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Coronavirus: Be an American, Don’t Be the Obamaphone Lady

admin March 17, 2020 News Comments Off on Coronavirus: Be an American, Don’t Be the Obamaphone Lady
Picture thanks to Conservative Resurgence YouTube

Last week, I was feeling incredibly confident about the US response to the Coronavirus after President Trump’s press conference with retail CEOs from Walmart, Target and other stores. The plan to roll out drive-through, automated testing facilities in parking lots to minimize point-of-contact between doctors, nurses and potentially sick people was brilliant. It’s the type of creative capitalism solution that we have all come to know and love this president for. I figured at the time, “We’re going to whip this thing, because Trump is demanding outside-the-box solutions that will really work.” Then I tried to go shopping.

I realized that America may be in for a bumpy ride when I overheard an Obamaphone lady in one of the stores. You’ve probably seen her in a grocery store near you. She’s obnoxious, obese, and has to hold her phone out in front of her like a Star Trek “communicator” because she can’t lift it all the way up to her ear, and she has to yell into it on speaker-phone so that everyone in the store can hear her.

She bellows to the other person on the call, “Trump closin’ all the Walmarts down! You gots to get over there and stock up before he shut it all down!”

This is literally the exact opposite of anything Trump has said in relation to Coronavirus. But that’s how news and information filters down to the poor and uneducated in America.

As a result of her and probably millions of additional Obamaphone ladies panicking across the country, I could not find any cheese in any grocery store over the weekend. Or meat, or eggs, or milk products, or canned goods, let alone toilet paper. The stores suddenly all look like Bernie Sanders had been running the country for six months!

People are panicking and panic buying now because they think that President Trump is going to adopt the communist/socialist response to the Kung Flu. Yeah, I called it Kung Flu. Come at me with your racism accusations, CNN!

Trump’s entire presidency is here to show us that there are different and better ways to respond to crises than going all communist like China and European countries have done in response. He’s not going to put troops in the streets in an election year just because CNN keeps calling him Hitler every day.

By Sunday night, a rumor was going around on Twitter that Trump is about to impose a national quarantine commencing on Friday, according to a “military insider.” It went viral. It was also a complete and total falsehood. It was so false that the National Security Council and the White House had to issue tweets to swat the rumor down.


One of the really beautiful things about Trump’s handling of the coronavirus is that he’s showing the American people that many of the idiotic federal regulations that we have “protecting” us are utterly pointless and dumb.

For example, you can now carry a 12-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer in your carry-on luggage if you fly on a plane. “But the terrorists!” was always a dumb reason for this dumb and pointless regulation. I’m still convinced that rule was put in place because George W. Bush watched Season 3 of “24” and it scared him. The rule is temporarily gone, and hopefully it will stay gone long after the weather warms up and the Kung Flu vanishes.

The FDA just gave overnight approval to a new coronavirus test. Overnight. How many times have you heard an Enemy of the People media figure telling us that new drugs, tests, and so forth will take years and years? Probably more than you can count. But it turns out the lifting a dumb regulation fixed that issue immediately.

Australian researchers say they have two promising already existing drugs that Kung Flu patients are responding very well to. Do you honestly think Trump is going to sit around and let people die while waiting for FDA approval for this use of the drugs, if he can flip the switch and make it happen? Come on, people!

And under the Stafford Act, Trump has lifted the regulation on hours that long-haul truck drivers can work for the first time in more than 80 years. As a result, store shelves that were bare on Sunday night in my area were restocked on Monday morning. No joke – I found everything I was looking for just this morning, including toilet paper. Trump did that.

The lessons: Be an American through this ginned-up crisis. Don’t be an Obamaphone lady. And don’t assume that the mainstream media that has lied to us about everything for the first three years of Trump’s presidency suddenly has any credibility about this virus.

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