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How Smart People Do Dumb Things

I’d like to tell you a story about my friend Robert. His story holds a powerful secret which I think is important to share. The secret behind the true meaning of financial freedom. Robert is a delightful person, and smarter than your average bear.  He had a 4.0 grade point average in high school.  From […]

“Is This a Scam?”


Hello again and I hope you’re ready for your weekly expose of ‘The Big Lie’ that the day-to-day banality distracts you from. This week’s newsletter comes with a disclaimer and a reminder about where my politics lie (long-time readers know this already): I am neither Republican nor Democrat. All politicians are essentially, scumbags. If you […]

My Bain (of existence) is Your GAIN

Last week I wrote about saving money on your taxes.  Which is great and all, but what about something that can help you all year long.  I want to help you with your big expenses.  Something that can help save you money in a major way. An issue that everyone-princess or not-deals with is grocery […]

Debt: A Love Story

Welcome back to one of the last bastions of sanity, logic, and truth remaining in the world… What do a scorn woman and debt have in common? Answer: they are both on a relentless quest to slowly and insidiously destroy you with a smile on their face, and they will not rest until they succeed […]

I Don’t Want To Hear About Your Princess Problems

woman showing key of new sports car

Hi everyone my name is Nancy Patterson and my friend Mark Patricks from League of Power asked me to write to you about the way I live my life. When I asked him why the bloody hell would I do that. He said for money and I hastily agreed.  After all, I like making money […]

2010 Forecast Edition

The tea leaves have never seemed muddier and I’ve never seen such diverging views on the year ahead. Nevertheless, I will give you my forecast this week. This is a toughie, and if I’m just half as right as I was for 2009 I’ll be delighted. A warning: this is simply an intelligent guess as […]

2010: A Debt Odyssey

“Your fancy clothes, your fancy car, and then you see, you’ve gone here before, ‘cos everyone knows just who you are… unhappy with the riches ‘cos you’re piss-poor morally…” ‘Live your life’ by T.I. featuring Rihanna. The above lyric was taken from a rap song getting a lot of airtime recently. Why did I pick […]

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