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A Warning: You Should Know How Our Future Mexican Rulers Feel About Property Rights

admin June 4, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on A Warning: You Should Know How Our Future Mexican Rulers Feel About Property Rights

Migrant Caravan Looking at MapFor the past several decades now, elected political leaders in America have looked around and said, “Hey, let’s be Mexico instead.” As a result of this neurotic and self-loathing compulsion that no real American has ever had the chance to vote on, we now have somewhere around 30 to 40 percent of the world’s entire population of Mexicans living in the US.

We don’t know the actual figure, because we’re not allowed to get an accurate headcount. Since we’re being told that we will be a hated and despised minority in our own nation in about 20 years, we should learn more about our new country in preparation!

We’ve already chronicled some of the social issues related to the mass importation of Mexico’s poorest underclass. They have catastrophic rates of rape, child molestation, bestiality, incest, drunk driving, robbery and murder compared to native-born Americans.

But what do Mexicans believe politically? Since they’ll be outvoting us in national elections soon, we should be concerned about that as well.

The big headlines out of Mexico this week – aside from PANICO!

articles about President Trump’s threatened tariffs – are about a high school girl named Alma. The Mexican government has apologized to Alma because she was denied the right to enroll in a new school.

Her education was disrupted, and since compulsory education is a guaranteed “right” in the Mexican constitution, it was kind of a big deal in the state of Jalisco. Alma received a formal apology from the government and all of the newspapers are hailing her as a sort of civil rights hero for going through the ordeal of not being allowed to enroll in school.

Alma will be able to enroll in school, get an education, and she’ll probably be famous for a little while in Mexico. Good for her. But in all of the stories about how horrible it is that Alma was denied a right to an education, the Mexican media and even their government is giving a nonchalant shrug about the reason why Alma needed to enroll in a new school.

They’re perfectly fine with the backstory, it’s just the fact that she couldn’t enroll in school that is being treated as awful. Keep in mind that what you’re about to read happened in 2019 in Mexico, and not in the 16th century in some backwater town in eastern Europe.

Alma and her family, along with about 60 other residents in Bolanos Municipality in Mexico, converted to Christianity. Big deal, right? Happens hundreds if not thousands of times every Sunday in America.

But in Mexico, Roman Catholicism is the majority religion. Alma’s family and several dozen other families converted to Protestantism. If they had remained Roman Catholics, none of this would have been a problem.

But because they converted to Protestant Christianity, their neighbors, town leaders and police forcibly removed Alma and the other families. They kicked them out of their homes and then banished them from Bolanos Municipality.

When Alma’s family trekked to another village with whatever belongings they could carry, the Roman Catholic school officials in the new location refused to enroll Alma in school.

The Mexican government is really, truly sorry that Alma was denied access to school. Yet no one in Mexico seems to be horrified that more than 60 people were stripped of their property rights, kicked out of their homes and banished from the town that they live in, for simply converting to a minority religion. As Ann Coulter has said many times, “Our new country is going to be GREAT!”

This is not going to be fun when we’re outvoted. Current Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) is literally a communist. All of the political parties in Mexico, and in every country south of us, fit on the political spectrum somewhere between Bernie Sanders and Josef Stalin. There is no comparative conservative party in Mexico.

Conservatism, the English Common Law, and the rights and freedoms we enjoy as Americans are literally alien concepts to them. They’re bringing their own political beliefs with them when they come here.

The Mexican government and most of its citizens could care less about the families who were kicked out of their homes for their religious beliefs. The cognitive dissonance between worrying about Alma’s school enrollment, while not caring about the fact that her family is now homeless, actually makes total sense if you read The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx.

Communism demands “free” public schooling for all children, while at the same time calling for confiscation of “rebel” property. More than 60 people lost their homes? So what, they had it coming because they had the wrong religion. But if Alma can’t enroll in school, well, that’s a violation of communist doctrine.

Are you ready to live under that type of system? Because that’s what we’re going to get if America doesn’t take profound steps to both stop the flow of legal and illegal immigration into this country, and to repatriate millions of Mexicans, Central Americans and South Americans back to their homelands.

There’s a lot more to “Hispanic culture” than tacos and annoying radio stations that play non-stop accordion-trumpet-snare-drum music.

Are there some conservative citizens in America from Hispanic countries? Sure. They’re called Cubans. Otherwise, the only political conservatives that you’re likely to meet with a Hispanic background have been here for decades, immigrated here legally and have pretty much fully assimilated after many years of effort. That’s not what we’re getting now.

We’re getting communists who have no intention of assimilating, and who will vote based on the only political ideology they’ve ever been exposed to. Property rights, free speech rights, gun rights, freedom of religion and other cherished rights that we hold as Americans are completely alien to them.

Some European countries are already kicking residents out of their apartments, to provide housing for their new illegal alien arrivals from the Middle East and Africa. How long will it be before Americans are getting kicked out of our homes to make room for our new arrivals? “Rebels” cannot be property owners.

Every Democrat running for president in 2020 (all 742 of them) believes in open borders. They will throw the border wide open, tear down any existing walls, and let Mexico send all of its problems to your neighborhood. There’s really only one choice for Americans in 2020, if we want to keep our country.

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