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Biden & Obama Caught Doing Exactly What Trump Was Impeached Over

admin May 14, 2020 News Comments Off on Biden & Obama Caught Doing Exactly What Trump Was Impeached Over

It’s nice to see that President Donald Trump finally has a ruthless, patriotic cutthroat working in his inner circle on behalf of America, instead of a bunch of impotent Never-Trump backstabbers. Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell just declassified the list of people in the Obama administration who were part of launching and perpetuating the Russian collusion hoax. And guess what? Barack Obama and Joe Biden did the exact thing that President Trump was falsely accused of doing, which led to Trump’s impeachment by the House.

Here’s why this is such a huge deal.

Imagine you’re sitting around your house one day, locked down because of coronavirus, and the Russian Ambassador to the US accidentally dials your number. You explain that he dialed the wrong number and he apologizes, and the entire call lasts about 30 seconds.

But… US intelligence agencies are spying on the Russian Ambassador’s phone calls and now they have recorded a call that you were on. Under all of the laws governing intelligence gathering in the United States, you are supposed to be “masked” in any records of that phone call. Your name and identity are supposed to be blacked out in any transcript of the call and no one is ever supposed to know that you were the person on the other end of that call with the Russian Ambassador or whatever other foreigner our government is spying on. The Fourth Amendment applies to you fully in that instance, regardless of whether the US government has a legitimate reason to be spying on the Russian Ambassador.

Since there was no warrant to intercept your phone call, your identity is supposed to be protected. High-ranking government officials can then request to have you “unmasked” so that they can know who is on the call, but the contents of that call can never be used against you in a court of law. It is a violation of your rights for your identity to be “unmasked” on that phone call record – but there have been rumors going around for years that the Obama administration was “unmasking” their political opponents on phone calls in order to manipulate them, embarrass them or otherwise use the illegally-gathered information to his advantage.

That was how former FBI Director James Comey went after Gen. Mike Flynn. It was also how they managed to create dozens of low-level bureaucrats who could leak information about Flynn and the Trump transition team’s “Russian collusion” that never happened.

There are 40 names on the list of Obama administration officials who personally requested, individually, to “unmask” Gen. Flynn on his phone call with the Russian ambassador – and keep in mind, Flynn was Trump’s top advisor and a member of his transition team when the phone call took place. 40 people requested this.

Some of the top names are no surprise. These people are all on the list:

  • Obama CIA Director John Brennan
  • Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper
  • Obama FBI Director James Comey
  • Vice President Joe Biden

What did Joe Biden forget and when did he forget it?


Some of the names on the list are pretty shocking. Obama’s Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, is not an intelligence officer of any sort. She listened the phone call on SEVEN different occasions between November 30, 2016 and January 11, 2017. What the hell? Seven times?!

Many of the 40 people in the Obama administration who unmasked Flynn had absolutely no discernible reason to ask for individual permission to listen to that phone call. Who the hell was the Acting Assistant Secretary to the Treasury Arthur McGlynn? Why did he need to unmask Gen. Flynn? Or how about Deputy Secretary of Energy Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall? And the US Ambassador to Turkey? Oh, come on!

Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough, also unmasked Flynn to listen to that phone call. Keep in mind that this is a phone call that FBI agents listened to and determined that Flynn had done nothing wrong or illegal.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden both totally knew about the fake Russian collusion investigation. They were in charge of it. They were in the room when Comey briefed them on the plan and they authorized. It goes straight to the top.  They were involved in unmasking Gen. Flynn, even though they knew from the FBI that Flynn had done nothing wrong.

Translation: They used America’s intelligence agencies to spy on and persecute their political enemies. President Trump was impeached because House Democrats claimed he had asked for an “unjustified” investigation of his 2020 political opponent. And once again, the Democrats were guilty of doing exactly what they accused Trump of doing. Don’t be surprised if the media ratchets Russian collusion up to 11 once again, because now Obama and Biden have been caught.

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