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Building an Email List in the Fastest Possible Way

Tell me if you’ve heard this phrase before; “The money is in the list.” Email marketers like myself live and die by this line. And after ten years in the business I still find it true today.

The popular phrase refers to subscriber lists. Email marketers make their money by growing a list of subscribers, buyers, and customers. If your goal is to make money online and you are not building a list, you are leaving money on the table.

Here’s why building A List Is the Surest, Fastest Way to Wealth

My wife’s favorite store is Pottery Barn. She loves all of their furniture and accessories. Every time we go to the mall she insists we walk through the store.

She wasn’t always this crazy about them. The first time she noticed their store she liked the look of their products, but she didn’t buy anything. It wasn’t until after they had built a relationship with her and she began to trust their quality that she became a buyer.

When building your list it’s important to view subscribers as a long term business asset rather than a method to make a quick buck. Pottery Barn doesn’t always try to sell my wife things; sometimes they offer her free design services or classes or tell her about contests. Over time they built a relationship and trust with her.

What’s The Fastest, Easiest Way to Build a List?

Over the years in this business I have used a number of tactics to build email lists. These five are the only ones I continue to use year after year.

Free Offer

I’ve successfully built half a dozen lists with over 100,000 subscribers each and this tactic is always the one I employ first. Offering a potential customer a free or no cost trial of a product, book or service in exchange for their email address is highly effective tactic. It works so well because they get something valuable as well as insight into the level of quality you provide.

To pull this off you need to offer prospects a high quality product/service. Don’t slap some ebook or report together quickly and with haste. Instead give potential subscribers something they want and do it well. The advantage to this method is that you can show off your expertise on a subject. This helps build that all important trust very quickly.

That being said, you have to sell them on the freebie first. Write a short little blurb about the product/service you are giving away. Sell them on why they should give you their email address. Remember people are being asked for their email address on a daily basis and that has caused people to become pickier about giving it out so you have to make the offer seem worth their while.

Coming Soon Offers

Think about concert promoters and how they work. They post dates and times for upcoming concerts. They post pictures, release gossip about set lists and offer teases about the look of the set design, all in an effort to build excitement about the concert and hopefully draw enough interest to sell all of the tickets. This is what you should do too, build excitement for upcoming product releases and announcements. Create snippets of information and post pictures that tease the viewer about the upcoming offer. Then tell the prospect that to get more information or instructions for buying that they must get onto your list. Works every time.

Social Media

This is a relatively new tactic, but an effective one. If your business doesn’t have a Twitter account or Facebook page or Tumbler account you should. Social media allows you to show off your company’s personality and offer additional information. Post pictures of your offices, ask questions about what customers would like to see from you, show off awards you’ve won, etc. And then on each of these post your website in the description area, which generally shows right below your name or handle. Once people start liking what you’re posting, they’ll want more and sign-up to ensure they hear from you even more. Embrace these 21st century new marketing channels.

Sweepstakes and Contests

Everybody wants to win something. It’s why millions of people play the Lottery each week, knowing they have very little chance of winning. They keep buying tickets because they love the possibility of winning something. To do this one well you’ve got to offer something really fabulous. It could be money, a free consultation with you, a free product/service, basically anything that will attract attention.

An additional advantage to this tactic is that you can attract some press and get your name out to an even broader audience. If you make your contest interesting enough other blogs and news agencies will comment on your efforts. If you’re lucky you might even get on TV!

Free with Purchase

Think about the last time you ordered something online, you had to give your email address. The company said it was so they could shoot you a confirmation email and update you on shipping information. What they didn’t tell you is that it’s also for their email list.

Everyone who buys from you, you should add to your list. If they are buyers then they are already interested in what you have to offer and are your most likely source of additional buys and revenue. You want them on your list.

In addition you should add checkboxes on your order pages for any additional lists you may have. Sometimes customers are so focused on filling out the forms and buying that they miss the newsletter sign up boxes. Check the boxes for them. If they really don’t want to be on your list they’ll look for this and uncheck them.

Whatever tactics you use make it clear to them they are going to be added to your email list when you ask for their email address. There is no reason to lie or be vague about it. Don’t try to trick people into giving you their email address either. These subscribers will be non-buyers and end up costing you money instead of making you money. You want only quality subscribers.

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