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China Virus Has People Dropping Like Guests at an Ed Buck/Adam Schiff Party

admin January 28, 2020 News Comments Off on China Virus Has People Dropping Like Guests at an Ed Buck/Adam Schiff Party

Hey, Democrats: Great job sidelining the federal government during a deadly outbreak of a communist Chinese bioweapon so we can all listen to Bug-Eyed, Pencil Neck Adam Schiff some more. While we’re on the subject, perhaps if our vaunted 17 INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES spent a little less time trying to snoop on President Trump’s phone calls for “evidence” and paid a little more attention to our greatest adversary – China – we’d have a better idea of just how serious this Coronavirus outbreak really is. Right now the only things we truly know about this deadly outbreak are Jack and Squat – and Jack is wildly inaccurate.

Here are some of the things that we do know about the Coronavirus, but keep in mind that the communist regime in China is dangerously dishonest. They lie. A lot. Adam Schiff admires them.

The mayor of Wuhan, where the outbreak took place right next to a major China bioweapons factory for some reason by coincidence, now says that 5 million people fled the city before it was placed on lockdown and quarantined by the government. That’s 5 million potentially infected people – and the virus doesn’t show symptoms for two weeks. Sheesh.

Independent journalist Michael Yon is on the ground in Bangkok, Thailand, which is a major travel destination where people fleeing Wuhan were most likely to fly. I trust Michael Yon’s reporting because he’s been solid for many, many years, he’s a veteran and he’s not part of the establishment media.

Yon reports that hospitals in Bangkok are filled to overflow capacity. I haven’t seen that reported by any mainstream media outlet yet. Healthy people are dropping like guests at an Ed Buck/Adam Schiff house party from the disease.

The Chinese government has now quarantined somewhere around 40 million people. The “official” numbers from the Chinese government as of this writing is about 4,5000 infected and 106 deaths. However, a nurse in Wuhan wear a full-body protective suit has told the Daily Mail from London that there are at least 90,000 infected at this point. At least one doctor in Wuhan fell over and died from the Coronavirus on Saturday as he was treating patients with the virus. Plus, Adam Schiff is wondering if you’ve heard about President Trump’s phone call with Zelensky.

Dr. Dena Grayson is a highly respected scientist and doctor who spent many years of her career developing a treatment for the Ebola virus. She’s appeared on Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox News in the past and seems to know her medical stuff pretty well. She has been providing insights on the Coronavirus based on what we’ve seen and what we know so far. Here’s what she has to say:

The Coronavirus is highly contagious and seems to spread easily from person to person. You don’t have to be a weirdo and eat bat soup to catch it, as the Chi-Coms initially claimed. It looks like you can easily catch it from an infected person. The virus can kill you even if you are healthy and there’s no cure or vaccine for it. Dr. Grayson estimates that the death rate from the Coronavirus is roughly around 4% but notes that it’s really impossible to say how accurate that estimate is because we know so little at this point. That’s better than Ebola, but it still sucks. Plus, Jerald Nadler says that President Trump is a dictator.

All of the usual flu season advice applies to the Coronavirus: Wash your hands a lot, don’t go out if you get sick, avoid contact with other sick people (even loved ones), and cover your nose and mouth if you sneeze and cough. N-95 masks that you can find in the paint section at a lot of stores are supposedly sufficient to keep you from catching nasty bugs like this. I checked multiple stores in southern California last night and many were sold out or selling out fast.

Keep in mind that there are some reports that Coronavirus can be spread through contact with the eyes as well. Not sure how that applies, but we want you to have all the relevant info.

Meanwhile, let’s keep the House and Senate locked down for the most boring fake impeachment in history, Democrats! It’s not like there’s anything important going on out there that your constituents might be concerned about.

And to President Trump: We know that a travel ban with infected countries would be greatly harmful to the economy. But seriously, if you’re going to do it, pull the trigger now. Proactive early measures to help prevent the spread of some secret Chinese bioweapon that accidentally got out are much better than waiting until it’s too late. Lock it down, Mr. President.

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