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Democrats & Media: The Word “Spy” Is Different When Obama Does It

Now that America actually has a real Attorney General in office, Democrats and their mainstream media colluders suddenly need to change their underpants. People might end up going to jail over Russian collusion – but not the people from the 2016 Trump campaign. Attorney General Bill Barr admitted in Senate testimony that “spying took place” against the Trump campaign – and it was done by the opposing political party which was in power at the time.

Some folks on the right are claiming that this is unprecedented, but that’s an exaggeration. Democrats have been caught using federal law enforcement agencies to spy on their opponents many times in the past. It’s just never been quite this outlandish before.

FDR spied on his political opponents all the time, going so far as to bug the offices of the Los Angeles Times when it was running op-eds against the New Deal.

JFK spied on Nixon, and J. Edgar Hoover admitted that Lyndon Johnson had him bug Barry Goldwater’s campaign offices and even his campaign plane.

What the Obama administration did to candidate Donald Trump was different. Instead of simply attempting to spy on their opponents as an unlawful strategy for advantages on the campaign trail, they were spying to entrap Mr. Trump and send him to jail. So, it is a big deal when Barr admits that the Trump campaign was spied on.

The media is now furiously spinning the idea that there is “no evidence” to support Barr’s “fact-less conspiracy theory.” That’s the new talking point you’ll hear on both CNN and MSNBC if you bother to flip through those stations right now: “Fact-less conspiracy theory.” It’s on every show.

They’re also resorting to their old tried and true trick of redefining words. It’s not “spying” when Democrats do it. Why would you think that? It’s always different when Democrats do it.

For example, when Governor Blackface McKlanHood of Virginia couldn’t remember whether he had worn blackface or put on a Klan hood for his college yearbook photo, that wasn’t “racism.” In fact, Democrats in the Virginia legislature just apologized to Governor McKlanHood, because they “rushed to judgment” when his yearbook photo was discovered. McKlanHood’s actions were not racist! What’s wrong with you Americans for thinking that?

Also, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment and rape are different when Democrats do it. Brett Kavanaugh was supposed to withdraw his nomination to the Supreme Court over hazy and baseless sexual assault accusations from a lifelong Democrat. Republicans are always supposed to resign over accusations like this. But when Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax is accused of sexual assault by credible women who can prove they were with him and have witnesses to describe the times and places when their alleged rapes happened… well, Fairfax gets due process, doesn’t have to resign and it’s really a non-story to the media.

When Joe Biden runs his hands up and down the bodies of unsuspecting and unwilling women and small children, gives them “Eskimo kisses” and snuffles around in their hair like it’s the 1980s and he just discovered a big pile of cocaine, well… that’s not sexual harassment. He’s just really “huggy.” He’s a big huggy-bear. He likes to hug everyone and it’s just “old-school politics.”

When a woman stumbled out of the Oval Office and Bettie Currie noticed the tears streaming down the woman’s face, her makeup smeared all over, her hair ruffled and her clothing disheveled, Bill Clinton was simply “consoling a widow in her grief.” And when Clinton told Juanita Broaddrick to “Put some ice on that,” he was just administering first aid.

CNN also informed us that when Barack Obama separated illegal alien kids from the adults starting in 2013, it was for the children’s protection. Obama was keeping those little kids safe from illegal alien adults who were sexual predators. But when the Trump administration continued that policy, it was “putting kids in cages.” See how the game works?

So, when Attorney General Bill Barr says that the Obama administration “spied” on the Trump campaign, that is now redefined as a right-wing conspiracy theory. Here’s what Obama’s spooks are saying about the Attorney General’s perfectly rational description of them spying on the Trump campaign:

Former CIA Director John Brennan says he’s “very disappointed” that “Trump’s crony” Bill Barr used that language. Brennan says they were only spying on the Russians (who didn’t exist).

Former FBI Director and corn field aficionado James Comey: “I don’t know what the heck he’s talking about.” After using the word “heck” to make you think he’s very folksy and posing for another photo op in front of a corn field, Comey went back to his mansion which was paid for by negotiating arms deals between Lockheed Martin and the Hillary Clinton-run State Department.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said he’s stunned and scared by Barr’s observation. “The term ‘spying’ has all kinds of negative connotations and I have to believe he chose that term deliberately.”

Coincidentally, most Americans think that Barr used the term “spying” deliberately as well!

A secret warrant under the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is a warrant to wiretap a person’s phones, computers and other electronic devices for the purposes of surveilling them without their knowledge. It’s sort of like, well… spying on them!

Not only did the FBI under James Comey successfully obtain a FISA warrant against an unpaid Trump campaign staffer – Carter Page – but they renewed it three separate times. The only evidence presented to the FISA court was the completely-debunked Russian potty dossier that Hillary Clinton paid for.

FISA warrants are renewed quarterly, which means that all of Carter Page’s phone calls, emails and texts were spied upon for an entire year. And after all those FISA warrants were signed again and again by Comey, Rod Rosenstein and Sally Yates, Special Counsel Robert Mueller couldn’t even pin a jaywalking charge on Carter Page.

When former FBI Counsel Jim Baker testified before the House Oversight Committee behind closed doors, Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) asked Baker if there were more of these fraudulent FISA warrants issued against Trump campaign staffers or members of the Trump family. Baker tellingly refused to answer the question.

And what about that fat sweaty spy guy? Stephan Halper is literally a spy for the CIA and was paid half a million bucks by the Obama administration to cozy up to members of the Trump campaign and drop hints about WikiLeaks, hacked DNC emails and Russian campaign dirt. Well, that wasn’t spying, either. He was just looking for the buffet the media tells us.

Obama’s Deep State stooges that participated in “Operation Frame Trump on False Charges” aren’t upset because the new Attorney General used the word “spying.” They’re upset because he’s not going to drop Russiagate and move on to something else. That’s a good thing. I hope they’re all sweating now.

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