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A Warning to Chick Fil A: Get Woke, Go Broke

admin November 22, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on A Warning to Chick Fil A: Get Woke, Go Broke

Chick Fil A announced last week that it would no longer be donating to Christian organizations that refuse to bow down to the gay community. We can already write the script for what’s going to happen next: Chick Fil A will announce that it’s decided to stay open on Sundays; new hiring practices will force every franchise to have at least one transgender dude in a dress behind the counter to take your order; and Chick Fil A will drop from being the number 2 fast food franchise in America down to somewhere between 11th and 14th place.

Chick Fil A is a beloved institution in America. Anytime the political left announces another boycott of the popular chicken sandwich outlet, it grows stronger. That’s because Americans who understand the culture war against the left flock to the nearest Chick Fil A to order lunch.

Democrats like to stand in the street, set cars on fire, smash ATMs and punch little old ladies in MAGA hats. We order chicken sandwiches.

But now, Chick Fil A has been converged by the left. I don’t even have to research what happened at Chick Fil A to explain the story, because we’ve seen it happen to so many other organizations and entities so far – from the NFL to Mozilla Firefox to, well, you name it.

Chick Fil A’s corporate board has been subverted by Social Justice Warriors (SJWs). Once the SJWs gained a slim majority on the board, they voted to dip their toe in the water by attempting to appease liberals in America. Cutting off corporate donations to groups like the Salvation Army is only the beginning.

This is sad, sad, sad. Like most patriotic Americans, I love the fact that Chick Fil A has been unapologetically respectful toward America’s founding faith, Christianity. I used to love the stories about Chick Fil A employees who don’t just go the extra mile but go the extra 50 miles for their communities. Not a week goes by when we don’t see a story about some Chick Fil A employee helping a pregnant lady deliver her baby in the parking lot, perform an emergency tracheotomy, or rescue a cat from a tree or a child from down a well.

Now that Chick Fil A has been converged, the downhill slide will begin. How did “taking a knee” during our national anthem work out for the NFL, when it tried to appease the SJW “Black Lives Matter” movement?

Oh, right, the stadiums are still empty. I haven’t watched a single NFL game in more than two years now, and we know that millions of other Americans have turned the channel as well. The NFL abandoned its core constituency in order to pursue an audience that never respected it or wanted any part of it in the first place. Otherwise, the stadiums would be filled with crowds wearing BLM T-shirts and hats, right?

Chick Fil A has now done the same thing. They’ve abandoned their core constituency to chase after an audience that will always resent them, will never forgive them, and will never patronize the business. Other than Obama’s “Dreamers,” it’s difficult to think of another tiny demographic in America that is more self-entitled, hateful and intolerant.

It’s interesting to note that no state was ever successful in recognizing gay marriage at the ballot box. The issue failed every single time voters got to decide on it. It was only after the Supreme Court suddenly found a gay marriage clause in the Constitution – cleverly hidden there by Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, no doubt – that gay marriage became legal. Many of us didn’t like it, but we accepted it and moved on.

The gay community did not accept it and move on. Think about this,

has the gay community expressed a willingness to accept equality? No. Every single time any group or organization extends an olive branch to them, they sharpen it into a spear and stab that group in the back.

That will happen to Chick Fil A within the next year or two. Rather than accepting their victory at the Supreme Court, the gay SJW lobby has worked feverishly to subvert every organization that it can, from Chick Fil A to your workplace.

Instead of ushering in a new age of tolerance and equality, the gay marriage decision has now led to Americans being fired from their workplace if Frank shows up in a dress and you accidentally call him Frank instead of his new name of “Francine Lotsabooty.”

The gay community is incapable of forgiveness, so it does not truly want Chick Fil A to accept them. It wants Chick Fil A to be destroyed – and they will now do it from within.

Chick Fil A compromised with the left at a time when they do not want compromise. What did everyone suppose the “war” in “culture war” stood for, anyway? By allowing people who were not fully in line with Chick Fil A’s corporate mission to invade its corporate board, Chick Fil A is now being outvoted by people who hate it and want to destroy it.

That is what is happening to America, thanks to the demographic replacement of our own neighbors with foreigners who hate us. Immigrants vote 8 to 10 in favor of Democrats.

Chick Fil A has a board of directors that votes on important decisions. In America, we the people are the board of directors. We’re the ones who vote on whether America should continue in its original mission, or whether we should continue to extend the olive branch to people and policies that will destroy us from within.

We have a choice in 2020. America can stick to its original mission, by reelecting Donald Trump as the one candidate who is attempting to prevent the nation’s demographic destruction. Or, we can spit on our chicken sandwiches and declare that we hate our main customer base in favor of an audience that will never love or appreciate the menu that has brought us so much success.

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