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8 Responses

  1. Emmanuel S Ladon

    I so much cherish such challenges and it would be of great pleasure to be a graduate of the league of power.

  2. April Teem-Hatt

    Thank you for all this information and your time as I know they valuable.

  3. Bryan

    yes I agree with some of the things you are saying, and I would like to know/learn more

  4. maurizio stronati

    I agree…you furnish the hard facts on the reverse side of the coin, which others haven’t achieved or refused to do so, to date!

  5. Alan Anderson

    Wow, what a speech, it makes you want to follow you all the way, what I intend to do now.

  6. John

    To: The League of Power

    I have enjoyed the article as I have the others you have sent me. I will be getting in touch in the next few days after my new account opens. I am a self-realized entity that has read and studied about what’s really going on but not about the financial market. I’m really interested. New email address. I do not use my wife’s email address anymore. Thank you

  7. Tabitha Person

    This is very powerful information. I am interested in learning more. Thank you.

  8. Richard

    I’m 63 years young. I took early retirement (applied for my SS benefits now, because I don’t think it’ll be available when I’m 65). Yes, I’m one of those people that doesn’t trust my govt. I still have to go out and work. One thing we definitely agree on is the government is totally about power and money and it’s self-preservation. Yes, the systems in place in our society world-wide is the way it is because we are like sheep, and we are too lazy, and we do want to be taken care of by somebody else. I’m one of those people that wants to know the truth, whatever and wherever that may lead. Because, as you’ve said, knowledge is power but you must also must put that knowledge into practice for it to be of any use to you. The hardest thing for people is to throw off the shackles of our pre-conceived ideas of how to live life. If self-preservation and acquiring wealth to set me free from those shackles is a bad thing, then, we’ll always be in the same poke all of our lives.

    I loved your article! A lot of truth said and I very much enjoy the way you come across. Just simple, strait-forward truth. You tell it like it is. Not much of that going on nowadays.

    I just will be starting my new job today, and as soon as I get paid, I’ll be joining League of Power. I’m ready for the truth and changing the life given me by those wishing to keep me down forever!

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