America First: Let Millennials Know How Badly Immigration Has Screwed Them

If you have a stay-at-home millennial living in your basement or elsewhere on your property – this article is for you! If you’ve encountered very many millennials, you’ll quickly realize that they’re a bit skeptical about this character named Donald Trump and his whole idea to “Make America Great Again.”

The reason why MAGA doesn’t resonate with millennials is because they’re not old enough to remember when America used to be great. They’ve grown up in a system where they now realize they can’t afford to pay their own rent and have their own life, and this must be because America stinks.

This affords conservatives a great opportunity to teach millennials about how badly they’ve been screwed by open borders and mass immigration.

For every cheap shot that I’ve taken against millennials over the years in these columns: I apologize to most of you.

We conservatives have been dead wrong about most millennials. We see them staying at home in their parents’ houses and we make fun of them and tell them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps like we did.

But that’s the problem. Immigrants devoured all the bootstraps when we weren’t looking.

This all dawned on me while I was chatting with my own stay-at-home millennial over the weekend. It struck me that millennials aren’t all dumb, lazy and lacking purpose.

My own millennial finished college at 18 (we homeschool). She’s got a good degree; she’s working two jobs; and she’s bummed because she can’t afford to get out and rent her own place.

No amount of bootstrap-pulling is going to change that, because starting wages have remained stagnant for decades in America.

Sure, there are a few millennials who were dumb enough to think that a master’s degree in Guatemalan Transgender Pottery and $200,000 in student loan debt is the ticket to a brighter future. We should all continue to mock those ones. But for most millennials, they got decent degrees and are willing to work hard just like we did. Opportunity has been stolen out from under them.

If you have a millennial at home and you want to convince them that Donald Trump is actually the bee’s knees, do what I did: Tell your stay-at-home millennial how different America was when you started your career. It worked for me – and I produced a brand-new Trump 2020 voter without even having to leave my own home!

As I explained to my millennial (in terms she could understand):

In the long, long ago prehistoric times – before Channing Tatum – I graduated from college in the 1990s. My first professional job out of college was managing the news division for a group of four radio stations. When I would go off the air every afternoon, I would jet across town to a second part-time job at a pizza joint.

My salary from those two jobs allowed me to rent a two-story, three-bedroom, two-bath house with a huge fenced-in yard while I was starting out my career. My wife didn’t have to work while she finished her degree. We never paid a bill late, we had two cars and we still had enough cash left over to go to the movies every weekend and to keep having babies, which was one of our favorite pastimes.

We also had spectacular employer-provided health insurance; anyone in the family could go to the doctor for a $10 co-pay and prescriptions cost $5.

“Yeah, but dad, you’re a white male. You were probably making, like, $100,000 a month for your first job!”

Nope. My take-home pay from those two jobs was about $1,100 a month. I was supporting a family in a nice house with two cars and a riding lawnmower for about $13,000 a year in the 1990s when I started my career. The utilities cost about the same, but man have the housing costs gone up!

But then, after 9/11, globalist George W. Bush opened the immigration floodgates. America has taken in nearly 45 million immigrants in the past 18 years. 45 MILLION!

The population of Houston, Texas is about 2.7 million people. America is taking in a Houston-sized group of immigrants every single year. Are we building a Houston-sized number of new houses and apartments in America every year to put them all in? No, we are not.

We are taking in 2,700,000 new people every year through massive immigrant-driven population growth, while building an average of 14,400 new homes and apartment units.

Therefore, we now have 14 million millennials who are effectively homeless, living in their parents’ basements.

The cost of shelter has astronomically skyrocketed in the past two decades because the politicians decided that America should be the welfare trough for the world. They just did this – often in secret – without bothering to ask the American people if we though this would be good for us or whether we even wanted it.

During Obama’s last two years in office, he allowed nearly 275,000 immigrants per month to resettle in the US, predominantly from Muslim countries. That doesn’t even count illegal aliens. He took in a LOS ANGELES the last two years he was in office.

While that was a great deal for the immigrants, it was terrible for the American citizens. Not that the mainstream media will ever let anyone know about it, but the Journal of Housing Economics did a great study on the effects of mass immigration on housing prices in the US in 2017. Here it is, in case you’re having trouble sleeping at night.

The study found that for every 1% population increase due to immigration into a big city – say a Los Angeles or a Chicago – it causes rents to increase 9.6% in the surrounding areas.

As Americans flee the cities they built to get away from the dirty rat- and crime-infested ghettos that comes when poor, unskilled workers move in, it creates fierce competition for housing in the new areas we flee to. American citizens are directly harmed by cities that welcome huge unnatural population increases from immigration.

So, millennials living at home aren’t dumb or lazy. They’ve been screwed worse than anyone due to mass immigration. They literally can’t afford to pay for their own shelter on the wages they’re making as they start their careers.

Explaining this to them will help recruit them into the 2020 Trumpslide. They’re the ones who need a Trump victory more than the rest of us next year.

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