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A Blessing in Disguise

I’m tired of being the messenger of bad news, so this week I’m going to talk about something different… something positive! Hey, it wasn’t me who burned the economy by allowing banks to leverage their assets by 30:1, I’m just the spectator trying to make my way through the aftermath. Politicians and economists are clowns […]

Free Money from the Government

This week (while we watch and wait for the markets to tread water) I’d like to address a scenario or two facing a lot of our readers. Here’s the first: You’re close to or at retirement age. You own your home and rely on a fixed income which has just been whacked by the stock […]

What About Income?

“Okay, it’s all very well talking about making a profit here and there, but what about income?” True, income is a separate deal and it’s certainly hard to come by currently when you think that government bonds (considered the safest place) are paying such a pittance. BUT, AAA rated Corporate Bonds could well be the […]

How to Defy Gravity

Welcome to 2009 and all the adventures it holds. And trust me, there will be many adventures (read: a wild ride in markets). Sitting on a losing trade or stock? Just wait 5 minutes. Especially if it’s a currency trade. The trick is: once you are (back) in profit, take the money and run. My […]

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