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Contrary to Popular Belief, Statue of Liberty Poem Not Actual Immigration Law

admin August 15, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on Contrary to Popular Belief, Statue of Liberty Poem Not Actual Immigration Law

Years ago, when his TV show was still on the air, comedian Jerry Seinfeld did a standup bit about the Emma Lazarus poem on the Statue of Liberty. Seinfeld noted that the poem was encouraging other nations to send us their junkiest problem-people, “Your tired, your poor,” “the wretched refuse” and “the homeless.”

Seinfeld concluded, “Any dysfunctional, defective slob that you can somehow cattle prod onto a wagon – send them over, we want them!” Illiterate, unskilled nosepickers get first priority!

That was funny back in the 1990s, before we all realized that the federal government had abandoned established immigration laws – and was treating the Emma Lazarus poem as the law of the land.

Our crummy elites like to rub that dumb poem in our faces because they love them some open borders! As long as the wretched refuse is dumped in the red states that still have majority-American populations, that is. They don’t want the wretched refuse in their own cities, because then things could end up like, well, San Francisco or Baltimore.

For example, the Trump administration is moving forward with a hilarious plan to build a permanent shelter for Mexican illegal aliens in Washington, DC. No, really!

The administration has already awarded a bid contract to build the facility in the Takoma Park neighborhood – a suburb in the northern part of DC. That’s a deep blue neighborhood where the median household income is $154,000 per year. 75% of the district’s votes went to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Trump is making good on his promise to dump illegal aliens in sanctuary cities, since they seem to love the illegal aliens so much.

The reaction to the plan has been hysterical so far. The mayor of Takoma Park has pretty much said, “That honky mother****er wants to do WHAT?! Not in my backyard!”

Even the wealthy Hispanics in DC don’t want a Mexican migrant shelter there. Maria Gomez, who runs a network of community health centers in the DC area, said, “So many of us in the Latino community are opposed to this happening anywhere in the United States, but certainly NOT WHEN IT’S IN OUR BACKYARD.

You’d think that Takoma Park would be happy about a big new facility with a bunch of federal union jobs coming in. It would create more taxpayer funded jobs for educators, medical workers, social workers and a bunch of other paper-pushing type jobs. Instead, the Takoma Park city council is considering emergency legislation to change existing laws, to prevent Trump from dumping precious illegal aliens in their community. I can’t stop laughing at this story!

Our not-so-hot elites really love the idea of the rest of the world sending their “wretched refuse” to your neighborhood, because you lack diversity. But when it comes to their own backyard, they’re already diverse enough, thank you very much. DC is full! There’s no room for illegal aliens here!

The leaders in Takoma Park and DC understand that if a migrant shelter is put in place there, eventually many of the illegals will settle in that area – and they’ll require welfare to survive in such a swanky neighborhood. They don’t need illegal aliens in Takoma Park because it already votes 75% Democrat – they need the illegals in Nebraska. Trump is ruining everything!


The people with a Statue of Liberty poetry fetish are also infuriated by Trump’s new plan to enforce the “public charge” immigration laws. They act as if this is a brand-new thing that Trump invented in his evil Nazi lair. But the reality is that public charge laws have been on the books much longer than the Statue of Liberty has been around. In fact, public charge laws that bar welfare leeches from immigrating to America pre-date the Constitution.

The Massachusetts Bay Colony enacted the first “public charge” law in 1645, according to the Center for Immigration Studies. The idea behind a “public charge” law is simple: If you are incapable of financially supporting yourself in America, you don’t get to move here – because it would be unfair and unjust to force American families to give up their wealth to support you. In the Massachusetts Bay Colony, they used to inspect everyone who showed up on a boat.

If you were sick, you stayed on the boat. Period. If it was clear that you would end up being a public charge requiring welfare to survive, you stayed on the boat. If you were a known “rogue or vagabond,” you stayed on the boat. If they had the slightest bit of suspicion about you, you had to pay a bond to the Massachusetts Bay Colony to get off the boat. The bond wasn’t to support you if you ended up needing welfare to survive; it was to pay for a ticket on the next boat out.

Public charge laws protected us from other nations’ problems for many, many years. Americans have grown naïve to the concept that other nations like to export their expensive problems to us.

During the Mariel boatlift in 1980, Cuba, Peru and Costa Rica all emptied their jails and insane asylums – and sent their criminals and lunatics to America as “refugees.” Liberals rejoiced because Jimmy Carter had “saved” a group of tired, poor, huddled masses. Hooray!

By the way, why do we have a massive glut of cocaine and gang violence in south Florida suddenly? Duh!

Do you honestly think that foreign governments are not exporting their problems to us right now? I’d bet dollars to donuts that the governments in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are emptying out their jails and paying the drug cartels to ship their lieutenants to our southern border. It will save them money in the long run.

Bangladesh and Turkey probably enter their inmates in our stupid annual visa lottery. Why wouldn’t they? This type of scam is what other countries have always done, and it’s why we need Donald Trump in office to stem the tide.

Sorry, folks. Pasting a poem on the side of a statue and calling it the law of the land is not the way to run a country. But I could definitely get behind the idea of requiring every immigrant to post a bond before we let them into America.

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