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For Financial Advice Listen To The Market

The hardest thing about writing this newsletter is that I KNOW you want to hear good news. I KNOW that if I don’t deliver that (or at least put a shiny spin on anything bad) I may lose subscribers which is a bad thing. This conflicts with telling it how I see it. So please […]

Finding the Bull

Well, the big day came and went. The Obama team announced the stimulus package… and the stock market fell through the floor when it was supposed to do just the opposite. What went wrong? It’s a new administration and they are learning the hard way about how the game is played. Rookie Treasury Secretary Geithner […]

A Zero-Sum Game

Money is a zero-sum game. Any time someone receives money, someone else has parted with it- this is the basic law of economics. A simple example is you buying something from a store; a profit was made at your expense. If your house drastically went up in value between 2001 and 2006 (who’s house didn’t?!), […]


My thanks for all the kind feedback about last week’s piece, A Blessing in Disguise. It’s good to know that our readers appreciate a broad spectrum of analysis that includes the philosophical variety. It’s also good to know that our subscribers are hoping for the best. This week, I’d like to pick up on that […]

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