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Cheesegate: Or, Why the Entire World Loves or at Least Respects Trump

admin October 3, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on Cheesegate: Or, Why the Entire World Loves or at Least Respects Trump

Trump RallySometimes you need to take two steps back and remember what an incredibly fun time it is to be alive. Hillary Clinton is not the President of the United States. As the kids say, LOL! The real Russian colluders are on the run – while Attorney General Bill Barr, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and President Trump are hot on their trail and getting hotter.

Trump himself is starting to shift from boring, diplomatic president mode and back into brutal, hilarious campaign mode. I’m sick of hearing the I-word in the news and you probably are too. So, here’s a column where we’ll take two steps back and just focus on some of the quirky and fun aspects of the Trump presidency right now – and I promise I won’t use the I-word a single time.

First, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in Italy. He’s there as part of a delegation, along with Attorney General Bill Barr and Sebastian Gorka. They’re running down international man of mystery Joseph Mifsud, one of the players in the Russian collusion failed coup attempt. But that’s not the really fun part of Pompeo’s trip.

The Secretary of State was having the obligatory photo op with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte when things became incredibly charming. A perfectly dressed young Italian woman charged into the middle of the photo op to hand Mike Pompeo a fancy brick of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

“Take it to Mr. Trump please, and tell him it’s something… our families, we make it from our hearts every day,” she declared.

It was a genuinely heartfelt, kind and adorable moment. PM Conte was embarrassed and shooed the woman off stage (and probably fired his head of security later). Pompeo was classy and grinned through the entire incident. Conte was apologetic, but Pompeo took it all in stride.

And of course, the media and liberals on Twitter all began viciously lying about the incident and trying to spin it into an anti-Trump moment. “Look at that sick burn! That lady is a HERO! Everyone knows that giving someone cheese in Italy is the greatest diplomatic insult possible! She’s just like the Iraqi guy who threw his shoe at George W. Bush!”

Huh? No, liberals, that’s just how people used to treat each other in America until you fractured the social contract. Trump is an inspiration to patriotic people in the rest of the world, just as he is here in America. Everyday Italians love Trump, because he’s inspired nationalist Italian politicians to become more vocal and active in revolting against the tyrants in the EU.

That Italian lady is just like most people in another land that is equally foreign and misunderstood by liberals and media talking heads: America.

Next, President Trump isn’t the only world leader who’s an expert in trolling the mainstream media. An NBC News reporter sneeringly asked Russian President Vladimir Putin if he “plans to interfere in the 2020 election” in America, as fake Special Counsel Robert Mueller alleged in the fake Mueller Report that Mueller didn’t write himself.

Putin leaned in toward the NBC snit and placed his hand over his mouth, as if he was about to start whispering, “Let me tell you a secret,” he said. “Yes, we will definitely intervene, don’t tell anybody!”

As usual, the mainstream media was the only demographic in the world that didn’t get the joke. It’s worth repeating the fact that no evidence has ever surfaced, to date, which shows that Russia interfered in the 2016 election in any way.

The only “evidence” that Robert Mueller uncovered that “proved” Russian election interference took place was the work of Crowdstrike – the Ukrainian tech company that President Trump asked the Ukraine president to investigate.

Putin loves the Russian collusion and election interference rumors, because all he has to do is sit there and the American media portrays him as a big comic-book genius supervillain.

President Trump himself is in fine, hilarious form – as usual. MediaIte published yet another “leaked” conversation of the president’s. And while MediaIte published it with the intent of making Mr. Trump look bad, it had the opposite effect with his followers. Apparently, Trump savagely berated former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in a meeting:

“Lou Dobbs hates you, Ann Coulter hates you, you’re making me look bad!”

What about me, Mr. President? I hated Kirstjen Nielsen just as much as they did! Oh, well. At least Ann and Lou got some props from him.

MediaIte also notes that Trump viewed Nielsen with nothing but scorn. The only time he was ever happy with her was when the Border Patrol used tear gas on illegals trying to rush the border. #MeToo!

And finally, there’s us. We the people. The Trump-loving, patriotic American voters. Aren’t we great?

Elizabeth Warren flew into Las Vegas for a fundraising event this week. She was greeted by an army of adoring fans. An army of adoring Trump fans, that is.

They followed her through the airport for several minutes, calling her “Pocahontas” every step of the way. My favorite part was the guy who did an Indian war whoop the whole time as she trudged along, dragging her suitcase behind her and trying to pretend that she’s unperturbed by the whole thing.

Remember the bad old days when people on the right never staged political protests? That stunk. But President Trump taught us all that you don’t win by sitting on the sidelines. If the left falsely smears you as a racist, the path to victory does not involve curling up in a fetal position and apologizing (a classic yoga position known as the “Romney”). You fight back. You show up at the airport with your friends and call them Pocahontas.

Ain’t it grand, our merry band of misfits that loves to fight back? Which reminds me, my daughter changed my ringtone on my phone. Now whenever someone calls me, it plays Trump’s voice on an endless loop saying, “Some of them are rapists.” Somebody’s getting a new bike for her birthday!

Chins up, my fellow Americans. The left is just louder than we are because they control all the TV news stations. But we still outnumber them. And I don’t know about you, but I’m still not tired of winning.

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