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America Needs Heroes – Not Backstabbing Never-Trump Losers

Trump and John KellyDo the American people have the heroic will to defend our own country? It doesn’t look like it at this point. We’re facing the largest sustained mass invasion that any country has ever gone through in history. The only political candidate in recent history who promised to try to save the country from this invasion – Donald Trump – has been hamstrung by the two-year Russian collusion hoax, and by a team of backstabbing insiders who work right next to him.

We have to stop wringing our hands every time an illegal alien drags a rented kid across the border and moaning, “Oh, but the children!” While our enemies now proudly wear the label “Never Trump,” we need to pick up the banner and become “Always Trump” – at least until the next candidate who is willing to actually put America first comes along.

Here are some infuriating facts and figures. The Border Patrol has an annual budget of $3.8 billion. It has approximately 20,000 agents patrolling the border. The agents have drones, night vision cameras, thousands of vehicles, planes, helicopters, boats, ATVs, electronic motion detectors and wireless communications.

With all of those tools and personnel at their disposal, they managed to deport 256,085 illegal aliens. Out of those, 158,581 of them were “administrative arrests,” meaning ICE picked them up at your local police station after they had victimized an American. The remaining 98,000 were kicked out after being picked up using that massive arsenal of tools and technology. That is pitiful.

I know, we’re supposed to say that the Border Patrol agents are all heroic heroes who are heroically doing hero things to protect America. But those numbers suck.

In 1954, President Eisenhower appointed General Joseph Swing to run the Immigration and Nationalization Service (INS). General Swing was a genuine American hero. He was in the 1st Infantry Division in France, fighting in World War I. Then he led the 11th Airborne Division into the Philippines and helped recapture the islands from the Japanese in World War II.

President Eisenhower tasked General Swing with kicking out the massive influx of illegal alien invaders in the 1950s. Eisenhower put 750 Border Patrol agents and investigators, 300 jeeps and buses, and seven airplanes at Swing’s disposal. That’s it. That’s all that Swing was provided with to do the job. They didn’t even have hundreds of miles of border security walls already in place, like the Border Patrol does today.

The official government name of General Swing’s task was “Operation Wetback.” The result? There were 1,074,277 illegal aliens from Mexico sent home over the first year of the operation.

The numbers declined dramatically after 1954, because the vast majority of illegal aliens ran home to Mexico when they realized that America meant business.

That’s the big difference between then and now. The foreign invaders know that we don’t really mean business. If you show up at the border with a rented kid, the television cameras will be there waiting to greet you. They’ll cry and pretend it isn’t all a giant scam as you wave goodbye to your rented kid and send them scooting back south into the waiting arms of the drug cartel that owns them.

Using 1954 technology and a team of just 750 agents, General Swing’s team was four times as effective as our current, modernized Border Patrol with a $3.8 billion budget and an arsenal of the most advanced equipment imaginable.

And the really weird thing about this is that the illegals coming in already know we don’t have the will to kick them out. How is this possible?

Illiterate peasants from remote jungle villages in El Salvador know the ins and outs of scamming America’s immigration laws. We can’t blame that problem on the Obama State Department any longer! How much taxpayer money is the State Department under current Secretary Mike Pompeo spending on outreach programs in those jungle villages?

If our nation had the will to do it, we would have a Secretary of State telling the leadership of Central American countries to keep their people the hell out. If you don’t stop them from forming their little caravans in the first place, we will stop them. And no one gets in. But no one in the State Department is sending that message.

Trump’s next announcement should be, “Hi, Mike Pompeo, your fired. Who would like to be my Secretary of State? The only catch is that you have to promise to actually support and implement my America First policies. Any takers?” Alternatively, he could fire Pompeo on Twitter to start the process. #GoEffYourselfPompeoURFired.

Speaking of backstabbers in Trump’s Cabinet, former White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly has a new job now. When Kelly was first appointed, we were told repeatedly that the former general was going to crack heads and bring order out of chaos. Kelly would stop all of the backstabbing around Trump, and as a result, it would be full steam ahead on the MAGA agenda.

Weird! That never happened under John Kelly. Instead, we lost Hope Hicks and Steve Bannon, the people who were most instrumental in crafting Trump’s MAGA message and getting him elected.

We were then treated to endless reports of Kelly wandering around the White House and whining about how difficult his job is. Oh, and about what an idiot President Trump is.

So, what’s John Kelly doing with his free time these days? A local television station in Homestead, Florida caught footage of Kelly on a golf cart as he toured the facilities at Caliburn International – the world’s largest facility for housing unaccompanied illegal alien children.

Caliburn International just announced that John Kelly has joined its Board of Directors. Trump’s former Chief of Staff is now literally profiting off of the open borders scam. And it might actually be worse than that.

Caliburn International owns a subsidiary called Comprehensive Health Services, which has facilities in Florida and Texas for housing hundreds of unaccompanied illegal alien kids. Caliburn International is owned by an investment firm called DC Capital Partners. Both Comprehensive Health Services and DC Capital secured lucrative federal contracts while John Kelly was working as Trump’s Chief of Staff.

John Kelly is barred from lobbying for five years after leaving the White House, but there’s nothing to prevent him from going to work for Caliburn International and collecting a fat paycheck from the open borders racket.

Trump needs people like Gen. Joseph Swing to back him up and follow through on his policy directives, no matter how unpopular those policies might be at the Democrat Party headquarters. Instead, he’s been saddled with grifters who are looking to slow him down before moving on to make a quick buck from the destruction of America.

The USA needs a General Swing right now, and all we got was Whiny John Kelly.

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