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What You Want to Hear

For years, the government, Wall St. and the media all told you what you wanted to hear: that stocks, real estate and prosperity would continue up forever. For some- the informed few- they were right. But for most, their comforting words have been proven to be fatally wrong. Being part of The League of Power […]

Playing Dress Up

It’s on old adage that it’s impolite to discuss money/politics/religion at a dinner party. That’s probably because most people don’t fully understand money/politics/religion, but that’s another story; I have a new one to add to the ‘gagging’ category: global warming… Anyone who even hints at global warming even possibly being nonsense has rotten fruit thrown […]

Poor Tiger

Well, we can all sleep soundly now we know what that Tiger Woods car crash was all about. What a weight off my mind! Poor Tiger. But, if he wanted the media to stop being mean he only needed to say that Obama was in the car with him. Seriously, have we got nothing better […]

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