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Sell in May and Go Away

So goes the saying that relates to the tougher 6 months of the year for the stock market. Long time readers know I believe this recent rally is a bear in bull’s clothes, but I am surprised at how soon it appears to be fading; I had expected it to push up past 10,000 before […]

Confiscating the Wealth of America

This week there’s been a lot of government rhetoric about the evils of tax havens and banking secrecy. The government themselves (through the CIA) uses such places. Furthermore, the government themselves employ banking secrecy on a huge scale currently. The Fed chairman actually told the Bank of America chairman to keep his mouth shut about […]

Welcome to Amerika

Long time readers will know I’m an advocate for letting the market itself tell us what it’s going to do next, especially in confusing times like this. Last week I explained how if the Dow closed above 8131 this week it would be a bullish signal within a longer term bear market. The market spoke […]

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