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A Suggestion for Where Bill Gates Can Stick That Vaccine Needle

admin April 21, 2020 News Comments Off on A Suggestion for Where Bill Gates Can Stick That Vaccine Needle

One of the most terrifying aspects of the current virus scare is not the virus itself, but the rush of governments to want to force everyone to get injected with a brand new vaccine if they want to continue to pursue life, liberty and happiness in America.

How will they know if you’ve had the vaccine when it finally arrives? Well, that’s what the microchip in the vaccine is for. It beats forcing you to carry around a mark in your hand if you wish to buy or sell anything, or to have a job. (Illegal aliens will be exempt, obviously.)

This would also be a great time for President Trump to fulfill another one of his 2016 campaign promises: To commission a study on the safety of vaccines. You know, since there’s never actually been one of those that was not commissioned by the pharmaceutical companies that profit from vaccines.

If you think that this sort of vaccine tyranny is impossible in America, then you simply haven’t been paying attention. In a disturbing preview of where we seem to be headed, Valley County in Montana is forcing citizens to wear the equivalent of a government-issued Jewish star if they want to shop for basic supplies and groceries.

You can only obtain one of the pink armbands from the Valley County Health Department if you’ve been in the area for several weeks and have undergone a two-week quarantine. Store owners have been directed to refuse to do business with anyone who isn’t wearing the armband.

One of the most prominent voices all of a sudden during this pandemic has been vaccine tyrant and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. You know, the guy who refused to vaccinate his own children when they were under 18 and who has stated that in order to control Africa’s population, you have to get everyone on that continent vaccinated.

Here’s a serious question and I’m not advocating any “conspiracy theory” by asking this: What in the hell do vaccines have to do with population control?

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has ponied up $21 million to a company that is developing a vaccine against COVID-19 that includes a nanoparticle tattoo that is invisible to the naked eye. According to MIT, this tattoo will basically function as a sort of microchip that remains visible for up to five years. The vaccine implant can be detected with a smartphone, apparently. My guess is that they will eventually make the vaccine “free,” while neglecting to tell everyone that they’re actually micro-chipping you.


This, of course, also assumes that researchers will actually be able to create a vaccine for COVID-19. (How’s that AIDS vaccine coming along?)

The Gates Foundation is funding this through MIT, something called the “Global Good, Intellectual Venture” lab in Bellevue, Washington, and… the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

Bill Gates – who is not a government official and not even a medical doctor – really, really wants to stick this vaccine in your arm. And in the arms of your children. And in the arm of everyone you know. Only then, claims Bill Gates and fellow globalist Dr. Anthony Fauci, can life “return to normal.”

Uh huh.

Yeah, I’m gonna be a hard pass on the Bill Gates microchip vaccine, thank you very much.

Chicago and other cities are already pushing hard for a mandatory vaccine before residents will be allowed to once again participate in the economy. The city’s Health Director says they are “already deep in the planning stages” and they have purchased enough syringes to jab everyone.

Never mind the fact that if COVID-19 mutates into COVID-20, the vaccine will be as pointless as a flu shot from 2003. But you’ll still be micro-chipped, which is the whole point.

It’s going to take a tremendous amount of bandwidth and network power for the government to track the movements of the entire population to make sure you’re social distancing properly and not engaging in any illegal economy-related stuff.

Funny coincidence that 5G networks will be coming online right at the same time! In the UK, more than 50 of those freakish 5G towers were set on fire over the weekend for some reason.

Here’s an agreement that I’ll make with Bill Gates right now. You, Bill Gates, flew from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey to Palm Beach back in March of 2013. You didn’t fly on your own private jet, however. You flew on a jet known as the “Lolita Express,” which was owned by the late Jeffrey Epstein. If you, Bill Gates, agree to sit down with the Department of Justice and have a conversation about why you were on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane four years after Epstein was convicted to sex trafficking underage girls, and the full nature of your years-long relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and everything that you said or did while with Epstein, then I will start to have a conversation with you about your vaccine microchip.

Plus, the people will get to vote on whether to require a COVID-19 vaccine after President Trump’s vaccine commission releases its findings to the public.

As part of this agreement, you have to answer all of the DOJ’s questions fully and honestly, with no immunity agreement in place. And that conversation needs to be made public. If you won’t agree to that, then I have an alternative suggestion for where you can stick that needle.

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