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7 Easy, Part-Time Jobs Retirees Can Enjoy

Long time readers will remember me talking about my Dad. He retired a few years ago from working for one of the Big 3 Automakers in America.


During his 35 year career he did something that very few people ever do — he spent his entire life working for the same company. Sure he moved around, had several different jobs, and even worked in different plants in different states, but it was always with the same company.

I imagine it was this fact that made him first claim when he retired that he was done working forever. He was burnt out, he had been doing the same thing for way too long.

So like many retirees he quit his job, moved to Florida, started playing golf every day and did a bit of traveling. And he thoroughly enjoyed his new life. But fast forward three and a half years later and he isn’t finding the same kind of enjoyment with his retirement that he once did.

He says he misses having something to do, a goal, if you will, to accomplish each day. He misses the camaraderie with his work buddies and that feeling of accomplishment he got when he succeeded at work. So he’s looking for work.

But he doesn’t want to go back to the way things were. He certainly doesn’t want to work full time anymore or do the same thing he used to. He longs to branch out and do something different, and hopefully in a new industry.

My Dad is like many retirees today. He’s still got 20-25 good years left and he’s not ready to fully give up and kick back. He wants to work…just less and in a different capacity than before. I think this is how a lot of retirees find themselves.

Whether they need to work for the money or they just want to do it for the enjoyment, a large majority of today’s retirees are seeking part-time, enjoyable employment once again. A part-time job is a great way to fulfill your needs, while still leaving plenty of time for golf, seeing the grandkids, getting together with friends and whatever else you may want to do.

But what part-time jobs are best for America’s seniors? It’s every retiree’s worst nightmare that the only job they’ll be able to get is as a Wal-Mart greeter or going back to the same job they had before. Instead here are 5 good, part-time jobs that any retiree can be proud of and enjoy

Library Assistant

Local libraries are always on the lookout for intelligent, professional individuals to assist the librarians with daily tasks and special events. The quiet and laid back working environment really appeal to retirees as well. A typical work day might include returning books to shelves, helping customers check books out, tracking overdue material and sending out notices, helping patrons find books and answering any questions they might have.

The pay won’t get you a mansion on the hill, but it should be enough to cover your needs. Small, local libraries are often cash strapped so if they are hiring it will be for minimum wage. But bigger libraries, including those on college campuses and in bigger cities will have more need and therefore pay better salaries. All libraries are open on weekends so expect a variable schedule that allows you to work just a few days a week.

Museum Docent

If you loved history or art this job may be for you. A museum docent is a trained guide. You’ll lead tour groups, help check-in patrons, answer questions, work special events and help with administrative needs. This job can be highly rewarding, the only caveat is that you’ll have to be on your feet all day. Just like with libraries, small museums will probably only hire volunteers. Check out large, metropolitan museums for employment opportunities. Most museums are open 7 days a week from morning till early evening so your schedule will vary considerably.


A lot of companies need help creating content for their business. You can write articles, reports, e-books, advertisements, promotional material, manuals, or a host of other material. The biggest advantage to this job is that you can choose the type of work you want to do as well as choose how much or little you want to work. You don’t need a degree or any kind of specialized training to be a writer, you just need to be a creative, enthusiastic wordsmith that can thoroughly explain ideas with the written word. Check out,, All three of these websites allow you to browse through available jobs and apply for them. I’ve used all 3 myself to find freelance work, but I like the best.


Another in demand job is bookkeeping. Many individuals and companies need people to help them keep track of their expenses and finances. You might be asked to help with purchasing materials, office supplies, tracking inventory, processing payments to vendors, processing payroll, writing checks and maintaining the accounts, running financial reports and other record keeping activities. A lot of times you’ll only have to work one week a month and a lot of these jobs can be done from the comfort of your own home. Plus the pay is pretty great compared to other part-time jobs. The only caveat is you’ll need to already have some training to be able to get this job. If you worked as a CPA or in an accounting office years ago, you can work as a bookkeeper.

Home Care Aide

While you may be retired you are far from elderly. This fast growing job entails helping people who are elderly, ill or disabled with everyday activities. Your typical day might include running errands for your patient, transporting them to and from doctor’s appointments, helping them get dressed, feeding them, making sure they take their medication properly and all of their other personal care needs. You can work full time or part time at this job depending on what level of income you want to achieve. You’ll be required to provide your own transportation and to work in a patient’s home. Find a home care agency to help you find a position as most of these jobs go through them first.

School Aide

If you can stand to be around screaming teenager, then this job is for you. School systems across the country frequently need help overseeing kids in the cafeteria and in the classroom. You might be asked to monitor children during lunchtime hours, help kids in small group setting in the class or help a teacher with other activities in the classroom. The hours for this job are not all that flexible. You’ll have to work Monday through Friday, but for just a few hours each day depending on the position. The pay won’t be substantial, but you’ll probably make more than minimum wage. Check with all the school in your district, including private and charter schools for open positions.

Online Business Owner

I would be remiss if I didn’t include this very easy part-time job on this list. This opportunity has the ability to make you the most money of any of the work I have talked about previously. The great thing is you can work as little or as much as you want on your business. If you want to just work 2 hours a day at it, that’s enough to pull in a sizeable amount of money every day from your list. This truly is a ‘make money while you sleep’ opportunity. You can create a website and create a list of people who read your articles every day. Once you’ve built up a list you can sell them products like e-books and your consulting services for good money.

If the technical side of running an online business scares you, then check out this opportunity Mark Patricks put together to take care of all that for you. He even sets up the website for you and gives you products to sell.

What could be easier?!

No matter what opportunity that interests you, make sure it fits your needs. If you prefer to work from home then perhaps becoming a bookkeeper or online business owner is best for you. If you are compassionate and like helping people than becoming a personal home care aide might be best. You want the work you do to be fulfilling and give you a sense of accomplishment as well as provide you with a certain level of income.

Good luck!

Keeping Money in Your Pocket,

Nancy Patterson

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