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Last Bear Standing

Let’s see how my crystal ball is doing, not to pat myself on the back as much as remind myself of some important mental notes; it’s important to stick to your guns as long as the facts continue to support them. This from December 18th issue last year: “I think it will be a very […]

Exclusivity Can Go a Long Way

Is there a way to run a successful, moneymaking business without having to come up with a brand new idea? Creating a little club for your customers can be exactly what you need to start making big-time money. People love to feel that they are “in the know” or that they are a part of a […]

De-Masking the Bull

I hope you’re enjoying Summer and spending time on what’s really important: your well-being, freedom and those who are dear to you. Okay, this week’s letter has to be short and sweet as I’m touring places beyond civilization this week and internet coverage is poor… Now, remember, I want a recovery out of this recession […]

Retirement Revisited

The dreams of millions of baby-boomers have gone up in smoke right before their eyes. Maybe you’re one of them? That’s why we plan to soon launch a new FREE service for you called ‘Retirement Repo’ dedicated to innovative ways of taking back that dream by force. You’ll still get this newsletter and this will […]

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