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Your Questions

“You’ve mentioned several times that stocks don’t represent good value here. Can you talk more about why?” Let’s look at some historical examples that we know represented a time when stocks were cheap. The two key figures for value are the P/E (price to earnings ratio) which means how expensive the stock is in relation […]

China Syndrome

Hello again. Ready for the big picture view so you can plan accordingly? What’s really going on out there…? I often like to review things I’ve said in this newsletter previously; it helps me stay on track. This from April of this year: “In past letters, I’ve explained the importance of ignoring all the opinion […]

The Big Money

“The big money, the rich-man’s money, the institutional money, must be sitting on its hands and watching from the sidelines. If the smart money was piling into this market, we’d know it from volume indications.” – ┬áRichard Russell. Good news. For months now, I’ve been explaining how the biotech industry was about to break to […]

Legal Insider Trading

If you virtually knew for certain that a certain stock would rise and you continually slapped some money down based on that knowledge, you’d make a fortune, right? Sure you would. Particularly if you always cut any losers early on and let the winners ride. If only, right? The whole world plays guessing games with […]

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