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The Art of Postponement

Have you heard about the power of compounding? Let me ask you a question to demonstrate this power: You have a choice. You can work for $1,000 a day for the next 20 days OR you can work for just $1 a day for the next 20 days but compounding by double each day. Which […]

The Art of Doing Nothing

“I just wait for people to throw money in the corner, then I go and pick it up.”-Jim Rogers. One of the hardest things to do when it comes to making money is to just sit still. We’re trained since school that if we want to get a reward, we must work. Indeed, this is […]

Going Up…

And so it happened; the Dow Transport index closed above 3774 (I spoke about this last week).  If Dow Theory is any guide- and history has proven it to be most of the time- the market is headed higher for now. All the old rules and adages seem to be going out the window this […]

Why Gold?

Welcome to another slice of the world as the masses don’t know it. Let’s dive right in as things are getting interesting… Last week I explained how September would prove decisive in one way or another and it hasn’t disappointed so far. Remember, the critical number to watch in 3774 on the Dow Jones TRANSPORT […]

Something’s Gotta Give

I caught an interesting commercial on TV today. It was the chairman of the USA Mint endorsing an American gold coin and bullion seller to the public. The message from, essentially the United States government, was BUY GOLD as protection from inflation. There are those who say that in the Great Depression, the American government […]

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