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Economist Thomas Sowell Destroys Liberal Race Myths

Who else is sick of liberals dominating all of the narratives in this country? They are a loud bunch, and they are just stubborn enough to shout their way past logic and common sense. It’s beyond frustrating. Thankfully, there are [...]

May 31, 2019 Uncategorized

Please Review This for Money

Reviewing Websites… and Getting Paid for It On the Internet, everybody has an opinion. And people aren’t afraid to share it in reviews of products, blogs, movies, and even websites. It’s not always a positive opinion; in fact, thanks to [...]

May 31, 2019 Weekend Business Blueprint

Guess What the Privately Funded “We Build the Wall” Group Just Did

Ciudad Juarez, directly across the border from El Paso, Texas is one of the most violent cities in the world. There are other cities in Mexico where the murder rate is higher, such as Acapulco, Tijuana and Los Cabos, but [...]

May 30, 2019 Uncategorized

How to Get Tax Free Income

10+ Sources of Tax Free Income There isn’t much the U.S. government doesn’t tax. They want their cut of every bit of income you make. Your salary, wages, commissions, tips, interest on savings, dividends are all considered taxable income. Even [...]

May 29, 2019 Easy Street

Democrats Work Nancy Pelosi and Their Other Democrat Old Ladies to Death Rather than Relinquish Power

No one in Washington, DC wants to acknowledge the massive elephant in the room right now. Lou Dobbs referred to the elephant on his show last week, and President Trump retweeted the elephant in his usual joking fashion. But everyone [...]

May 28, 2019 News

Is This What You Wanted?

Is This What You Wanted? Hello again, and I hope you’re sitting down… As promised, I’m going to explain what I’m simply referring to as The Great Inflation, because it’s going to affect you, and it’s going to happen faster [...]

May 27, 2019 Freedom by Friday

Becoming an Online Juror

Serve on an Online Jury – and Get Paid! If you’re like me, you’ve had to serve on a jury before: that colored envelope showed up in your mail box and told you that your services as a juror were [...]

May 24, 2019 Weekend Business Blueprint

Prediction: Candidate 47 Will Win the Democrat 2020 Nomination

Admit it: You were delighted when even the liberal mainstream media started assigning numbers to the Democrats running for the 2020 nomination. They have so many cookie cutter candidates at this point that it’s just easier to give them all [...]

May 23, 2019 News

Trump vs Biden: Who’s the Real War Monger?

President Trump uses ferocious rhetoric. We all know that. Sometimes, it works really well. Other times, it bounces off of those on the receiving end. No matter the case, the media uses Trump’s harsh words against him at every turn. [...]

May 23, 2019 News

Strange Things You Can Buy With IRA

Think Outside the Box to Build Wealth with Your IRA I don’t know about you but I hate restrictions. I don’t like it when banks restrict the number of transactions I can make a month without a financial penalty. I [...]

May 22, 2019 Easy Street