Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Holy Cow! Ghislaine Maxwell is about to Not Kill Herself!

It was no surprise last week when rumors surfaced that Ghislaine Maxwell had been spotted hiding out in France. It’s notoriously hard to extradite anyone from the land of smelly cheese and surrendering. Lots of elite Democrats hide out there [...]

July 3, 2020 News

GOP Senate Completely Forgets What Party They’re In, Betrays Trump & America

A few days ago, President Donald Trump tweeted, “I am the lone warrior.” That didn’t seem entirely true. Sure, the Democrat Party, the entire mainstream media, the House of Representatives, Black Lives Matter and Team Stinky that took over six [...]

July 2, 2020 News

Fake News Media Wonders Why Trump Won’t Just Resign Already

Here’s some obvious professional advice that you probably don’t need: If a highly placed “confidential source” burns you 700 times by feeding you false information, and you repeatedly embarrass yourself professionally by acting on that false information over and over [...]

June 30, 2020 News

Media: Trump-Supporting Los Angeles KKK Emboldened by String of Lynchings

Have you heard the news? White nationalists are so emboldened by President Trump’s hateful rhetoric that the KKK is planning a rally in Los Angeles County. Because there are just so many KKK members in the blue state of California. [...]

June 26, 2020 News

Barr Exposed Obama’s Treason So Now Dems Want to Impeach Him

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerald Nadler (D-NY) is hopping mad. Well… if he could physically hop, he would be hopping mad. Why is the little fella so angry? Because Attorney General Bill Barr just did something that we never thought [...]

June 25, 2020 News

These Riots Have Nothing to Do with President Trump – and Everything

If the revolutionary forces seeking to fundamentally transform America into a Third World country succeed, no one is going to be more surprised by the ultimate outcome than Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Pelosi and Schumer think that this is [...]

June 23, 2020 News

Supreme Court Dares America to Reelect Donald Trump

If you’re even vaguely right-of-center politically and still don’t believe that we need to deliver President Donald John Trump a second victory in November, the Supreme Court decisions issued this past week might change your mind. In addition to changing [...]

June 19, 2020 News

What Two Cops Said When George Floyd Was on the Ground

The entire nation has rushed to convict former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin of murdering George Floyd. This is not how our system works. Unless you agree with the transgender rights group, Black Lives Matter, that our system is racist [...]

June 18, 2020 News

Supreme Court Overturns Biology; Sorry, Women & Girls – You Don’t Matter

In a 6-3 ruling, the US Supreme Court has asserted the right of transgender dudes to beat up little ladies in sporting events. That wily Thomas Jefferson hid this curious definition of biology right there in the pages of the [...]

June 16, 2020 News

Epic: Everyday Citizens Show How Easy It Is to Stop a Soros Mob

Does everyone realize that the mobs will come for us if we don’t stand up to them? If they cannot stand the sight of depictions of historical people, such as statues, paintings or their very names being printed on buildings, [...]

June 12, 2020 News