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Where We Stand

I’ve been asked to clarify a few things and this will serve as a good 2008 review/2009 best-guess estimate. Remember: these are only best-guesses. Nobody could predict Madoff with any certainty so there are always wildcards out there. These events I believe are relatively certain to occur, the tricky part is putting timelines to them. […]

Stones and Glass Houses

What You Want to Hear For years, the government, Wall St. and the media all told you what you wanted to hear: that stocks, real estate and prosperity would continue up forever. For some- the informed few- they were right. But for most, their comforting words have been proven to be fatally wrong. Being part […]

The Secret Formula

You make decisions that will affect your life, sometimes in a profound way, based on the information you receive and perhaps even more so, based on what ‘feels right’. If you make the right choices, you get rich. Make the wrong choices, you get poor. Make no choice at all, get even poorer. When you […]

This Too Shall Pass

Back in the day, I was a professional pilot. Before GPS, we would navigate from one radio beacon to the next. A little needle would point us in the right direction to get to a beacon. Once we flew over that beacon, the needle would point back at it and we could navigate this way […]

The ‘Experts’

Some time back I imagine, a certain ‘financial expert’ said these words to you: “Invest for the long term in a diversified portfolio with the most beneficial tax breaks.” Sound familiar? Hmmm. How good do you think that advice was after you take an honest look at your portfolio today? If you don’t mind, I’d […]

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