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The Bigger Picture

Welcome back. It’s Spring Break, so this week I want to take a step back from the markets and talk about YOU. I want you to see the bigger picture, question everything you’ve been told and develop a coherent philosophy. Why? Because these are the ingredients to becoming wealthy, powerful and free. A few quotes […]

Half Empty Becomes Half Full

Hello again. How are you holding up? I welcome all your comments and feedback and trust my words each week are helpful in such a tumultuous time. To be honest, it can get very lonely in my seat. Not only do I speak through cyberspace with no indication of who is listening, but I’m also […]

Lots to talk about this week and it ALL concerns YOU…

Wait. How can something that happens in China or Switzerland affect you? What does that have to do with your job, mortgage etc. A LOT. I’ve talked about this in past issues. If China suddenly decides all the US debt it holds is no longer a good idea, your mortgage interest rates will go through […]

God Bless China

The irony is so rich you could cut it… And simultaneously, we have a massive inflection point in the world. It used to be that the countries of the world looked to America- the champion of free enterprise- to lead the world out of recession. Now they look to a Communist led country: China. This […]

Robbing the Rich. Really?

I guess Mr. Obama is a League of Power reader. In his own words this week he said, “The day of reckoning has arrived.” Last week, I explained how, from a technical point of view, by the stock market dropping below it’s November low, this was an ominous omen, not just for the stock market, […]

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