Could We Please Make Homewrecker Ilhan Omar Take off the Hijab Now?

Ilhan Omar-2I’m really confused about all these torrid tales of Ilhan Omar’s love life. I thought that Ilhan Omar’s “faith tradition” was supposed to be super strict about things like abandoning your spouse and children so you can jet around the country having sex with a married Democrat political consultant and allegedly paying that consultant all of your remaining campaign funds from donors.

Not that she’ll ever be prosecuted for anything, because she is a protected Democrat under our current two-sets-of-rules justice system.

Let’s see… Yep, two people were buried up to their necks and killed with rocks by howling villagers in Somalia last year for adultery. At least Ilhan Omar’s home country is not a racist hellhole like America, which she keeps lecturing us about.

At last check, the freshman Congresswoman from Minnesota is now credibly accused of committing immigration fraud, student loan fraud, identity fraud, more immigration fraud, marriage fraud, tax fraud, divorce fraud and campaign finance fraud.

This is not to be confused with the earlier finding that she had committed campaign finance violations, which her campaign paid a petty fine for back in June.

Sorry to ‘out’ myself, but I’m one of those old fuddy duddies who believes that wrecking your own marriage and walking out on your husband and kids so you can have an affair with a married father and wreck his marriage too is sort of worse than all of the above crimes, even though adultery is foolishly no longer considered a “crime” in most states.

Character counts – and if a person behaves the way Ilhan Omar does and then wants to lecture me about Donald Trump, well, sorry. I’m going to give that person’s private life the same amount of scrutiny that the Covington Catholic kids and Brett Kavanaugh received.

Ilhan Omar constantly berates the rest of us on how immoral America is. Meanwhile, she has been marrying, divorcing and homewrecking with so many different men for so many years that we’ve all given up trying to keep track of them.

First, you have Guy 1. That poor sap! He was a Somali refugee, but as far as we know, he has not been accused of using a fake identity to sneak into America as a refugee – which Ilhan Omar’s family is accused of doing.

Ilhan Omar tricked Guy 1 into marrying her in their “faith tradition.” I really do feel bad for Guy 1. Ilhan Omar had a bunch of kids with Guy 1 and didn’t even have the decency to give them their biological father’s last name. Since it was some sort of fake Islamic marriage, she later divorced Guy 1 in their “faith tradition.”

Proving that she is a devout Muslim with a strong faith tradition, Ilhan Omar is next accused of marrying her biological brother in an official Christian marriage ceremony. This was Guy 2. For at least two years while she was married to Guy 2, her alleged brother, she filed her taxes as “Married Filing Jointly” with Guy 1. The legal marriage to Guy 2 appears to have been to commit straightforward immigration fraud, because it’s so much easier for a non-citizen to get a green card when they’re married to a US citizen.

She finally divorced Guy 2 years later, after he got his green card. She’s been accused of paying her attorney’s legal fees for the divorce using donor funds from her 2018 campaign. That’s sort of a no-no when it comes to how you’re allowed to spend the money of donors who believed in your campaign enough that they gave you their hard-earned cash.

Campaign finance rules are pretty specific, in fact. There are a lot of things that you can spend donated funds on when you’re running for office. You can buy yourself a new wardrobe so you look nice on the campaign trail, for example, and you can get expensive haircuts and so forth. “Paying for divorce from your biological brother,” however, is on the “Not Authorized” list of things you can do with donor money.

Then, she went back and finally legally married Guy 1. Oh, you poor, poor sap, Guy 1! If there’s any justice in the universe, hopefully the poor dumb sap will get custody of the kids after the latest shenanigans from this homewrecking she-devil.

Ilhan Omar abandoned Guy 1 and her kids just a few months after marrying him, so she could run around and shack up with Guy 3. Guy 3 is a Democrat political consultant, who is (was) married with a child at home.

According to the divorce filing from Guy 3’s wife, Guy 3 made a “shocking declaration of love” for Rep. Omar. But that’s only one of the reasons she’s divorcing him. The former Mrs. Guy 3 says that Guy 3 has been going on a lot of “work-related travel” lately, but she came to understand that it wasn’t so much “work-work” as it was “homewrecking work.”

In a weird development (well, weird for this story anyway), Ilhan Omar paid Guy 3 more than $200,000 for consulting earlier this year. She paid him the entirety of the donated funds that she still possessed from her 2018 campaign. That looks fishy, especially since she started flying all around the country doing the snuggle-bunny-woo-woo thing with Guy 3 after abandoning her husband and young children.

For example, Ilhan Omar and Guy 3 were spotted at a swanky Italian restaurant in Los Angeles cuddling with each other on a date a few weeks ago. Of course, the Daily Mail in London was the only newspaper in the known world to cover the story.

Much like “Paying for your divorce from your brother,” the act of “Paying for a sweaty affair with a married Democrat political consultant” is also on the “Not Authorized” list of things you can do with donor funds. (But to be fair, Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey wants to amend that rule.)

A mountain of evidence has been unearthed against Ilhan Omar by this point, but not a single law enforcement agency is looking at it, as far as we know. She could be the single most corrupt sitting Member of Congress, but we’re never going to see her charged, arrested, stripped of citizenship and deported for anything she’s done. One set of rules for the elites and protected Democrats, and another set for you and me.

We may not see her brought to justice, but can we at least make her take the hijab off when she’s on the House floor now? She obviously takes her “faith tradition” about as seriously as she takes being a wife and mother.

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