Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Biden’s AG Shortlist: More Reasons Why We’re Headed for a Trumpslide

Joe Biden looked like a human skeleton during his most recent campaign appearance in Pennsylvania. We didn’t get a good look at him at a Biden-Harris rally in Arizona a few days ago, because there were ZERO attendees who showed up. “Kind of boring out here,” the reporter covering the event said. We’re three weeks out from the election and Biden has yet to draw anything approximating a “crowd.” And he’s somehow supposed to be up 14 points?

I hope no one is getting tired of winning yet, because I have even more reasons to share with you on why I think we are headed for something truly special on November 3rd.

Biden’s Attorney General Shortlist Leaked

Try to follow this logic: You can’t see the names on Joe Biden’s Supreme Court list until after the election. You should therefore vote in the election to make it known who you want on the Supreme Court – either the named individuals on President Trump’s publicly-released list, or the unnamed individuals on Biden’s alleged list.

Huh? How do people vote on who they want on the court if they’re not allowed to see Biden’s list?

I have a contrarian theory about this (Surprise!). It’s not that Biden’s list is too radical for the public to stomach. The issue is that Biden doesn’t have a list. He and his campaign have no idea who they’d appoint to the Supreme Court. They’re too busy trying to plan out more of those shame circle events that they call “Biden campaign rallies.”

If they did have a list, one of the boneheads in the Biden campaign who is having an affair with one of Creepy Joe’s biggest donors would have leaked the list by now. Which just happened, by the way, with Joe Biden’s list of potential Attorney General picks. The leakers in Biden’s orbit apparently think they’re doing the campaign a favor.


Guess who’s near the top of Joe Biden’s choices for US Attorney General?

Stacey Abrams.

The woman who is still convinced that she is the rightful Governor of Georgia, despite a pretty convincing loss back in 2018. Abrams has already proven herself more than worthy to join the DC Swamp.

While she was running for governor, she bragged that she owed more than $228,000 in back taxes, student loan debt and credit card debt. When her campaign was over, she was magically out of debt. Thanks, campaign donors! It pays to run for office when you belong to the Swamp Party.

If you think that the rule of law was turned on its head when Obama’s two Attorney General’s, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, were applying critical race theory to the Constitution, wait until Attorney General Stacey Abrams gets into power.

Also on Biden’s AG shortlist: The Nursing Home Killer, aka New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The little commies running Biden’s campaign probably think Andrew Cuomo is a great pick. They love him!

What they don’t realize is that the rest of America looks at Cuomo and sees the guy who is singlehandedly responsible for half of all the coronavirus fatalities in America. Cuomo signed an executive order that forced New York nursing homes to admit infected patients. Cuomo’s order killed tens of thousands of our most vulnerable citizens and normal Americans are repulsed by the guy.

Biden’s campaign is so inexperienced that they think they’re pulling off these major coups by leaking this info. What they don’t realize is that choosing these ultra-partisan TDS sufferers is only going to energize Trump’s base even more.

Where Are All the Trump Defectors?

I know multiple Democrats who voted for Hillary in 2016 who plan to vote for Trump next month. I know several people who were NeverTrumpers in 2016 who plan to vote for The Donald next month. But I don’t know a single person who voted for Trump in 2016 who has decided that all of this peace, prosperity, freedom and winning are just too much, so now they have to vote for Biden.

For Trump to be in really bad shape, there would have to be a sizable number of defectors out there. And I’m just not seeing that anywhere. Are you?

Don’t you think that if people were abandoning the Trump Train in droves, we’d be seeing those people on cable news 24/7? If Milo Yiannopoulos announced that he’s had it with Trump and is voting for Biden in this election, MSNBC would give him his own show tomorrow. If Bigfoot was real, he’d be on the news every day – and so would the elusive Trump Defector.

I don’t see any Trump defectors out there. All I see is the same sad bunch of GOP, Inc. losers who lost their relevance and their sinecures at the MSM scraps table in 2016 when Trump took a wrecking ball to their ineffective “surrender like a True Conservative” phoniness.

“Middle class incomes have increased by 19 percent since 2009?! You, sir!!! This time you’ve GONE TOO FAR!!!!”

The Biden campaign is a sinking ship. Not even the added ballast of “Attorney General Stacey Abrams” will be able to keep it afloat. Get ready!

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