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Why Is There a “Trump Exception” for Treasonous Deep State Weasels?

I don’t know about the rest of America, but I’m getting pretty sick and tired of the “Trump Exception” to everything in official Washington. The phrase, “We are a nation of laws, not men” was literally coined to avoid something like the Trump Exception from existing. The phrase means that no man in America is […]

You Won’t Believe This. Trump’s Economy Just Won Again

At this point, you just expect a good jobs report. It’s all we’ve had since 2017, and October was no exception. Let’s break down the numbers. For starters, job growth beat expectations. We were banking on 80,000 new jobs. We got 128,000 new jobs instead. Keep in mind that this was during a major manufacturing […]

The Unbearable Awfulness of Never-Trump Neo-Fox News

Do you ever feel like you’re Charlie Brown and Fox News is Lucy holding the football for you? Happens to me all the time. “Surely, she’ll let me kick the football THIS time!” Every time I get my hopes up that Fox News will begin to be a friend to American patriots and give fair […]

Media Whistleblower Learns That Snitches Get Stitches

Based on the amazing work that Project Veritas has done exposing media hypocrisy and bias, it’s no wonder that the left wants to censor the internet. The last tiny bit of professional integrity that ABC News had has been ground into powder after Veritas released the Amy Robach performance theater piece. Our media “betters” like […]

New Report: “Whistleblower” Involved in Russian Collusion Hoax

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has lost control of her caucus. Pelosi has submitted to the screeching will of The Squad and allowed a vote to authorize impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. The resolution passed largely along party lines, 232 to 196, with only two Democrats having the sense to vote against impeachment proceedings. […]

Are You an American? This Is Where the Rubber Hits the Road

I avoided talking about the A$AP Rocky story over the summer because I was just unable to feel any interest in it. As it turns out, the story is kind of interesting. I couldn’t name a single song by the guy, but I actually have a newfound respect for him after learning about what the […]

Trump Nixes U.N.’s Islamic Refugee Resettlement Scheme with an Executive Order

If Senator Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act is the dirtiest trick that the Democrats ever pulled against America, then Kennedy’s 1980 Refugee Resettlement Act must be the second dirtiest. When Americans learn about how refugee resettlement in the US works, their reaction is usually a mixture of horror and outrage. The Trump administration is working […]

Trump’s DOJ Declassifies Ho-Hum Report on Ritualistic CIA Child Abuse

Last week, we told you about the weirdo cult that Tulsi Gabbard grew up in. This week the FBI declassified a document dump that deals with a different sex cult from the same time period: The Finders. Since I’ll be accused of being a wacky conspiracy theorist for talking about this file, here it is […]

Nude Democrat with Nazi Tattoo, Smoking a Bong, “Too Boring” for MSM

You know it’s been a crazy week in America when nude photographs of a sitting Member of Congress smoking a huge bong full of dope appear online – and that story was too boring to make the news. Of course, maybe the media’s double standards and bad gaslighting attempts are working to protect Congresswoman Katie […]

Hero Clerk Criticized for Saving Lives

Another good guy with a gun saved the day. We hear that more and more. It’s not because the mainstream media has finally noticed that Americans love tales of heroism. It’s because we’ve all learned how to get information from other channels. We’re seeing clear evidence that the CDC research was right. Americans save lives […]

About That Weird Soviet/Russian Sex Cult Tulsi Gabbard Pledged Her Allegiance To

[Author’s Note: Did I give away the ending with my title again? I did, didn’t I? A few months ago, I wrote a piece in which I defended Tulsi Gabbard from some of the bizarre attacks from the left that were flying against her. This was not an endorsement of Tulsi Gabbard, but rather a […]

Trump Has Exposed How Weak America’s Enemies Truly Are

We should all be thankful that President Donald Trump has exposed just how shabby and ineffectual America’s enemies are. And by “Enemies of America,” I mean the media and our politicians, of course. There’s just something about President Trump that makes our enemies wither like dandelions in a heavy breeze. How many times have we […]

The President’s Disengagement from the Kurd/Syria/Turkey Mess is a GREAT Idea

Which Democrat candidate for President said, “I am a strong opponent of endless wars”? Second question: Who contradicted that view with this criticism of President Trump’s troop pullout from Syria when he said, “You don’t turn your back on an ally that lost 11,000 troops fighting against terrorism through a tweet and a discussion with […]

Will CNN Cover James O’Keefe’s Awesome CNN Whistleblower Tapes?

James O’Keefe’s ‘Project Veritas’ is releasing several hours’ worth of whistleblower tapes from inside CNN’s newsroom this week – so now it looks like I owe Tucker Carlson an apology. I always thought Tucker was joking when he said that CNN president Jeff Zucker is calling the newsroom and giving the CNN anchors their marching […]

Burisma Paid Joe Biden Too, Not Just Hunter

Most conservatives who were initially worried about the impeachment of President Trump have settled down by now. The advice for the worrywarts in this situation, as always, is the same: Slow down, take a few deep breaths and then wait for a few days; the truth about Donald Trump is always the exact opposite of […]

Proof! DNC Colluded with Ukraine in 2016

Let’s cover this Ukraine scandal once and for all. The media have been pouncing like a ravenous pack of wolves, and in the frenzy, it’s easy to get disoriented. There’s so much misinformation flying around that it’s actually unfathomable. Just as bad as misinformation is what the mainstream media ISN’T telling you. They think they […]

How Unbelievably Awful Any of Trump’s Replacements Would Be

This is turning into the most boring impeachment inquiry of all time, almost. (I tried to study Andrew Johnson’s impeachment before writing this. Now that was the most boring impeachment ever.) First, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to hold a floor vote invoking an official impeachment inquiry. Then, the whistleblower’s story falls apart. What are […]

Cheesegate: Or, Why the Entire World Loves or at Least Respects Trump

Sometimes you need to take two steps back and remember what an incredibly fun time it is to be alive. Hillary Clinton is not the President of the United States. As the kids say, LOL! The real Russian colluders are on the run – while Attorney General Bill Barr, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and […]

Media Can’t Hide These Links Between Soros and the Whistle Blower

About a week ago, Democrats started up this impeachment frenzy. They claimed that there was clear evidence of a quid pro quo between President Trump and the president of Ukraine. According to that impeachment effort, President Trump leveraged military aid to force Ukraine into investigating a political rival. That was less than a week ago, […]

Trump’s Right Again: This Can and Will Lead to Civil War

Now that the intelligence community has launched yet another soft coup attempt at removing a duly elected president, the surrender wing of the Republican Party is twisting their bow ties in knots because Donald Trump has dared to say exactly what most Americans are thinking: You dummies are pushing America toward a civil war. The […]

The Stark Differences in Right and Left Protests Tell It All

The latest Trump impeachment saga has eclipsed all other news. The Democrats and their cohorts in the media have practically stopped reporting on all other news stories to focus their efforts on getting Trump out of the White House Here’s what you missed learning about from the media this week… While the left was going […]

The Democrats Love to Make up Impeachment “Crimes”

Now that everyone has jumped on the Crazy Train to Impeach Trump, come hell or high water, I have a simple question for some people. If you’re reading this, my question probably isn’t aimed directly at you. The question I want to ask is aimed at all the people in the Democrat Party, as well […]

Crack Pipe in Hunter Biden’s Car, Offers “No Comment” on Trump Ukraine Issue

Media outlets are rushing to say that President Trump has accused Joe Biden “without evidence” of abusing the office of the Vice President to get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired. Just so there’s no confusion about it, here are the exact words spoken by then-Vice President Joe Biden at the Council of Foreign Relations as he […]

Trump Pushes Global Warming Kooks Completely Over the Edge

I don’t know about you, but I never get tired of watching President Donald Trump’s uncanny ability to trigger his enemies into being even crazier. He spends most of his time being presidential and winning for America, so we only get to see snippets of Trump at his very best these days. Hopefully, as the […]

Joe Biden Is Not a Moderate

Anyone who isn’t a rabid leftist is watching the Democratic primary race in horror. These people are having a contest to see who can be the most radical, and it’s the American people who suffer for it. As you bear witness to this debacle, you’ll inevitably find yourself rooting for one of the more moderate, […]

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