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And Just Like That, Rioting Democrats Hand Trump Reelection

admin May 28, 2020 News Comments Off on And Just Like That, Rioting Democrats Hand Trump Reelection
Photo c/o Lorie Shaull Flicker.

It was the perfect time to be wearing a mask in Minneapolis on the night of May 27, 2020. Wouldn’t want to catch a virus while you’re looting the Target store! Protesters were speaking out against the death of George Floyd, a black man who was suffocated to death by an overzealous Minneapolis cop.

But the Black Lives Matter protesters were quickly ginned up into a violent mob by Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the crowd, and the next thing everyone knew, the AutoZone was on fire and Minneapolis looked like Baghdad during the Shock and Awe campaign. Do you suppose any of the BLM rioters realize that they just secured President Donald Trump’s reelection?

As the dust settled the next morning, 16 buildings had been burned down. Multiple liquor stores and a Target had been looted. The Target was stripped bare – it looks like a tornado ripped through it and whisked away all of the flat screen TVs and baby clothes. The streets are trashed. One looter was shot dead by a pawn shop owner who was trying to protect his business. More dead bodies will probably be found in the rubble during the days to come.

The National Guard had to be called in to restore order finally, since the police were outnumbered and basically not allowed to defend themselves or the businesses that were being destroyed by looters. The sad irony is that most people probably agreed with the protesters right up until the moment they decided to start throwing bricks through windows.


The police killing of George Floyd was grotesque. Most reasonable people who watch the video would be outraged by that. The guy was handcuffed and restrained, so there was no reason for a police officer to kneel on his neck for eight minutes. The four cops involved in George Floyd’s death were immediately fired. A Minnesota State Police investigation is under way and the US Department of Justice is looking at filing charges against them. Even President Trump tweeted about the case, noting what a tragedy George Floyd’s death was.

Not that anyone in Black Lives Matter is paying attention to logic or reason today, but when public sentiment is already on your side, it’s a really bad idea to set the AutoZone on fire. A lot of people agree that cops in urban areas are simply too damn violent when it comes to arresting black men. But you’re not helping your case when you throw a barbaric fit and burn the place down.

That is because most everyday people – Republicans and Democrats and even libertarians – prefer to live in a society with law and order. That night of riots must have been terrifying for residents in Minneapolis. And stuff like this plays a much larger role in our national politics than a lot of political experts seem to realize.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN), the most crooked politician in Washington right now, said this about the riots: “Our anger is just. Our anger is warranted.”

Our? Really?

The Basement Malarkey candidate, Creepy Joe Biden, said this: “It’s part of an ingrained systemic cycle of injustice that still exists in this country.”

Biden then got distracted thinking about the Jell-O he was going to have with his lunch.

Jacob Frey, the Mayor of Minneapolis and a guy who wants to run for US Senate in a couple of years, said that the people who burned down his city the night before “are not only understandable, they are right.”

Keep in mind, Frey is the guy who ordered the four cops to be fired before an investigation had even taken place. And he thinks it’s just fine that protesters turned his city into a dystopian nightmare, rather than simply letting the justice system work.

Democrats miscalculated just as badly on this issue in 2016. When a Black Lives Matter/Muslim Brotherhood member and Army Reservist assassinated five police officers in Dallas, TX in July of 2016, one of the candidates blamed the systemic racism of the police on the shooting. Those cops had it coming, because a police officer somewhere at some point in history must have been a racist.

The other candidate said that America would be a nation of law and order under his leadership. The thing is, the vast majority of us prefer law and order over turning our cities into war zones that the BLM/MB crowd is trying to usher in. In 2016, voters in the upper Midwest turned out for Donald Trump in droves – and that movement of the needle really kicked into high gear that summer when the Democrat Party announced that gunfire in the streets was okey-doke.

In case anyone forgot, Donald Trump is the law and order candidate again this year. And he’s not going to tolerate any American city being burned down to the ground.

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