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3 Law Changes Proposed by Democrats that Prove They Hate America, Freedom and Democracy

Bernie Sanders speaking_2The Mueller report has now been fully released. Guess what! There’s still no evidence at all of collusion. The entire thing was a farce, and special counselor Robert Mueller basically admitted as much in his report.

This is a bigger deal than just proving President Trump and his supporters were right all along. In reality, it’s proof that Democrats hate our country. They hate the freedom our people enjoy, and they hate the democratic institutions that elected President Trump. Get ready you’re going to see hard proof of this.

Respecting Elections

Was it really so long ago when then-president Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton explained to the country that Donald Trump better respect the results of the 2016 election? Overnight, the left’s stance went from respecting democratic elections to undermining them. The Democrats in office illegally spied on Donald Trump’s campaign. They tried to intimidate and bully the Electoral College into going against their state elections. President Trump had been in office for two weeks the first time a member of Congress drafted articles of impeachment.

After that they drummed up bogus charges for a federal investigation into Russian collusion. We now have the final report, and it’s clear that this entire process was just designed to undermine the offices of Donald Trump. That’s it.

Every single leftist response to President Trump’s tenure has been an attack on the institutions that have served this country. They hate that he was fairly elected, they hate he enjoys a higher level of public support than Barack Obama, and they would happily eliminate fair and free elections in order to get the presidency back. They couldn’t possibly make this more obvious and clear. We can break that down by analyzing three major proposals.

The Electoral College

You’ve certainly heard plenty of leftists call for an abolition of the Electoral College. Just in case you haven’t been keeping track, the overwhelming majority of Democrat presidential candidates right now support the proposition. They are convinced that the electoral system is not the “right” way to pick the president. In fact, Vox went so far as to say that a fully democratic election of president would force candidates to visit more areas.

Obviously this is all based on lies. The Democrats don’t want a fair election. They want power. The reason the Electoral College exists is to prevent the president from being selected purely by popular vote. The House is completely popular vote. The Senate is geographic representation. The President sits in between the two.

This is called a system of least exclusion. It’s designed this way specifically to make it harder for the majority to dictate how the federal government runs. For a party that claims to be all about minorities, it sure is curious that they want to destroy the very best institution we have to protect minority voices in this country.

Felonious Voting

A bunch of the 2020 Democrats have advocated for restoring voting rights to felons like those convicted of child rape and murder. They argue that felons have a stake in the government and that they can be fully reformed and allowed to vote again. Let’s dissect a few points of dishonesty.

First, every felon gets their voting rights restored once they complete all sentencing. That includes probationary periods that extend after prison time is finished. So, felons already get their rights back as long as they stop being felons.

The bigger issue here is that Bernie Sanders—who is polling in the number 2 spot only behind Joe Biden—wants to allow felons to vote while in prison. We can get rid of all of their rights except the right to vote?! It makes no sense.

When a person commits a felony, they are violating the contract of residency with our government. They’re choosing to break rules set in place by society, and as such, they are deemed too dangerous to continue to interact with that society. How, by any wild abandoning of logic, can you try to justify that such a person should be electing our lawmakers? It’s completely insane.

Bernie’s proposal is better understood in different terms. He hopes that by being the person to give felons the right to vote they’ll vote for him. That’s millions of potential votes in his favor. He doesn’t care how much harm it would bring to our society. He just wants power.

Illegal Voting

Arguably the most dangerous way Democrats are trying to destroy our system is with illegal voting. We’ll leave the unproven (but very likely true) allegations alone. Instead, we’ll limit this to municipalities that have extended voting rights to illegal aliens. In some of these cities, legal immigrants can’t vote but illegals can.

Let that sink in for a minute. This isn’t about providing a voice to minorities. It’s about providing selective voting rights that increase the chance a Democrat will be elected. How else do you explain this backwards discrimination?

Let’s be absolutely clear about why non-citizens shouldn’t vote. There are two main reasons. First, non-citizens have fewer vested interests in the success of the United States. Typically speaking, they always have the home from whence they came. Sure, it might be a worse place now, but after they destroy our country, they can always go home. Citizens don’t have that fallback.

More importantly, being a United States citizen comes with inherent civic education and duty. Citizens are responsible for the country in a way that non-citizens aren’t (such as registering for the draft), and growing up in the U.S. will definitely expose you to at least basic civic education. We can trust that a citizen has at least some working knowledge of our government. We can’t extend that same trust to illegal immigrants.

The fact that this has to be a discussion is upsetting and ridiculous. The left does not care about elections. They just know that they still have to play the game, for now. Their goal is and has been to completely undermine our electoral practices. They want the same thing all socialists have always wanted: absolute and eternal power.

This isn’t an exaggeration. It isn’t a scare tactic. Prominent Democrats have undermined the office of President, and they are attacking the integrity of our elections in every way they can. At this point, a vote for a Democrat is a vote for the end of freedom and democracy in this country.

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