There are 300 hundred million reasons why this page contains…


“Instead You’ll Discover The Keys To A Lock-Box That Contains A Legitimate $300 Million Secret This Corporate Drone Turned Into A $1,319,759.00 Per Year Online Income.”


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Sit back and watch... or take action? 

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You're staring at a document that will change your life.

That's a bold statement, I know; One, most can't claim. But... the simple fact is you read it... you act on what you read... then let it all happen.

It's that simple.

Because... today I reveal to you the secret I “borrowed” from my employer... a $300 million online bohemoth.

The same secret that all but forced me to create an online income almost overnight.

An income I quickly grew to $1 million per year.

Until now this “top secret” wealth-creating formula has been hidden from public view… away from good people like you… at a time when the world needs it most.

And to me, that’s a travesty.

Stay with me for the next 7 minutes as I show you how to get your hands on the same “secret code” I use to make life-changing money like this:

No empty promises or questionable claims.
These numbers are real, on file and 100% verifiable.

Here's the down and dirty truth...

In business, unless you seize opportunities as they're presented, you will miss out…

So when the golden key to a 7-figure online income
fell into my lap... I wasn't going to let it pass me by...

Before I tell you how I came across this life-changing method for scooping up money from all over the Internet, I want you to know…

This is NOTHING LIKE the get-rich-in-your-sleep claptrap you’re used to seeing. 

No slimy hucksters with even slimier marketing tricks created to separate you from your money. These conmen are here today, gone tomorrow... then sadly, they're back again next week, waiting to prey on you with the next scam.

But when you discover the system I use to build a 7-figure (and growing) Internet  business, you'll see how simple, quick and easy making real online money can be...
...You'll wonder why you ever bothered
with The False Promise Peddlers in the first place


This “hidden fortune” is lying in plain sight but I guarantee you've NEVER seen it mentioned anywhere else on the Internet.

Not in any books, courses or videos. Not in any seminars, webinars or forums.

Why is that?

Because powerful people… wealthy marketing entities… are desperate to keep this to themselves.

It’s THAT profitable.

“I want you to picture something for me…”

Imagine it’s morning. Any morning… just a few weeks from today…

The strong aroma of freshly brewed java gently rouses you from a comfortable night’s sleep. You throw on a soft, plush bathrobe and head down for a nice big mug of the stuff.

On the way you fire up your laptop and spend three minutes “working.”

Three quick minutes.

Then you close the lid and cross to the kitchen for breakfast with your family.

A half hour later you’re back in front of the laptop with a massive smile on your face.

Those three minutes just stuffed $252 into your account. $252 that will grow and grow as the day goes on.

How? Because you put into action the hidden secret I’m about to reveal.

A Secret I Only Stumbled Upon Because
I Was Lucky Enough To Work For One Of
The Biggest Online “Profit-Pullers” In Existence...

They're a company that rakes in 1/3 of a BILLION DOLLARS every year on the Internet...

A $300 million business that makes its money using the same secrets you've decided to receive today.

As an employee, I knew basically what they did to earn their money. But there was one piece of the puzzle always missing.

The real keys to the kingdom were hidden… literally locked in a vault… away from the rank and file, like me.

Only 3 people in the entire corporation had ever seen it.

Until one day, I accidentally got my hands on it.

The Promotion Interview… The Private Vault…
And The Moment I Literally Held The Secret File In My Hands…

I never imagined the almost mythic classified file would one day end up smack-dab in front of me.

I was fumbling my way through an interview for a promotion within the company. My boss, as usual, was chest-beating about the proud history of the corp.

Pushing aside a few hardcovers on a book shelf, he reveals a small safe.

“In here is where we keep the secret to our success.”

He Turns The Dial, “Click… Click… Click…”
Yanks The Door Open And Pulls Out A Manila Envelope…

Then with all the fat-cat stuffiness he could muster he declares… “If our competitors ever got their hands on this envelope, we’d—”

Suddenly the door bursts open!

What Was In That Brown Envelope?
A Good Question.

And One I’ll Answer In Just A Moment…

But first let me ask you this…

Are you stuck in a job you can't stand?

Working for someone you hate?

Or worse… do you have no job at all? No real income to speak of?

The fact of the matter is… it doesn’t have to be this way.

You don’t have to hand your life over to 9 to 9 slavery. You don’t have to pin your future on a bloated company that will lay you off at the first sign of a changing economy.

We willingly subject ourselves to “the grind” because we think it’s the only real way for the regular guy or girl to get anything in this world… even if it’s not much.

The simple truth is…

We have a choice. You have a choice. It’s just that nobody ever teaches you that at school!

Take a moment to think about that.

It’s the exact opposite of everything society tells us our whole lives.

You grow up believing there’s a set path laid out for you. You bust your ass to hopefully... someday... if you're lucky...  “qualify” for a job you'll probablly end up despising.

Doesn't that sound crazy?

Why spend your life making money for someone else… following their rules… doing what they tell you to do?

You don’t have to settle for breadcrumbs anymore. You deserve to eat the whole meal.

It’s 2011, and for the first time…

“The amount of money you put in your pocket
is completely up to you.”

Today you're seeing exactly how to take charge of your income and your future.

You are beginning to see why the Internet has leveled the playing field for guys like you and me. You already understand why NOW is the time to generate cash… to build wealth… to create a long-term business online.

I’ve put together something very special here.

It’s a system that grabs you by the hand and pulls you out of that employment hell-hole.

You don’t have to just settle anymore.

When you sign up today, you discover…

 How to escape that job by building your own income streams online. And you’ll do it even if you have no tech skills, no prior experience and limited assets to begin with…
Why there’s still a wealth of opportunity online if you get started right now. (Nobody else is teaching this system that gives YOU a massive head start.)
How to literally pull money out of thin air. When you activate this system, it really becomes as easy as clicking a button with your mouse once a day…

Discover all that and much more.

But first… back to my story.

“Boss, you’re needed urgently.” It was some pen-pusher from personnel.

Bossman drops the envelope on his desk and makes a move toward the door.

“I’ll be back in a five, Patrick,” he utters, then disappears around the corner.

My Eyes Instantly Fix Tightly On The Envelope...

Tell me honestly, what would you have done?

Would you have waited for your boss to return? Sitting there staring at the envelope wondering what was inside?

That would be the decent “Sunday School Approved” thing to do, right?

Well… that’s not what I did.

I peered into the envelope and for the first time actually saw “it.”

The formula this massive company uses to generate untold millions every single week.
I knew I had to take notes... and I had to take them fast.

I looked around frantically. Damn! No paper.

How could there be no freakin’ paper in this office?

I reach into my pocket and pull out a one dollar bill.

It was all I had to write on.

So I snatch a pen from Bossman's desk and hastily scribble as much as I can as I hear his penny loafers scuffing up the hard wood floor in the hall.

I frantically squeeze my barely legible scrawling into every little corner of that 2 ½ by 6 inch greenback.

His footsteps now get louder and louder as he makes his way back to me. 

My heart races as he turns the corner. I quickly lose the pen, jam the bill into my pocket and drop back into my seat as if I were sitting there all along.

For our purposes today, that’s where the story ends. A tense few minutes creating…

“The $300 Million… ONE DOLLAR BILL 

That dollar bill had instantly surged in value. 

Think I’m making this up? I’ll even show you a picture of the bill in just a moment.

I rushed home from work that day. The promotion interview went fine but, frankly, I didn’t care.

I couldn’t wait to fire up my laptop and do a little research about what was written on that bill. 

Once I did, it all became clear. The cogs finally connected... finally turned in unison... and that motion began to look like money to me.

So THIS Is How They Do It! 

I mean, I already knew HOW my company was making money.

It’s a very simple process.

But what stops the “little guy” from doing it too is you need HUGE CASH to work it on any kind of scale.

Until now that is.

Because the secrets I uncovered suddenly gave ME the ability, the leverage and the sheer power to compete with the big boys.

Let’s not forget, at the time…

I had no web business of my own…
I’d never built a website before…
I had no idea about generating traffic…

“…my only ‘skill’ was the ability to
type (a little) and some basic web surfing... ”

And surprisingly, as it turns out, that’s pretty much ALL you need to help build your own six… maybe even seven-figure online business.

If you’ve ever read any Tony Robbins books you know that success comes from modeling other successful people.

So that’s what I did.

I modeled (and yeah you could say I just plain copied) the company’s system.

I used the intel I gained from that secret document and put it to work for me.

Fast forward 2 years...

“My Online Business Pulls In Up to $167,309.63
Per Month Almost On Total Autopilot…”

I say “almost” because contrary to what all the hucksters claim; there is no business that totally runs itself.

But the closest thing to that is this business!

I’ve put together a video course detailing every step of the system for you.

You're virtually over my shoulder as I show you exactly how I built my business from scratch.

And here's the best part...

This in-tact... unedited... formula for seven figure online success is so easy, you can cut and paste what I do and be up and running almost instantly!

It’s that simple.

“...ONE OF the most powerful forms of making money on the internet...”

“...Patrick Coffey is one of the best. He's used these skills to produce millions in online sales. 

I've also personally used his advice in my own online business.  SO, If you're looking to learn... 

...I'd STRONGLY suggest you learn from him right now”

Rich S. Boca Raton, FL 

Times are tough. People are hurting… out of work… struggling to feed their families.

I get it… I really do.

And it’s not getting any better. At least, not in the “outside” world.

Remember when I told you how working for a boss you hate is something we all want to escape from?

Well… there’s one good thing about having someone watch over you.

It's the idea that you're not alone... you're not left dangling in the wind. And that's where I've got you covered.

Because when you sign up now, I hold your hand as you take your first steps as an online entrepreneur. It's like I'm your training wheels. And they don't come off 'till you can balance on your own.

I’m there to show you, to teach you, to guide you so you can start testing this system right now, and be on your own, earning in no time.


The Hidden Secret
To Internet Wealth  

I’ve detailed every single step I took to create a 7-figure online income.

Sure, I stood on the shoulders of giants to do it… and I had to be a little sneaky to get the REAL juice…

But the important part is that I’ve done all the hard work for you.

You could literally spend years of trial and error and still never find this Golden Key to simple, quick and easy Internet success.

My father used to say there was no satisfaction for people who don’t work hard. And I used to believe that.

Until now.

Maybe it’s a sign of the times… maybe it’s all about the instant gratification generation… but I say skip all the hard work.

Instead, use this quick-step video formula right away… I mean as soon as possible.

In this 7-step video series you’ll discover…

How to harness the most powerful form of advertising ANYWHERE and build a six-figure business in your spare bedroom.
 How to utilize the “mass leverage formula” to see nearly instant cash deposits in your bank account with ZERO expense…
 Why you don't need Google... your own product... or ANY connections to get up and earning today…
 A “back door” to tap into other peoples' businesses and siphon off their profits into your pockets…
How to build a goldmine audience of 100,000 people in no time. (And how you could pull in just $1 out of each of them… every single month!)


This is only one section covered in just one of the videos, but when you apply the secrets it contains it’s like panning for gold in a river overflowing with it.

I’m Giving You A Formula For REAL Success…
A Step By Step Roadmap That Could Stuff
Thick Wads Of Cash Into Your Pocket…

True financial freedom comes when you can…

Locate “little buckets of gold.”Pssst! This is the “classified” information contained in the secret file.
Communicate with your prospects the right way… and do it often enough so they’re willingly fill your bank account with money!
Discover a “crowd control system” so powerful, it’s like planting an evergreen money tree that delivers you bushels of greenbacks daily.
Build wallet-stuffing relationships with your customers that virtually trains them to buy from you.

And We’re STILL Just Getting Warmed Up!
Find Out How Set Your Cash-Flow On Near-Autopilot…


I’m not kidding when I say it’s really as simple, quick and easy as filling in the blanks!

And that’s the most satisfying part of The Hidden Secret To Internet Wealth... 

“It’s like having your own teller machine.
A broken ATM that spits out money day and night!”

Uncover the secret to using scientific testing to squeeze the most money out of your customers. (The four major things you MUST test to get the biggest bang for your buck.)
Understand which customers make you the most profit and why you MUST go back to the same handful of sources time and time again INSTEAD of diversifying…
Unravel marketing mysteries most pros don’t even know. Advanced knowledge like why sometimes putting a “barrier” between your leads and your message can actually INCREASE sales…
I even give you FREE ROI tools to calculate exactly how to track where your best and worst money pockets are hiding. Business is stupid-simple with your “counting the money” resource pack.
Unearth how to “dig deep” to find the long-term dollars. When you know which signs to look for you’re able to spot profitable pockets of prospects hidden all over the Internet!

I’ve laid bare every aspect of my business to help you get up and running right away.

But I'm also including my secret list of web-based profit generators. These are 30 secret websites that shoot your bottom line into the stratosphere.

This gives you a winning edge… a truly unfair advantage over everyone else.

Why You Need To Get Started Today…

This is the simplest, quickest and easiest way to begin making money on the Internet. 

No doubt about that.

Better still… The Hidden Secret To Internet Wealth is the only truly self-reliant form of making money online, I’ve ever seen.

With the Hidden Secret To Internet Wealth you don’t have to rely on anything or anyone else for your fortune.

You just quietly go about your business stockpiling cash with no need to worry about the latest trends, fads or hype.

Act now and the opportunity is WIDE OPEN...

But other entrepreneurs, small businesses and giant corporations are catching on.

Slowly but surely the barrier to entry is rising higher and higher.

So I urge you to stake your claim TODAY.

Grab this opportunity now and you too could see real cash results in your bank account as soon as one hour after receiving it.

Okay, Patrick… I Want “The Hidden Secret”
But… How Much Does It Cost?

A lot less than you’d think for something with this much cash-pocketing power.

Ask yourself this...

How much is the secret playbook of a $300 million company worth to you?

The secret to their success… a private recipe for wealth locked away in their vault…

… and now YOU can get your hands on it.

What would you pay for that?

A few thousand dollars at least, right?

I mean, if you bought a franchise to an already successful business, it could cost tens —even hundreds— of thousands of dollars.

Today you’re signing up to receive the same strategy… and the same set of tools that bring me $28,273 … $21,555 and even $31,224 in a single day.  



Try making that kind of pure profit in one day
owning a Subway or Dominos franchise!

But you’re NOT going to have to pay thousands for it.

Seize this opportunity now and – for a very limited time – you get the whole DVD set of quality training videos, complete with the “secret formula” in a separate envelope…

For only $297.

The $300 Million secret for a tiny fraction of a penny on the dollar. 

Why so cheap?

Because I want to spread the word as far and wide as I can.

The world is in crisis. People are struggling. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Internet has given us all ENORMOUS leverage.

Use that leverage. 

“WAIT! Last minute price cut …”

I feel strongly about this…

The future of entrepreneurship may just depend on getting this information out to those who need it most… as quickly as possible...

So I decided to slash the cost so low everyone could afford it.

Not $150… not even $100!

If you act now… and only from this page, you get the entire course for just $97.

But be warned, this is a strictly limited time offer.

Order right now to make sure you get in at this introductory price…

Regular Price $297 Today $97

Only $97. That’s the price of a night out for you and a date. But in this case, you actually get something other than memories in return.

Instead, it’s a solid investment in your future. One that will grow and expand as you follow the simple steps I lay out for you.

“If you’re still unsure whether a 6 or 7-figure home business is for you, I’m making it a total risk free no brainer…”


How Much Does Your Future Matter To You?

Listen. I’ll be open with you. Whether you seize this opportunity or not makes no difference to me financially.

Me losing out on your $97 is not gonna hurt me one bit.

But what eats at me… literally gnaws at me… is thinking about how much it would hurt you.

Every day that you’re not using this system… you’re losing money doing whatever thing you’re doing now…

The same BS that compelled you to read this entire page today.

Yeah… if you click away now you’re STILL stuck in a job you can’t stand… working for someone you hate.

So the choice is yours alone. 

You’re At a Crossroad, My Friend…

Two vastly different paths are laid out in front of you...

You can either join me right now to see an almost immediate effect on your bank account.


You can let this opportunity pass you by…

And find yourself looking back months and years from now WISHING you’d acted…

…beating yourself up for not snatching up this opportunity to change your life for the better, when it was right in front of your nose.

I hope you consider this offer very seriously.

I know in my heart it could be the best move you ever make for your bank account, your life and the lives of your family.

All you have to do now is simply click the button below.

As you give us your details… you can rest assured that your DVD set is about to be rushed straight to your front door.

Sign up right now… Open that envelope… Click that button… 

Regular Price $297 Today $97

Almost forgot…

I told you I’d show you that now priceless dollar bill. Remember? The one I wrote all that stolen information on… Well, here it is…

As you can see, it’s barely legible anymore… and I did have to blur it for obvious reasons… BUT… the information scrawled on that crinkled bill gifted me a seven-figure business.

It’s almost unbelievable, I know…

But this once lowly piece of paper… a bill that on any other day of my life would have been fed into a vending machine for a packet of pretzels…

Actually let me escape my job!

And to this very day it gives my family the life I always wanted to provide them.

“I was totally able to change my life after learning Patrick’s formula.”

“Today I make well over $250k a year. I’ve also recently moved my family into a beautiful 3,750 square foot home in a lake front community. 

Who knew making this much money could be as simple...”

Mark B. Windermere, FL.

Now YOU can do the same.

(Don’t worry, I won’t be giving you that nasty old one dollar bill to read. I’ve neatly typed up every inch of information on that dollar into a bonus document included the course!)

Just one last thing… a request actually.

When you start making money with this system, please drop me an email and let me know your results.

Nothing would make me happier than to hear about your success.

To your new wealth-filled life,

Patrick Coffey


P.S. Yes… you really can get your hands on the exact same secret formula a $300 million company relies on to build wealth online. I swiped it… and used it to build my own fortune.

Now it’s your turn.


Regular Price $297 Today $97

P.P.S. Don’t forget! Your action today is backed every step by my unbeatable… unbreakable… unstoppable 30 day money back guarantee! 

I’m taking all the risk so you don’t have to!

Regular Price $297 Today $97


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