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Monthly Archives: May 2020

The Professional Shopper: Myth or Reality?

I’ll spare you the suspense upfront: becoming a professional shopper is a 100% legitimate business. That’s right, there are people who do not like shopping and are actually willing to pay someone to do it for them! From groceries to [...]

May 31, 2013 Weekend Business Blueprint

The Broke Guest’s Guide to Surviving Wedding Season

Here comes the bride…and the bills. Planning a wedding can be extremely expensive, not only for the bride and groom but for their guests as well! Guests often end up spending a lot of money attending a couple’s big day. [...]

May 29, 2013 Easy Street

Products That Sell

Starting your own business comes with a unique set of challenges. When I started my first internet based business I had the challenge of creating products. I had the motivation, resources, capital, and inspiration to start my own business, but [...]

May 27, 2013 Freedom by Friday

The Effective Newsletter: Your Gateway to Success

When a marketer or entrepreneur like you is trying to get a business started, the key to success is to get the attention of and build relationships with prospects and potential customers. Sure, it’s obvious. But I wanted to mention [...]

May 24, 2013 Weekend Business Blueprint

9 Tips for Vacationing Well

My, oh my, this year is flying by. I swear it was just Valentine’s Day a few weeks ago. Suddenly it’s nearly the end of May and kids are finishing up with school for the year. And you know what [...]

May 22, 2013 Easy Street

Outsourcing-How to do it the Right Way

Outsourcing was once something only the big boys did. Corporations like Microsoft, Apple, and Bank of America have all outsourced some part of their business. In today’s world through advances in technology and the globalization of our work force outsourcing [...]

May 20, 2013 Freedom by Friday

Helping Educate the Next Generation… and Make Money at the Same Time

For students these days, the pressure is on. From elementary school kids to college kids to adult learners at trade schools, all are feeling the push to succeed in their respective learning institutions. You have to get good grades to [...]

May 17, 2013 Weekend Business Blueprint

7 Tips For New Grad’s

7 a.m. and me do not get along. We are not friends and never will be. But because I love my family so much I happily greeted the world at that hour two weekends ago. It helped that I was [...]

May 15, 2013 News

Finding ‘The One’

An old boss once told me “Hire Slow, Fire Fast”. It was her mantra on how to hire the best person for the job. That phrase has stuck with me throughout the years. It’s taken me through my days working [...]

May 13, 2013 Freedom by Friday

Sports Fans, Problem Solvers, Clever Students… This Jobs for You

What do you do when you have a “burning” question? Say you’re at lunch with a friend, and he maintains that the Al Pacino movie, “Scent of a Woman,” was released in 1996. You say no way, it was 1992. [...]

May 10, 2013 Weekend Business Blueprint