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Conservatism is Officially Racist

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It feels like beating a dead horse to say that the left is out of control. Let’s just look at 2019. It’s only half over, and we’ve seen more insanity than can fit onto a page. They’ve promoted over a dozen fake stories of hate crimes and racism. They have gone full circle on Mueller and impeachment at least four times now. They’re parading more than 20 presidential candidates because the party is so fractured, and they’re still endorsing Antifa after members committed literal acts of terrorism.

Why is this country tolerating left-wing extremism? We have no patience or forgiveness for right-wing extremists, and their influence has largely been curbed. But, we can’t turn that scrutiny in the other direction.

The reason is simple: the narrative doesn’t allow for criticism of the left. When tech companies, all of the media, and a huge number of politicians are all on the same side, this is what you get.

And, there is no better example of how this all takes shape than looking at how the left has won on the issue of race. In this country, conservatism is now wholly and unforgivably linked to racism. In fact, if you claim to be a conservative, then the left says you’re really admitting to being a racist. You can see how true this is when we look at two examples from just the past week.

Miss World America

Have you heard about Kathy Zhu yet? She is the former Miss Michigan in the Miss World America pageant. Let’s emphasize the word “former.” Zhu was set to compete on a larger stage when she was contacted by the governing body of the pageant. They told her that she had participated in misconduct, and she was unceremoniously stripped of her title. When she inquired as to why, she was not given a reason.

To add insult to injury, pageant officials released a public statement accusing Zhu of posting racially insensitive views on Twitter. They said that her views are not in line with the pageant, and that is why she was kicked out.

As this story blew up, more details became clear. Zhu was stripped of her chance to compete for two tweets and a third ‘incident.’ Let’s talk about the two tweets first. In one, Zhu responded to Black Lives Matters activists pointing out that a black person is in much greater statistical danger from another black person than they are from the police.

In the second tweet, she was wearing a MAGA hat. These are the two great sins that cost her a substantial career opportunity. She cited a crime statistic and wore a red hat.

As for the additional incident, it will make you groan. While still in school, Zhu was approached by activists supporting an event that encouraged people to try out wearing a hajib. Zhu declined, expressing that it’s inappropriate to wear a religious garment when you don’t adhere to that religion. This was deemed Islamophobia.

In all, Zhu is the latest victim of leftist censorship. They cannot tolerate anyone espousing anything other than their radical rhetoric. So, they did everything they could to cut her influence and squelch her voice.

You might have already heard about our second story, the incident at a grocery store in Georgia. For those who haven’t, here’s a quick recap. Erica Thomas is a state representative in Georgia. She’s also a Democrat. She posted a video where she sobbed about a man at the grocery store telling her to go back where she came from. In liberal terms, she was another victim of Trump-inspired hate.

Well, reality is quite a different thing. When the real facts came to light, it turned out that Thomas wasn’t a victim at all. She was in the wrong checkout line at the grocery store. A man confronted her about it. She berated him and told him to go back where he came from. Then, she made the video and held a press conference. It was all stupid.

Here’s why this story matters. The man didn’t take this character defamation lying down. He went to the press and told his side of the story. In it, he explained what really happened, and then he took a minute to defend his character from the smears being thrown at him by strangers on the internet.

To prove he isn’t a racist, he offered this defense, “I’m a Democrat and will vote Democrat for the rest of my life.”

This is the key issue in this story. Thomas went after this man because she assumed he was a white Republican. He’s actually a Cuban Democrat. What really matters is the mentality of both of these people. He claims that he can’t possibly be racist because he votes Democrat.

Compare these stories. Kathy Zhu is a racist because she is well-read, doesn’t appropriate religious garments and wore a red hat. The man Thomas berated can’t be a racist because he’s a Democrat. That’s the modern left.

Racism doesn’t have anything to do with actual racial discrimination anymore. It’s just the modern slur for conservatives. It’s the new n-word, but since it’s leveled mostly at white people, it’s ok to say. If you have ever voted Republican, you are officially racist according to the left, and there can be no counter discussion.

How is it possible to have a rational conversation with anyone who holds this ideal? Chances are, you’ve tried and failed. Too many of us simply give up.

How can we compromise with this ideology in government? This is equally impossible. In every way, this is the next evolution of leftist radicalism. They don’t want to share this country with you. They want to label you with a slur and shut you up. They aren’t even pretending to be the good guys anymore.

They are the same tyrants that want to restrict the Second Amendment, give free health care to illegal aliens, declare every white man a scourge of this Earth, and every time we hold our tongues in the presence of their insanity, they grow bolder and more dangerous.

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