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Bernie’s Multiple Primary Wins Signals Terrifying Change in Voters Preferences for America

admin February 25, 2020 News Comments Off on Bernie’s Multiple Primary Wins Signals Terrifying Change in Voters Preferences for America

Can you feel the electricity in the air over the 2020 Democrat presidential primaries? Yeah, me neither. The incredible presidency of Donald John Trump has made it impossible for me to care very much about the Democrats race at all, despite the amount of oxygen the primaries are sucking up on cable news.

I just don’t care which Democrat will emerge from the clown car last in order to be the sacrificial lamb in Trump’s reelection. I haven’t been able to sit through more than a few minutes of a single Democrat debate, and I really only find out about the primary elections and caucuses the day after.

With that out of the way, it looks like Bernie won Nevada. This after he won New Hampshire and scored more than 6,000 more votes in Iowa than Mayor Pete Buttigieg, despite Buttigieg taking home more delegates than him.

We still have a long way to go. After Bernie’s Nevada win, he now has 40 delegates in the race. Pete Buttigieg is directly on Bernie’s rear (heh!) with 25 delegates. Biden has 13, Warren has 8, Klobuchar has 7 and the remaining candidates are in a 437-way tie at zero delegates apiece.

To secure the nomination, one of these doofuses has to win 1,991 delegates, so your guess is as good as mine. Any of them could still win the race, although the feverish cheating against Bernie that is expected to come – especially in Midwest states – still means we’re likely headed toward a brokered convention.


One thing that we can do after Bernie’s win in Nevada is extrapolate some broader information about America, which is always worth reflecting on. A big thing that everyone should notice from Bernie’s Nevada victory is that America is rapidly turning into a different country. That should scare all of us.

Bernie’s sinister love affair with communism is something that the US government used to consider a serious threat to our national security. And yet there are enough “Americans” in the US today who support a communist overthrow of our system that Bernie actually has a chance of becoming a major political party’s presidential nominee. Even though Bernie would get trounced by Trump in November, his nomination would be a terrible thing for America.

When a person wins their party’s presidential nomination in America, that person’s team gets to write the Party Platform that will remain in place for at least four years. This was a good thing for America when Donald Trump won in 2016. His team rewrote the Republican Party Platform, significantly, for the first time since 1989. He put the interests of Americans first, resetting all of our bogus “free trade” agreements that hurt American workers, building the wall and curbing both legal and illegal immigration are now in the official Republican Party Platform until 2024.

If Bernie’s team gets to rewrite the Democrat Party Platform this summer, communism will now be baked into the cake of that party openly. We already know that Democrats are sympathetic to communism. But the Democrat Party’s elites know that that’s a deal-breaker for most American voters, so they don’t like to say it openly. Bernie will say it openly. And we know for a fact that many of Bernie’s team members think it’s okay to send their political opponents to gulags for political “reeducation.”

Good luck winning over suburban soccer moms with that plan, Democrats!

Another thing we know from Bernie’s victory is that Republican political consultants are idiots. More than 40% of the Hispanic vote went for Bernie in Nevada. Even illegal aliens turned out to caucus for him.

GOP consultants have been telling us ever since George W. Bush’s victory in 2000 that Hispanics are “natural conservatives” and if we just pass amnesty and other political giveaways, they will solidify Republican power at the national level. This was always a stupid idea.

Look at a map of Mexico, Central America and South America. Then make a list of all of the countries to the south of us that are filled with independent, freedom-loving conservatives. We’ll wait.

Pretty short list, huh? There’s not a single country to the south of us in this hemisphere that has any political party that espouses anything other than socialism and/or communism. There’s no such thing as a “natural Hispanic conservative.” Bernie Sanders didn’t do well with Hispanic voters in 2016 because he was still a relative unknown. This year they know who Bernie is and they like what they’re hearing. It reminds them of home!

The big takeaway from Bernie’s victory in Nevada is that America is turning into a socialist country, whether we like it or not, due mostly to mass immigration. The one thing that stands in the way of that is the reelection of President Donald Trump, and his continued efforts to stem the tide of legal and illegal immigration from Latin America.

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