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2020 Democrats Want Wuhan-Style Governance for America

admin February 28, 2020 News Comments Off on 2020 Democrats Want Wuhan-Style Governance for America

The World Military Games are a pretty big deal. It’s like the Olympics, but all of the athletes are soldiers from around the world. The 2019 World Military Games featured more than 9,000 soldier/athletes from 110 nations across the globe. America sent 172 soldiers to compete in the 2019 games which were held in October.

Here’s a fun fact: The 2019 World Military Games from October 16-27 were held in… Wuhan, China. Yep. The same location where the Coronavirus outbreak started just a few short weeks later. Not that I’m paranoid about the origins of the virus or anything!

Since Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are running for president and both are hot-to-trot for socialist policies this year, it’s worth taking a look at how things really work in socialist/communist countries.

The commie regime in China went to extraordinary lengths to “beautify” the city of Wuhan in preparation for the World Military Games. It’s a model of governance that Bernie and Biden absolutely love and want us to live under. Check this out.

The preparations for the World Military Games started way back in March of 2019. That’s when President/Dictator Xi Jinping dispatched hundreds of government agents to Wuhan to shut down all religious venues. “President Xi Jinping hates to see crosses,” the agents told Christian church congregations as they shut down their facilities, kicked them out and confiscated all the property inside the churches.

Any Christian who complained about the confiscations was immediately arrested and sent to a re-education camp.  Xi also imposed a brand-new law on the spot, which forbids Wuhan landlords from renting property to Christians. Great guy.

Buddhist temples weren’t spared either. The temples in Wuhan were tourist attractions, but “enhancing social order” for the World Military Games was more important. The temples were blocked off and placed under military guard as they hauled away the Buddha statues. The nuns who live at the temples were driven into the street and told they have to live somewhere else now. Again, really great guy this Xi is.

When they got done clearing out the religious eyesores, the authorities in Wuhan moved on to other city beautification projects. They announced that they were tearing down buildings near the site of the upcoming World Military Games that were “below standard.” This probably seemed strange to the residents of Wuhan, who referred to those buildings as “small businesses” and “people’s homes.”

The Chinese government bulldozed homes and mom-and-pop stores because they basically didn’t like the way they were painted and paved over the area to create parking lots. In places where they didn’t have enough concrete, they put up hastily constructed walls to block the view of the rubble.

Imagine “President Bernie Sanders” coming to town to give a speech and having your local city government kick you out in the street to bulldoze your home because it’s not up to Bernie’s standards. That’s what life is like in communist China right now. Bernie likes that system of governance.


There were also some large vegetable gardens and nurseries along the route from the hotels to the site where the World Military Games were held. Those were bulldozed, because Xi Jinping didn’t want anyone to think that the Chinese people are a bunch of bumpkin farmers. (What is it with communists and their contempt for farmers, by the way?) Never mind the fact that those vegetable gardens and greenhouses were the sole source of income for those people.

Oh, but the commies weren’t done. All of the factories around the World Military Games, throughout a huge section of Wuhan, were shut down for the two weeks of the games. This was devastating for the factories, because the government still required them to meet all of their monthly quotas for October despite being shut down for two weeks. Any factory that didn’t meet its quotas during the shutdown was subjected to a large fine from the Chinese government.

Some factory owners wanted to sneak in at night to try to continue production, but the government announced severe punishments for anyone caught trying to break the law. To be on the safe side and prevent any illegal factory production during off-hours, the government shut the power off. Nice.

Presto! Wuhan, China was beautified for the World Military Games! So efficient! They probably have a great literacy program there, too, which is impressive to Bernie.

This is what the Democrat Party now offers as an alternative to having Donald Trump as our president until 2024. Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are praising socialist policies like the ones in China and Cuba. Your home, your business or your church could be bulldozed on a whim. Considering how China and Cuba treat their citizens, I’m pretty sure I won’t be on the fence when it comes time to vote in November.

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