

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