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1.2 Million Anchor Babies Later, Trump Springs into Action!

admin January 21, 2020 News Comments Off on 1.2 Million Anchor Babies Later, Trump Springs into Action!

One of the many exciting campaign promises that Donald Trump ran on in 2016 was that he was finally going to end the anchor baby scam. A mistake that I made in 2016 was that I actually believed Donald Trump, Jr.’s zeal when he said that “People will be amazed at the speed at which a Trump administration will get things done.” That’s one way of putting it!

Entering the fourth year of Mr. Trump’s presidency, we have somewhere between 2.5 and 100 miles of new wall built, depending on who you ask; Obama’s illegal alien DACA recipients are finally being moved into deportation proceedings; and at long last, FINALLY, President Trump is going to… well… he’s going to dip his toe in the water just a little bit on this whole anchor baby situation.

The Trump administration is exploring the possibility of ending the “birth tourism” industry via an executive order. This is one of the smaller categories within the broader anchor baby scam. Birth tourism, primarily involving Chinese nationals, happens when Chinese ladies who are eight-and-a-half months pregnant take an all-expenses-paid vacation to America, just in time to give birth.

Thanks to anchor babyism, sometimes falsely referred to as “birthright citizenship,” when the Chinese lady has her baby it is still considered an “American.”

Only two modernized countries in the world defer the gift of citizenship on the babies of people who “just happened to be here at the time.” The other country that hands out the cherished prize of citizenship in such a haphazard fashion thought that it would be a good idea to put Justin Trudeau in charge of the place. And America is the only country that defers citizenship on the babies of people who illegally snuck into the country.

After the Chinese national gives birth to her baby, she immediately takes her little “American” bundle of joy and flies back to China. The baby grows up and is fully indoctrinated in Chinese nationalism, Chinese race supremacy and communism in the school system. (It’s just like American public schools, but with Chinese teachers being allowed to discipline unruly students!)

When the baby comes of age, he or she enters China’s compulsory military service. After being rigorously trained to kill and serving at least one tour in the military, the Chinese government then gives the trained killer the option to move back to their “home country” of America which they now have dual citizenship with.

This has been going on for the past 30 years, as part of China’s long-term strategy to crush the United States militarily. They are cranking out fully-trained military operatives and shuffling them back into America, and because they are “citizens,” they have full rights under the Second Amendment to purchase as many AK-47s as the want to in the US, so long as they don’t live in California or some other states.

Don’t worry, though! They won’t be activated until an actual shooting war breaks out with China. Until then, they’re just your average “all-American” boys and girls who just so happen to be ripped like Bruce Lee and like to quietly keep to themselves.

Birth tourism (primarily from China) accounts for an estimated 39,000 anchor babies every year in the US. Foreign exchange college students account for another 30,000 by conspicuously getting pregnant instead of studying. Meanwhile, illegal aliens remain the largest category, accounting for an estimated 300,000 anchor babies annually. Like all government estimates, that number sounds suspiciously low to me.

California alone has lost more than 10% of its independent hospitals in bankruptcy filings, solely due to the anchor baby scam. Illegal alien births take place in an expensive emergency room situation. Then, the parents of the new “American” sign up for food stamps, housing vouchers, taxpayer funded health insurance and any other benefits they can, before leaving the hospital and skipping out on the delivery bill.

As I’ve written previously, the anchor baby policy has nothing to do with the 14th Amendment, which was passed to prevent Democrats from deporting the children of freed slaves – which they very much wanted to do. The policy stems from a footnote in a 1982 Supreme Court case. No Congress has ever passed an anchor baby bill and no president has ever signed it into law.

It is a monumentally stupid interpretation on a policy decision. Thanks to that policy decision, drug lord “El Chapo” Guzman has two “American” children in the US, who were born to his California wife who was an anchor baby herself. We even have a couple of anchor babies in Congress. (Three guesses as to which party they belong to!)

I’m thrilled that President Trump is finally taking steps to address the birth tourism scam. But could we pick up the pace on that entire anchor baby executive order, Mr. President?

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