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Deep State Treason Weasel Sabotages Trump’s ICE Raids

admin June 25, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on Deep State Treason Weasel Sabotages Trump’s ICE Raids

Kevin McAleenanPresident Donald Trump’s planned ICE raids to deport millions of illegal aliens – which Americans joyfully dubbed, “Operation Christmas in June” – were sabotaged from within his own administration. According to a bunch of sources who spoke to Fox News and the Washington Examiner, Acting DHS Chief Kevin McAleenan leaked all of the details on the raids to the liberal media ahead of time.

The president says he called the planned raids off at the last minute to try to negotiate something with the Open Borders Democrats, but the reality is that carrying out the raids after McAleenan leaked would have put ICE agents’ lives at risk.

For those who have been recklessly tossing the word “treason” around ever since Trump took office, McAleenan’s actions fit the exact, literal definition of “treason.” The ICE raids were planned to scoop up illegal aliens who have ignored final deportation orders in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and other major cities. The aliens in question have been denied asylum in the US and were ordered to leave.

How is McAleenan’s leaking of these planned raids to the media any different than leaking troop movements to an enemy nation, in direct conflict with orders from a superior officer?

It’s not, of course. But McAleenan’s actions should come as no surprise to any of us by now. The Swamp has been desperately trying to thwart President Trump’s orders for two and a half years now. Some White House bureaucrats have even stolen memos off of the Oval Office desk to ensure that Trump does not see them, or vice versa, to prevent Trump’s orders from being carried out.

Just a few months ago, White House staffers desperately tried to keep Trump from noticing a crowd of Angel Moms – mothers whose children have been murdered by illegals – from attending a meeting with the president.

The American people didn’t elect any of these jerks as president – we elected our own loveable jerk, Donald Trump! And we elected Donald Trump because we wanted his policies implemented. If Kevin McAleenan wants to join the #Resistance, he should do it when he’s off the clock. When he’s on the job at taxpayer expense, the American people expect him to carry out President Trump’s orders without announcing everything to the media.

“I know he [McAleenan] has not approved of this operation for months,” said one insider. Another unnamed administration official stated, “Leaking the locations and details to stop the operation from happening not only harmed operational integrity, but it put the safety and well-being of his own officers in jeopardy.”

Imagine how different the headlines would look today if MS-13 had ambushed and executed a team of ICE agents because of McAleenan’s treachery. But then, #Resistance snowflakes like McAleenan never bother to think that their treasonous actions could have negative consequences in the real world. They’re too busy repeating their “Orange Man Bad” mantra into their emotional support yoga pillows to think that far ahead.

The liberal media, the talking heads, and the never-Trump warmonger neocons tell us every single day that President Trump is “undermining Democracy.” Meanwhile, they continuously undermine the voters and our duly elected president by thwarting every pro-America move he makes. It is sickening, tiring and utterly predictable.

Another example: Trump campaigned and was elected on a promise that he would not send America’s best and brightest to be chewed up in a meat grinder, pointlessly, in the Middle East. Yet many of his subordinates tried to push him into ordering a military strike against Iran that would have killed an estimated 150 Iranians… in response to Iran shooting down an unmanned drone.

Question for these foreign policy “experts” who are not the president we elected: What if Iran had blown up an American farmer’s tractor? Would that only be worth killing 25 foreigners in a nation we’re not openly at war with?

Perhaps the American people could support your “dead foreigners in retaliation for property damage” policy if you clarified it for us a little better. For example, if a drunk-driving illegal alien swerves into my yard and demolishes my lawn mower… Never mind, I probably shouldn’t finish that thought out loud.

The problem is that no matter how defiant, how incompetent or how anti-American an elite member of The Swamp like McAleenan is, they never really seem to go away. Warmonger John Bolton, who is trying to goad President Trump into attacking Iran, is another perfect example. Sure, the John Boltons of Washington, DC haven’t managed to win a war in the Middle East for 30 years, but this time it will be different!

If Trump fired McAleenan today, does anyone doubt that he would have a new six-figure paper-pushing job in the Department of Agriculture or some other department by tomorrow? We used to shoot soldiers on the battlefield for directly disobeying an order from a commanding officer. Now the bureaucracy is so big that traitors can just scurry into a dark corner for a few minutes and emerge in a completely different department, fully rehabilitated.

If you ran a private company and fired an employee for gross incompetence, willful disobedience, undermining the company, sexual harassment or any other offense, would you turn around and hire them in another department the very next day? Of course not. But that’s exactly how DC is run. If anyone ever gets fired, they just pop up in another spot in a few days, or they spend two years at a think tank and then end up right back in the same job they got fired from in the first place.

Where does McAleenan’s treason leave us? Stuck with illegal aliens who have openly defied deportation orders from judges, that’s where. McAleenan is actually in a cushy two-for-one job in DC right now. He’s Acting DHS Secretary and he’s also the Commissioner of the US Customs and Border Patrol. Imagine what a great comfort he must be to all of the illegal alien rapists with deportation orders!

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