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At the election, the American people voted for change. They were evidently sick of all the lies and Washington BS. It emerged that a crisis had come about as a result of excess/loose credit and they wanted that to stop too. Do you think they got it? Do you believe we have seen the end […]

Dow Up, Gold Down

So my latest theme of ‘Dow up, Gold down’ is playing out as expected. Though a little correction is due in the stock market, the imminent path seems to point upwards, slowly but surely. Be warned though, at ANY TIME this thing could explode up or down. It’s a professionals market, not a ‘buy and […]

The Eye of the Storm

Fred Hickey: “This is a tough market to navigate. On the one hand the world economy is a mess and completely imbalanced. Half of the world is too dependent on exports (mostly Asia) and the other half (US and parts of Europe) is in a dream world believing that they can consume more than they […]

Your Government Is Betraying You

I spoke at a seminar recently. It’s always fascinating to meet the people who go to these events, but this was the first time I’d been to one after the crash of last October. Needless to say, the mood wasn’t a happy one… The speakers at this event were some of the best investment minds […]

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