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Are You an American? This Is Where the Rubber Hits the Road

admin November 5, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on Are You an American? This Is Where the Rubber Hits the Road

Norway FlagI avoided talking about the A$AP Rocky story over the summer because I was just unable to feel any interest in it. As it turns out, the story is kind of interesting. I couldn’t name a single song by the guy, but I actually have a newfound respect for him after learning about what the American rapper went through in the new “woke” European Union.

While touring in Europe, A$AP and his friends were walking around Stockholm, Sweden. As most people know, Sweden has been overrun by Muslim “refugees” since 2015 and has now become the rape capital of Europe. The situation is so bad that Sweden has opened a first-of-its-kind-in-Western-Civilization rape clinic for men and boys who’ve been gang-raped by Muslim refugees. Anyway, while walking around Stockholm last July, a group of Muslims started following A$AP Rocky and his friends around and acting aggressively.

On a video of the altercation, A$AP pleads with them to stop following them. “We don’t want any trouble. We don’t want to get arrested for fighting with you,” he tells the Muslims.

They continue following and harassing the American rapper and his friends for several blocks. At one point, a man informs A$AP that the Muslims had grabbed his girlfriend by the rear-end. Eventually, one of the Muslims throws a punch and then the same thing happened that happens every time Americans get in a fight in Europe – the Americans beat the holy living tar out of the aggressors.

A$AP Rocky picked up one of the Muslim pipsqueaks and threw him. Then he steps toward the guy and lands a hard right directly in the center of his face. You can hear the crunch of the Muslim attacker’s facial bones the first time A$AP punches him.

It was a beautiful punch. It was also… a bit excessive, considering the fact that the guy was on the ground. As the old saying goes, if you don’t want none, don’t start none. After the Muslims attacked them, A$AP Rocky and his crew beat the hell out of them in response. The video cuts away as A$AP and his crew continue kicking and punching the Muslims on the ground.

A$AP was charged with ‘assault causing actual bodily harm’ under Swedish laws and locked up in Kronoberg Prison for a month. The investigation dragged on for weeks and Swedish authorities wouldn’t let him out on bail, citing the obvious flight risk.

The reason the investigation took so long was probably cognitive dissonance. All of the video evidence showed that the Muslims clearly started the fight; but under Sweden’s political correctness laws, it’s a “hate crime” to even look sideways at a Muslim.

The Trump administration finally intervened by calling Swedish authorities and getting A$AP released, after Kanye West and whatever Kardashian he’s married to called to ask for help.

A$AP Rocky was clearly guilty of the crime he was charged with. The beating that he and his friends administered to the Muslims was pretty over the top – and I say that as a UFC fan. But President Trump intervened on his behalf anyway.

Now… Here’s where the rubber really hits the road.

An American named Greg Johnson was just arrested in Norway. According to CNN, Greg Johnson is a “prominent white nationalist.” Yeah, I had never heard of him either. Johnson was arrested at the airport when he landed and was in Norway to give a speech at a conference.

Johnson runs a book publishing company in San Francisco called Counter-Currents Publishing. After perusing the website, its obvious he is a “white nationalist.” They publish books about the cultural degradation of Western Nations as they are flooded by mass immigration from the Third World.

Counter-Currents describes its mission as preserving knowledge for future generations, due to the fact that the world is entering a current “intellectual Dark Age.” Although my quick perusal of his site lends me to think I disagree with Johnson on many topics, it’s kind of hard to argue with that, especially when we have American teenagers eating laundry detergent pods on YouTube videos.

Unlike A$AP Rocky, Greg Johnson did not commit a crime in Europe. He didn’t beat anyone up and then kick them repeatedly while they’re on the ground. Greg Johnson was arrested by Norwegian authorities because they were worried that he might say something offensive in a speech. He’s still in jail.

A lot of people on the right have been complaining about “freedom of speech” and the left, especially with the way YouTube, Google, Facebook and the Democrat Party are attempting to crush conservative speech. Dennis Prager has a new documentary out where he calls freedom of speech our greatest freedom as Americans and rails on the fact that freedom of speech is under assault. But we haven’t heard a peep out of Prager on Greg Johnson’s arrest.

I don’t want to hear another word from the “champions of free speech” if they won’t stand up for all Americans.

I don’t know Greg Johnson and I’ve never read a single book published by his company. I wouldn’t have been able to pick him out of a police lineup yesterday. There are a lot of things that he and I would disagree on personally and politically. But as an American, I think it’s completely outrageous that the guy is in jail in Norway because the elites were worried that he may have intended to say something offensive.

If President Trump helped secure the release of a rapper who had clearly committed a violent crime, shouldn’t he likewise intervene to secure the release of an American who holds unpopular beliefs, but who has committed no crime at all?

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