How To Make
$30,000 in Two Days…


“It’s A Secret That International Drug
Dealers Have Used For Decades.

But Now You Can Cash-In On The
Same System For The Very First Time...
And Without Risking A Long Spell Behind Bars!”

Hi there,

It’s easy to see how International drug dealers make their money…

A kilo of cocaine costs about $600 when it leaves Columbia. But by the time it re-appears on the streets of a major city, the value has soared to over $75,000 (that’s seventy-five THOUSAND dollars) a kilo.  My calculator won’t quite stretch to working out what percentage increase that is… but it’s a lot!

Now there are special reasons for such a massive mark-up. The product is illegal for one thing. It has to pass through many hands to get to the end user, and every one of them runs the risk of getting locked up for a very long time if they get caught, or shot by rival dealers. They want a big return to compensate for that risk.

 But that’s only part of the story…

You see what really ramps up the price is that supply is limited, and you simply can’t manufacture cocaine in the US. Cocaine is still illegal in Columbia, but it’s relatively cheap.


Because there’s plenty of it, and it’s easy to make some more. So there’s a huge profit in moving cocaine from Central America into the US – from one market where it’s plentiful and cheap, to another where it’s scarce and expensive…


Not that I’m suggesting you get involved...
For all sorts of very obvious reasons!

But what if there was a way to cash in on the different values of products in separate markets, but without running the risk of spending the rest of your days in a cell? Just like the drug traffickers do, but without the risk.

My name is Martin Fanshaw, and I’m writing today to tell you that there is…

I want to tell you how absolutely anyone can do this. It’s not rocket science. It’s just a very simple system for taking advantage of different prices in different markets. And we’re talking BIG differences in prices.


For example, you can order something in the mail from the UK (over the internet or by phone) for $60 and sell it in the US for over $1,500. You order an item from the US that sells for $70 that retails in the UK for £900. Maybe more. You can order a similar item from Russia for $99 that sells in the US for $2,250 and in the UK for £1,500.

And it isn’t just between countries. These ridiculous price differences can occur locally too. You just have to know where to look.

With opportunities like this, why would anyone
risk their liberty selling illegal stuff? Beats me!


It’s simple, simple, simple. They’re just items (that arrive in an ordinary envelope) that have a low value in their place of origin, yet a much, much higher value elsewhere.


You know this system exists. It’s called globalization. Stuff is cheaper in one place than another. Hence the world buzzes with all sorts of items being flown or shipped from A to B. Whether it be commodities, oil, diamonds, shoes, wheat, or whatever. Even money.

The same principle applies to FOREX trading (foreign exchange). And people make a fortune overnight, by taking advantage of tiny differences in exchange rates. Buy dollars in Hong Kong for a fraction of a percent less than they’re being bought for in Uzbekistan and make a profit. Okay, so it’s only half-a-cent. But spend a million and you get a million half-cents.

Obviously I’m not doing that. Too risky. And I don’t have a spare million dollars (yet!) And neither am I interested in making fractions. I like to double, triple, quadruple my money. Minimum.

Nothing illegal. Perfectly legitimate. Simple tradable commodities. Nothing that can break. Easy to handle. Easy to mail. And even easier to sell (in fact there’s a line of people wanting to buy!). It’s all perfectly above-board.

Why isn’t everyone doing this? I have no idea. Anyone can. You just need to be bothered. Anyone could, but most people don’t, because they either aren’t motivated, or don’t know how, or are too skeptical by nature to believe it’s possible.

Yet I know that it is, because I do it daily. And I make about fifteen grand in 24-hours work, on average.

Here are just a few recent examples...


Sold For:  

Profit Achieved:   

Percentage Increase:





UK £99 ($160)












1,000 Roubles ($20)




UK £60












Euro €88 ($125)




And you can do the same, over and over again, as many times as you wish. Like I say, it’s not rocket science. Anyone can do it. Even my 15-year-old child has proven it can be done.

Childs play? Absolutely! I’m just an ordinary guy.

But I’ve discovered a ‘system’ that very few people know about.  In fact I discovered it by accident. I kind of stumbled over it. Sitting on the train.

Overhearing a hushed conversation (I have good ears!) about two guys who had bought 6 of these items from overseas, had them flown over, and sold them the next day for seven-times their cost. They were laughing all the way to bank.  So I thought I’d give it a whirl.

I spent a few bucks, and made a phone call. The items quickly arrived. I copied their method exactly, and turned over the merchandise the next day for several times what I’d paid.

I made just under three thousand dollars,
actually. Like... overnight!

Yes, I thought it was ridiculous too. I supposed I’d just got lucky. So I tried it again, but not for so much this time, as I didn’t want to lose all that I’d made (which was a fortune to me at the time). So I was careful.

And of course it worked again. I made even more! Now, ten thousand dollars, when you haven’t got much money, is a lot of cash!

My ship had really come in; so much so that I paid off all my debts within two weeks, left my 9-5 job and now I work my ‘system’ full-time.

Well, when I say full-time, I mean about an hour a day. And I can do this from home, from a cafe, traveling… even from the beach.

And why am I telling you this? Because there is absolutely no harm in me doing so. The market is big enough for us all. It’s global. And we’re all connected these days. I have no monopoly on this, and I rather like the idea of other people joining me.

In fact we can all work it together. And that’s why I decided to put everything I’ve learned about this ridiculously profitable (but stupidly simple) system into a paint-by-numbers manual, 'The Narconomics SystemHow To Make $15,000 a Day The Legal Way’.

It’s available for the very first time today, direct from me. But there’s a catch. You see, I have an ulterior motive to making this information available. I need people to work closely with me on this… but not too many.

When you see the price I’m charging for this, you’ll realize I’m not going to make a fortune from selling it. As I say, I want people to work with… partners if you will. Don’t miss-understand me though. I give you every last piece of information you might need in the manual to do it all yourself. But for some people… the ones who perhaps would rather do NONE of the work… it may be in their interest.

So how many copies of the manual will be available?

I really can’t say. It depends how many people want to work with me. All I can say is that numbers will be limited. I’ll run this offer for just long enough and that will be it. When I consider enough people are onboard and successfully operating (I’ll help you through, every step of the way), then I’ll close the doors. So there’s only a small window of opportunity for you to join with me.

Let me re-cap:

Anyone can do this.

$30,000 profit in 2 days is achievable. I’ve proved it.

You could make $1,000,000 in a year.

And that’s from ‘working’ an hour a day.

You know the system works, because you see it happening everywhere, in different ways.

I’ve just honed it to the simplest of commodities with the biggest of margins.

The market is growing; there’s room for everyone.

You do not need much money. In fact I can show you how to sell before you buy, so you
can operate without any money.

You can do this from home.

There are zero overheads. And practically zero risk if you follow my steps.


Oh, and it is totally ethical and legal (in fact it’s something you’ll be proud to handle).

Like I say, this opportunity will only last for a short time. But you can be first to take advantage. In the manual I’ll reveal absolutely everything you need to know:

Which specific products to focus on for maximum profit (some of these will shock you!)

Where to buy at the cheapest prices…names, addresses, website, email addresses, everything you’ll need.

Where to offer your products and have a hungry crowd practically beating down your door.

What to say to your potential customers to have them begging to buy from you. (And then coming back for more.)

How to start small and build to a major fortune making operation.

How to get started if you have no money at all!


And a great deal more. You could be making up to $30,000 in two days, starting immediately.  If you’re looking for a way to make life-changing amounts of cash without financial risk or commitment, then my system can help you do it...And at a price, which I think, is going to surprise you.

'The Narconomics System – How To Make $15,000 a Day The Legal Way’. Is available now for the online discounted price of just $77.00 (Normally $129)



Remember, it reveals insider information you can use to make tens (maybe hundreds) of thousands of dollars  - and starting right away. Anyone following the simple instructions in the manual could make a great deal more than that from their first risk-free transaction. It's never been taught before and it's not available anywhere else.

You see you've already invested your hard-earned money on many different products or services. So I want to reward you for that by slashing the price by close to half for you leaving just $77 to pay!

But this is very important...

Please understand that this offer is open to you and you alone. It isn't open to people who haven't bought from our companies before.  It's not open to your friends or anyone else you know. We’ll be checking all orders against our customer file and if you're not on the list, you don't get the deal!

Sorry if that seems harsh, but I want our loyal customers to profit from it first. Everyone else can wait - and then pay the higher price!

And here's another reason why this offer is for you and you alone...

Money-back Guarantee:

You can order your copy of  'The Narconomics System – How To Make $15,000 a Day The Legal Way’ on approval.  If you decide for any reason whatsoever that the system isn't right for you, or doesn't live up to your expectations, you can return it, no questions asked, at any time within 30 days for a full refund (Less Shipping and Handling). With this 30-day pay-nothing-promise, there’s not a single reason why you shouldn’t try this out for yourself.


To receive your copy of the system... on approval … click here.

Within the next few days you could be putting this hard-hitting, cutting-edge information to very good, profitable use.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon, and sending your personal copy of the system manual direct from myself, the author and originator. I know you'll be absolutely delighted.


Very Best Wishes,


Martin Fanshaw


PS: Remember as an online-only Special Offer you qualify for a $52 discount on the regular retail price, leaving just $77 to pay...

PPS: Just so we’re clear, The ‘Narconomics System’ has nothing to do with drugs or anything illegal. It simply uses the same economic and market forces as drug traffickers to make perfectly legal and respectable profits.

What they’re saying about ‘Narconomics’:


You can’t go wrong with this manual – it opens up a little known corner and helps you to source low priced items and then sell them on for a premium elsewhere. Recommended.” What Biz Opp


“It is quite conceivable that the Narconomics System and the specific niche it recommends could to take off in a big way.... if you are quick and choose wisely, then this is a solid strategy for making money.” Charlie Wright’s Biz Opp Jungle

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