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Back on Track: Trump Building 450 Miles of Border Wall This Year

admin February 21, 2020 News Comments Off on Back on Track: Trump Building 450 Miles of Border Wall This Year

President Donald Trump finally has the master plan back on track and America will have 450 miles of new border wall construction completed by the end of this year. Again, that’s new border wall and not just replacement fencing.

After going through four different Department of Homeland Security Directors in the last three years – all of whom were globalist open-borders failures – Trump has had enough, and he put someone in charge of the project who will get it done.

It feels really strange to share this with you, because he seems like such an unlikely source to get the wall built – but I always believe in giving credit where credit is due. Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is getting the wall built. Yes, really.

Haven’t things quieted down at the border, you might be wondering? Do we still need a wall, now that Remain in Mexico and other programs are working so well? Yes, we do need the wall – badly.

During the first week in February, ICE arrested 75 wanted fugitive illegal aliens in a nationwide sweep. These were individuals wanted in their home countries for crimes that include murder, terrorism, carjacking, delivery and manufacturing of cocaine and ecstasy, malicious property destruction, stalking, sexual assault, corruption of a minor, and much more. The individuals were from 20 different countries, including Mexico, El Salvador, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Bosnia, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Thailand, Iraq, Cambodia, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Guinea, and Tunisia.

These were all wanted fugitives in their home countries, so they wouldn’t have been able to obtain valid travel documents or visas. In other words, they’re not “visa overstays.” The only way they could have gotten into America was by making it across our southern border and evading the spread-too-thin Border Patrol. So, yes, we really do need the wall.

During his epic State of the Union speech last month, Trump said, “As we speak, a long, tall, and very powerful wall is being built.” People were rightly skeptical, because the first two years of Trump’s time in the Oval Office can only be characterized as a failure at wall-building. Nothing got done.

Last November, Acting Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan admitted that 78 miles of replacement fencing had been built. But today, there’s new wall going up in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, a notorious strip where illegal aliens and drugs have been slipping through unimpeded for decades.

President Trump was so fed up with the lack of progress after the first two years of his administration that he put Jared Kushner in charge of the project. Nobody else was getting the job done.


Trump told Kushner in a meeting, “Why aren’t you working on immigration? That’s my most important topic. We don’t have a wall. We don’t have a fleshed-out policy and the people who had been running it just hadn’t delivered.”

Keep in mind, the country had just gone through two failed years of Paul Ryan’s “leadership” of House Republicans, during which Congress failed to pass any funding for the wall. Kushner met with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the White House Counsel and Trump’s advisor Stephen Miller to come up with a plan.

They made a series of regulatory changes to make the process easier and found creative ways to pay for the wall with existing Pentagon funds that had already been appropriated by Congress. Trump’s declaration of a national emergency in February of 2019 made that process even easier.

There’s even word that the administration has been awarding contracts to builders without going through the traditional bid process, to speed things up even further.

Meanwhile, thanks to Remain in Mexico, the number of illegals showing up at our southern border has plummeted by 75% since last spring. Word has gotten out in Latin American countries that if you make the trek to America, you’ll be placed on a bus to go wait in whatever sterling facilities Mexico has set up for you (ha!) until you can have a telephonic hearing with a Trump-appointed immigration judge. Odds of being declared a “refugee” and being allowed to then enter the United States currently stands at about 0.04%.

MAGA conservatives have been rightly worried about Jared Kushner’s motives and loyalty to the movement ever since he started working at the White House. But he’s delivering on the wall, after previous Swamp creatures told the president there was “nothing that can be done.” We’ll have 450 miles of new border wall in the Rio Grande Valley by the end of this year. Nice going, Jared!

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