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The crisis that continues to play out in Greece is a wake up call. Last week, in the face of continuing austerity measures, much of the country shut down as strikes by labor and government unions shuttered businesses and transportation. The strikes are a result of massive overhauls in the Greek way of life.


How This Lie Affects You…

In retirement, will you take your grandkids to McDonald’s or will you be the one serving them the burgers there?

Sounds like a silly question … I know.  But sadly this is becoming a reality for many retirees.

You’ve been lied to. And you don’t need to remain in the dark for a second longer… Click here to read on.

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Here is a list of what the Greeks are now facing:

Pension reform – greater contribution by employees to their own plans
Tax increases
Property Tax adoption
Layoffs in the government sector
Increases in the retirement age
Less government mandated vacation time

The Greek economy will shrink 3% or 4% next year, after shrinking more than 6% this year. It’s not pretty. Much of what the Greeks are doing now, the United States already has done. That is one reason that we are not Greece. As inefficient as our systems are, they are massively better than what the Greeks have. Here’s the problem:

If we are already efficient with our systems compared to most of the world, what if we need to do more? What will that result in?

Take a look at Wall Street and the current protests in the Streets. One sign read, “There has to be a better system than Capitalism”. Another reads something to the effect of “Bring down the Banks”. These are not the signs of a prospering country but one that is facing a major moral, social and economic dilemma. Making money is now seen as evil by the “suffering class”.

This type of grass roots movement is being egged on by various political factions who see the current form of capitalism as unacceptable. Instead they look to the government for answers and in return are willing to hand over more control. Last week Bank of America imposed a fee for many customers to use Debit cards. So what? You use a service; you pay a fee – that’s reality. You use a service and you don’t pay a fee – that’s a problem. It seems that many are being drawn into the latter camp and are looking for a free ride. It’s wrong and will lead this country down a path where government control and regulation will increase. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue – they are both guilty of promoting over regulation, despite their claims that the other is more responsible.

If you want to live in a country where the government decides how much money business should make – then be aware, that same government will dictate how much you will also make. This next election will likely be the most critical in decades. It will decide the future path of this country. Your focus should be on issues, not personalities. The main issue is whether you want the future to resemble Greece today or the United States of years gone by.


The American Dream is Burning

Anyone who watches the news can quite literally see the American Dream burn; people are unemployed, unable to pay bills, and losing their homes. What happened to the American Dream?

Well here’s how we can restore it! Click here for details.

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1 Comment

  1. Allistair October 10, 2011 at 7:33 pm

    Dear fellow League of Power members,

    I joined the LOP (paying my monthly fee) for the “enterprising” opportunities I hope to find at the LOP (i.e. an opportunity that will work for me). I am also a LOP Alliance/Partnership member, though not successful with that, so far. I believe my membership in LOP can be seen as an indication that I believe in “FREE Enterprise” (even if I might not personally agree with or accept every opportunity presented/endorsed by LOP).

    However, I hope you recognize that “Free Enterprise” is NOT the same thing as “Monopoly/Imperialist Capitalism”. TRUE “free enterprise” (i.e. small/family/individual business) is potentially sustainable, while “monopoly/imperialist capitalism” will inescapably generate wars and massive destruction (eventually).

    Now, BOTH “Free Enterprise” and “Monopoly/Imperialist Capitalism” exist to “make profits”. But the KEY difference is that one is potentially sustainable, while the other (i.e. monopoly/imperialist capitalism) is BOUND to lead to wars and destruction.

    The current economic situation in Greece will eventually get worse and will become a reality virtually everywhere (and surely including the USA). Here is WHY…

    “Recession” is really an INTRINSIC symptom of a “Monopoly/Imperialist Capitalist” system. Meaning – with this (“for profits”) system, “recession” is BOUND to occur following temporary “recoveries”. It is a NEVER-ENDING cycle as part of the FUNDAMENTAL nature of this system. As history shows, from since WW I, this system had became decadent, and had been on a slow-burning decay with a series of “booms” and “bursts”.

    (On a slightly different note, while “over-population“ is also a cause of much issues (regardless to economic system), observe that the `Monopoly Capitalist` will USE “over-population“ to make “super profits“ by shipping jobs to LOW-wage/sweat-shop/over-populated areas of the World. It is naïve, at best, to think the “Monopoly Capitalist` is also trying to help the unemployed in an “over-populated` area. Observe that, except probably for China and a few other places, there is NO effective population control in all the “over-populated“ countries of the World.)

    Now, as each “profit-seeking” monopoly/imperialist group from the major countries continue to compete for the limited resource of the World, each cycle of “recession” and “recovery” (“bursts” and “booms”) will tend to become more and more intense (dangerous), with millions of lives being destroyed (both economically and even physically through starvation, wars, etc. – a reality you can observe going on right now in the World).

    However, this is the FIRST time there is a “recovery” with increasing UNEMPLOYMENT and with HOUSING remaining in a bad state (even getting worse). This is a CLEAR indication that we are headed for another “recession” (likely worse than 2007-2008), because the “recovery” is NOT real (not in the REAL economy that will show in the form of jobs with good pay and with housing back on it’s “feet“).

    Eventually, as the profit-seeking monopoly/imperialist groups continue to compete (fight) for the World’s limited resources, this (“for profits”) system will either…

    (1) Come to a complete economic collapse (and then there is an opportunity for the World to find a REAL viable/workable PERMANENT alternative to this system) OR,

    (2) ORCHESTRATE a WW III (likely “triggered” by the USA – which is controlled by the Pentagon and a few Monopoly Corporations) and destroy millions/billions of lives, along with massive destruction virtually everywhere. Then the dominant profit-seeking monopoly/imperialist group (IF anyone is left standing) would then begin to “rebuild”, likely putting the World through the same (nasty) “recession-recovery” cycles all over again.

    Again, cyclical “recession” is bound to occur as part of the very FUNDAMENTAL nature of the (“for profit”) “Monopoly/Imperialist Capitalist” system, eventually ending with either total economic collapse, OR world war (and war is another form of collapse). There is NO other way out, except for a FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE to do away with (end, or PROPERLY regulate/control) the (“for profit”) “Monopoly/Imperialist Capitalist” system.

    The current economic crisis (“recession”) is a PERMANENT one, and the ONLY way out is clear for those who are honest enough to see and accept (i.e. we need REAL “Free Enterprise” – small/family/individual businesses, and NO capitalist monopoly except to fill a temporary void not yet filled by small/family/individual businesses. PLUS, a social/economic structure that PREVENTS or LIMITS the EXCESS exploitation of man by man and a system that TRULY cares for the aged, the sick and the disabled).

    Thank you for reading.

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