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Coronavirus is not a Result of Eating Exotic Meat – It is Far, Far Worse Than Imagined

admin April 14, 2020 News Comments Off on Coronavirus is not a Result of Eating Exotic Meat – It is Far, Far Worse Than Imagined

We all know that President Donald Trump is a voracious news consumer. Here’s hoping that he will take the time to watch a one-hour documentary on the true origins of the current craziness the world is going through. This film about current events is so important that it could change everything that we think we know about COVID-19. And you will want to watch the film before you consider accepting a forced vaccination from any government agency.

I’ve been referring to COVID-19 as the “bat soup flu” for a couple of months now, because it’s a hilarious title for the virus and because the term drives social justice warriors batty. In the SJW/globalist worldview, we are supposed to pretend that all cultures are equal despite some cultures practicing some very backwards, regressive or evil things. If you notice these things, it is simply proof that you are a racist to them. Hence, bat soup flu.

But I won’t be calling it bat soup flu any longer, after watching The Epoch Times’ “Tracking Down the Origins of the Wuhan Coronavirus” (below). After watching this hour-long documentary, I’m convinced that I was correct back in February when I first called the virus a biological weapon (around the same time that the Harvard mad pumpkin scientist was arrested for secretly taking money from China and doing secret research for them in Wuhan).

There are many news stories coming out now that are attempting to whitewash the coronavirus origins again. The Washington Post ran a headline the other day titled, “Experts Debunk Fringe Theory Linking China’s Coronavirus to Weapons Research.” Fringe theory. Cute.

Numerous news outlets are now following China’s lead in telling a new tale, which goes, “Well, the virus didn’t originate in a seafood market. Instead, scientists were doing important medical research in caves and a scientist blah blah blah.” You’ve probably seen the photos of responsible Chinese scientists in hazmat suits petting bats in caves. In the immortal words of Col. Sherman T. Potter from MASH: Horse hockey!


This is all a lie because American scientists have been able to pick apart the COVID-19 virus now to see exactly what it’s made of. Whenever a virus jumps from one species to another, the virus mutates. This means that when a virus jumps from a chicken to a person or a bat to a person, the enzymes, proteins and various virus parts in the human version are different from the virus parts in the animal version. A specific enzyme in the human version might have like a 75% match with that same enzyme in the animal version of the virus – because it has mutated.

But in COVID-19, some of the enzymes are a 100% match for the SARS virus – the previous coronavirus outbreak from the early 2000s. This is biologically impossible. If matching viral enzymes and proteins were possible in cross-species contaminations, we’d be catching deadly illnesses from animals all the time.

What does this mean? It means that scientists in a lab or on a military base in China were reverse engineering the previous SARS virus to make it more deadly. They used spare parts from the old one to make the new one more effective.

Terrified yet? Because it gets worse.

Scientists have identified an HIV protein that the Chinese attached to this new coronavirus. One scary aspect of the COVID-19 outbreak is that is smashes the immune systems of people who already have an underlying health condition such as obesity, diabetes, kidney disease or a heart condition. Which is pretty much what HIV does to the immune system in patients who develop AIDS.

I can’t wait to see the fairytale about how a bat flew from China to a bathhouse in San Francisco, caught HIV, and then flew back to its cave in China where it infected a scientist in a hazmat suit.

Governments around the world are now suggesting that we should all be forced to get a COVID-19 vaccine before we’re allowed to leave our homes and participate in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Sure, the vaccine will be an “inert” form of the virus, but can anyone tell us what the long-term effects of injecting an HIV protein into an otherwise healthy person are?

Not to mention the fact that many vaccines are a non-starter for Christians due to the use of aborted baby cells in creating them.

Tucker Carlson asked a great question on his March 10, 2020 program: Why didn’t any other cities in China get hammered by the coronavirus the same way that Wuhan did?

Right before things got really bad in Wuhan, the Chinese communist government allowed several million people to leave the city. Where did they go? Suddenly, China’s main enemies have had their economies destroyed by COVID-19. America and Europe have been brought to their knees by this virus, while major Chinese cities are not suffering major outbreaks.

The logical conclusion is that this was a biological attack carried out on the rest of the world by communist China. The Wuhan outbreak was just the seeding event, and once they had a good crop of infected people on their hands, they let them fly out to Italy, New York and other places that are now “hotspots.”

Here’s the documentary from The Epoch Times that every American should watch this week:

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