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Any One of the Left’s Most Radical Policies Will Break America

Warren and Sanders Medicare For AllThe Democratic Party is adopting policy that is beyond radical. The House just passed a national $15 minimum wage (even though the median income in many states is less than that). The Green New Deal was verbally endorsed by the overwhelming majority of the party, and it is openly calling for a Leninist society. Medicare for all, open borders . . .the list goes on and on.

The frightening thing is that any one of these problems could break our country. So, in the face of so many terrifying ideas, we have to ask. Why are they pushing this? Are they ignorant, or do they really want to destroy America?

That’s a tough question to answer, but breaking down a few of their leading policies will shed some light.

Universal Health Care

This policy gets the most attention because it’s the biggest in the whole Democratic platform. The premise on the left is that a single-payer system will save lives by giving money to the roughly 30 million Americans who don’t have health insurance.

They also suggest that a single-payer system will save money by reducing administrative costs. It’s easy to scoff, but both of these ideas are based on some real analysis. That said, they both fall short when you take a deeper look.

When it comes to saving lives, the left is missing a huge problem. No matter how the money flows, the healthcare system (in any country) still obeys the basic laws of supply and demand. That matters more than a lot of people realize.

In 2018, there were more than 200,000 deaths attributed to malpractice. The vast majority of that malpractice was rooted in supply shortages. Doctors and nurses are spread too thin, and honest mistakes kill people. So, if you suddenly ad 30 million more people to that system, those honest mistakes will multiply.

Conservative estimates suggest that a transition to single payer would kill more than 1 million people each year in the first 5 years.

Let’s really frame this cost. There are 28 million people without insurance in America, roughly 45,000 die each year as a result. Medicare for all will sacrifice millions of lives to save tens of thousands. It’s plain bad math. The question you have to ask yourself is whether leftists are actively trying to kill millions or if they’re just illiterate.

How about money? Roughly 40 percent of all healthcare spending in the U.S. goes to administrative costs, and a huge chunk of that is dedicated to billing. When every patient has their own convoluted payment plan, you have to invest man-hours to navigate the mess. Medicare for all would resolve a lot of this by simplifying the system, and in that regard, it would save many billions of dollars a year.

Here’s the catch. Increasing the number of people in the system raises the administrative cost, even if billing is simpler. Patients still have charts, medical histories and tons of paperwork that come with every visit. When you balance the ledger, the new administrative costs heavily outweigh the savings.

Medicare for all, at the most conservative estimate, would increase medical spending by $3 trillion a year. Forever.

Single-payer healthcare is the most complicated topic, but there are tons of other issues where Democrats push terrible ideas in the guise of good intentions. Consider environmentalism.

We can all agree that coal is dirty, and the idea of producing energy through cleaner means is appealing. The problem is that the left has reduced the conversation to an insane idea. They will only support solar energy — everything else be damned.

This is beyond stupid. Solar panels will never produce electricity at night (when energy demands peak). It is physically impossible to supply the country’s power demands with solar, no matter how much money we spend.

Conversely, nuclear is cleaner and safer than solar, and they shun it like a plague.

How about tax codes? The left really, really wants to “eat the rich.” They’re chomping at the bit to do so, all under the promise that heavy wealth taxes can pay for as many social policies as we want.

Let’s put that to the test. The combined net worth of every billionaire in the United States is $2.7 trillion. You can tax their wealth at 100 percent, and it won’t pay for a single year of Medicare for all.

Also, once you do that tax, you’re genuinely out of other people’s money. It’s mathematically impossible to fund leftist policy by taxing the rich.

All of this takes us to a final question. Are leftists evil or stupid? The answer is probably both. Somewhere, among the millions of people subscribing to these policies, there has to be a person or two who understands that the math doesn’t work. Still, it’s very clear that the majority of college kids and celebrities pushing this stuff are clueless.

They don’t understand why Medicare for all costs more money than the country actually has, and even if it didn’t, it would kill millions. They’ve spent lifetimes being afraid of nuclear power and the three accidents in the technologies history (two of which has zero fatalities). Taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor sounds really nice. We all grew up on Robin Hood, right?

There are two ways to deal with liberal illiteracy. We can fight the long-term losing battle of opposing them on each and every policy, or we can patiently educate them. Sure, many of them will remain willfully ignorant, but some just need a chance to see some painfully obvious truths.

How you fight is up to you, but don’t underestimate the power and danger of ignorance. They will slaughter us all, and most of them will believe they’re doing the right thing the whole time.

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