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Biden’s Pick for VP Will Be the Real Nominee. Unless…

admin March 12, 2020 News Comments Off on Biden’s Pick for VP Will Be the Real Nominee. Unless…

This Democrat primary has been one of the craziest races I’ve seen in my lifetime. And I don’t mean crazy as in “zany” or “fun” – but crazy-crazy, to paraphrase Whoopi Goldberg. The Republican primary in 2016 was chaotic, but it was never nuts like this. A lot of us jumped on the Trump Train the moment he walked down the golden escalator and into our hearts that year; it was an exhilarating rush from that point on. This is different.

First, the good news. Bernie is done. America is still (hopefully) a lot further away from descending into socialism than Bernie’s rise indicated. How do we know this? Because Bernie lost Michigan in the latest primary.

Bernie carried Michigan in 2016 for a very specific and easy-to-understand reason: Voters hated Hillary Clinton. They hated her so much that they voted for Bernie over Hillary. Then, when Hillary was the nominee that November, Democrat voters stayed home rather than turn out to vote for a terrible candidate that they hated. This, and the fact that Trump campaigned there while Hillary did not, allowed Trump to carry the state.

That’s also bad news for 2020. Democrat voters don’t harbor a secret hatred for Joe Biden like they did for Hillary Clinton. Those of us on the right may despise Biden openly, but we have to be honest that Democrats like him (as long as they don’t have much exposure to him between now and November). Democrat turnout in Michigan won’t be suppressed this time by having a vile candidate. That could make Michigan more of a problem for Trump in 2020.

The Biden situation is especially crazy. His brain is gone. Everyone who is intellectually honest looks at Biden and sees a man in serious, rapid mental decline due to old age. He’s senile and probably slipping into dementia.

During a campaign stop in Michigan, Biden flew off the handle at an auto plant worker who challenged him on his anti-gun stance. Joe Biden cursed and screamed at the man in an unhinged tirade. He called the guy a horse’s rear-end and threatened to take away everyone’s AR-14s – which aren’t even a thing. Biden’s dentures nearly flew out of his mouth as he drooled his way through his most recent victory speech. Plus, he forgot what office he was running for in that speech.


It’s been an endless string of “senior moments” on the campaign trail. Biden told his supporters to get out and vote on Super Thursday. He claimed half of Americans had died from gun violence while he was vice president. He has a plan to put 720 million women back in the work force in our nation of 320 million people. He praised Vermont while campaigning in New Hampshire. He was arrested in South Africa that one time, which is no big deal when you’ve lived through a dangerous encounter with Corn Pop. Turn up your record players, folks, because poor kids are just as bright as white kids!

Joe Biden has always been prone to gaffes, but this is different. He’s turned nasty, short-tempered and mean to anyone who challenges him. He even stands up to lying, dog-faced pony soldiers these days. When an elderly person’s temperament and behavior changes in this way, it’s usually one of the first signs of onset dementia.

But the Democrats are really going to go through with this, which means that whoever Biden picks to be his running mate will be the nominee. So far, the short list that we’re hearing rumors about looks like this:

  • Kamala Harris
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Stacey Abrams

Kamala Harris’ personal specialty is sucking up to powerful men, so she’s the frontrunner right now. Biden probably understands that he’s not long for this earth, so picking Hillary for his running mate would only hasten that. Stacey Abrams would be a really zany choice, since she thinks she’s the governor of Georgia and Biden thinks he’s running for the Senate against Nelson Mandela on Super Thursday.

A vote for Joe Biden in November will really be a vote for whichever one of those people ends up with the VP nomination. That’s because Joe Biden cannot be president. He might be able to win through typical DNC cheating and illegal alien voting and be sworn in on January 20th. But his Vice President will need to be sworn in on January 21st, because Biden is clearly not up to the job.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders isn’t dropping out of the race, because anything can happen when a person gets as elderly and frail as Joe Biden. Bernie sees the same things the rest of us are noticing about Joe Biden. And Bernie understands that he’s just one slippery banana peel away from being the last man standing in this primary.

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